Timetable for the V4 - St Ives - Boxworth Bus Route

Timetable for V4 - St Ives - Boxworth Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach (licensed as Cambus Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 30/08/2021 End Date: 08/01/2022

bus timetable V4 St Ives - Boxworth

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

St Ives -> Fenstanton -> Hilton -> Elsworth -> Boxworth

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Boxworth -> Elsworth -> Hilton -> Fenstanton -> St Ives

Map Showing the Routes of the V4 St Ives - Boxworth Bus.

Bus Timetables for the St Ives - Boxworth Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

School Lane, opp, High Street, Boxworth06:2506:25
Elsworth Road, opp, High Street, Boxworth06:2506:25
Brockley Road, near, Smith Street, Elsworth06:3006:30
Scotts Crescent, opp, Potton Road, Hilton06:3806:38
Rookery Way, opp, High Street, Fenstanton06:4806:4809:0209:0210:0210:0211:0211:0215:0215:0216:0216:02
Swan Road, opp, High Street, Fenstanton06:4806:4809:0209:0210:0210:0211:0211:0215:0215:0216:0216:02
Chequer Street, opp, High Street, Fenstanton06:4906:4909:0309:0310:0310:0311:0311:0315:0315:0316:0316:03
Greenfields, opp, London Road, St Ives06:5506:5509:1109:1110:1110:1111:1111:1115:1115:1116:1116:11
The Busway Station Road, S-bound, Station Road, St Ives07:0007:0009:1709:1710:1710:1711:1711:1715:1715:1716:1716:17

Week Days - outbound

Bus Station, Bay 4, Market Road, St Ives09:4709:4710:4710:4714:4714:4715:4715:4716:4716:4718:1018:10
East Street, near, The Quadrant, St Ives09:4709:4710:4710:4714:4714:4715:4715:4716:4716:4718:1018:10
Greenfields, near, London Road, St Ives09:5209:5210:5210:5214:5214:5215:5215:5216:5216:5218:1418:14
Rookery Way, opp, High Street, Fenstanton10:0210:0211:0211:0215:0215:0216:0216:0217:0217:0218:2218:22
Swan Road, opp, High Street, Fenstanton18:2218:22
Chequer Street, opp, High Street, Fenstanton18:2318:23
Scotts Crescent, near, Potton Road, Hilton18:3218:32
Brockley Road, opp, Smith Street, Elsworth18:4018:40
Elsworth Road, near, High Street, Boxworth18:4418:44
School Lane, near, High Street, Boxworth18:4518:45

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