Timetable for the 132 - Heartsease - Keswick Bus Route

Timetable for 132 - Heartsease - Keswick Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Our Bus (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 01/01/2020 End Date: 23/11/2022

bus timetable 132 Heartsease - Keswick

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Heartsease -> Sprowston -> Norwich -> Thorpe Hamlet -> Riverside -> Norwich City Centre -> Norwich City College -> Tuckswood -> South Tuckswood -> Keswick

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Keswick -> South Tuckswood -> Tuckswood -> Norwich -> Norwich City College -> Norwich City Centre -> Riverside -> Thorpe Hamlet -> Sprowston -> Heartsease

Map Showing the Routes of the 132 Heartsease - Keswick Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Heartsease - Keswick Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Keswick Hall Road, adj, Keswick10:4514:00
Marsh Harrier Inn, opp, Ipswich Road, South Tuckswood10:4814:03
Fountains Road, adj, Hall Road, Tuckswood10:5014:05
Barn Close, opp, Locksley Road, Tuckswood10:5014:05
Bessemer Road, opp, Hall Road, Tuckswood10:5114:06
Robin Hood Road, adj, Hall Road, Tuckswood10:5214:07
Scarlet Road, opp, Robin Hood Road, Tuckswood10:5214:07
Robin Hood Road, opp 68, Tuckswood10:5414:09
Forester Close, adj, Robin Hood Road, Tuckswood10:5514:10
Maid Marian Road, opp, Norwich10:5514:10
Oak Tree, opp, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood10:5714:12
Harford Manor School, opp, Ipswich Road, Norwich10:5714:12
Campus, opp, Ipswich Road, Norwich City College10:5814:13
Ipswich Grove, opp, Ipswich Road, Norwich10:5914:14
St Stephens Square, adj, St Stephens Road, Norwich11:0014:15
St Stephens Street, Stop BA, Norwich City Centre11:0114:16
Castle Meadow, Stop CB, Norwich City Centre11:0314:19
Towers, adj, Rouen Road, Norwich11:0714:23
Morrisons, Stop DH, Albion Way, Riverside11:1114:26
Lower Clarence Road, adj, Clarence Road, Norwich14:27
Hill House Road, opp, Rosary Road, Thorpe Hamlet14:28
Primrose Road, opp, Quebec road, Thorpe Hamlet14:29
Waterworks, opp, Quebec Road, Thorpe Hamlet14:29
Vincent Road, adj, Plumstead Road, Norwich14:29
Lion Wood Road, adj, Pilling Park Road, Norwich14:29
Community Centre, opp, Pilling Park Road, Norwich14:30
Harvey Lane, adj, Morse Avenue, Norwich14:30
Gordon Avenue, opp, Harvey Lane, Norwich14:30
Heartsease Inn, adj, Harvey Lane, Norwich14:30
The Heartsease, adj, Plumstead Road, Norwich14:31
Lloyd Road, opp, Hilary Avenue, Norwich14:31
Riseway Close, opp, Borrowdale Drive, Norwich14:32
Borrowdale Drive Shops, opp, Borrowdale Drive, Norwich14:33
Firwood Close, adj, Borrowdale Drive, Norwich14:33
Royal Norfolk Cottages, adj, Mousehold Lane, Norwich14:36
Corbet Avenue, opp, Mousehold Lane, Norwich14:37
Thornham Road, opp, Corbet Avenue, Sprowston14:37
Russell Avenue, adj, Corbet Avenue, Sprowston14:38
Leveson Road, opp, Cannerby Lane, Sprowston14:38
The Beehive, opp, Cannerby Lane, Sprowston14:39
Blenheim Road, adj, Wroxham Road, Sprowston14:40
Cere Road, adj, Linacre Avenue, Sprowston14:42
BP Garage, adj, Salhouse Road, Heartsease14:45
Hammond Way, opp, Greenborough Road, Heartsease14:46

Week Days - outbound

Hammond Way, opp, Greenborough Road, Heartsease12:45
Blenheim Road, opp, Wroxham Road, Sprowston12:49
The Beehive, adj, Cannerby Lane, Sprowston12:52
Leveson Road, adj, Cannerby Lane, Sprowston12:52
Thornham Road, adj, Corbet Avenue, Sprowston12:54
Corbet Avenue, adj, Mousehold Lane, Norwich12:55
Royal Norfolk Cottages, adj, Mousehold Lane, Norwich12:55
Rider Haggard Road, adj, Heartsease Lane, Norwich12:57
Firwood Close, opp, Borrowdale Drive, Norwich12:58
Borrowdale Drive Shops, adj, Borrowdale Drive, Norwich12:59
Riseway Close, adj, Borrowdale Drive, Norwich12:59
Lloyd Road, adj, Hilary Avenue, Norwich13:00
Vincent Road, opp, Plumstead Road, Norwich13:01
Waterworks, adj, Quebec Road, Thorpe Hamlet13:02
Primrose Road, adj, Quebec Road, Thorpe Hamlet13:03
The Jubilee Pub, adj, St Leonards Road, Thorpe Hamlet13:03
Hill House Road, adj, Rosary Road, Thorpe Hamlet13:04
Barton Way, adj, Thorpe Road, Norwich13:06
Morrisons, Stop DH, Albion Way, Riverside11:5113:09
Towers, adj, Rouen Road, Norwich11:5413:12
Castle Meadow, Stop CV, Norwich City Centre12:0013:16
St Stephens Street, Stop BS, Norwich City Centre12:0313:20
St Stephens Square, opp, St Stephens Road, Norwich13:20
Ipswich Grove, adj, Ipswich Road, Norwich13:21
Campus, adj, Ipswich Road, Norwich City College13:22
Harford Manor School, adj, Ipswich Road, Norwich13:23
Oak Tree, adj, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood13:24
Forester Close, adj, Robin Hood Road, Tuckswood13:25
Robin Hood Road, opp 68, Tuckswood13:26
Bessemer Road, adj, Hall Road, Tuckswood13:29
Fountains Road, opp, Hall Road, Tuckswood13:29
Marsh Harrier Inn, adj, Ipswich Road, South Tuckswood13:30
Ipswich Road junction, SW-bound, B1113, South Tuckswood13:31
Keswick Hall Road, adj, Keswick13:35

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