Timetable for the 18 - North Walsham - Aylsham - Cromer Bus Route

Timetable for 18 - North Walsham - Aylsham - Cromer Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Sanders Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 10/08/2021

bus timetable 18 North Walsham - Aylsham - Cromer

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Cromer -> Roughton -> Felbrigg -> Aylmerton -> Metton -> Sustead -> Thurgarton -> Aldborough -> Calthorpe -> Erpingham -> Ingworth -> Aylsham -> Banningham -> Felmingham -> North Walsham

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

North Walsham -> Felmingham -> Banningham -> Aylsham -> Ingworth

Map Showing the Routes of the 18 North Walsham - Aylsham - Cromer Bus.

Bus Timetables for the North Walsham - Aylsham - Cromer Service

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Week Days - outbound

Bus Interchange, adj, Forecourt, Cromer09:2013:10
Church, adj, Church Street, Cromer13:11
Vicarage Road, opp, Church Street, Cromer13:12
Halsey House, adj, Norwich Road, Cromer13:12
Amazona Zoo, opp, Roughton Road, Cromer13:13
Roughton Road railway station, adj, Roughton Road, Cromer13:14
Roughton Road, adj, Roughton13:15
crossroads, adj, Metton Road, Felbrigg09:2813:16
green, adj, Cromer Road, Felbrigg13:17
Sandy Lane, opp, Holt Road, Aylmerton13:21
The Street, adj, Church Road, Aylmerton13:23
Waterworks, adj, Metton Road, Metton09:3313:26
Council Houses, opp, Metton Road, Sustead09:3613:29
Church, opp, Bessingham Road, Thurgarton09:3913:32
Dove House Lane, adj, The Street, Aldborough09:4113:34
Old Forge, adj, Thurgarton Road, Aldborough09:4113:34
Margaret Lilley Way, opp, Thurgarton Road, Aldborough09:4113:34
green, adj, Green, Aldborough09:4112:0513:34
Aldborough Road, adj, The Street, Calthorpe09:4612:1013:39
Spread Eagle, opp, Eagle Road, Erpingham09:4812:1213:41
Norwich Road, adj, Ingworth09:5112:1513:44
Petersons Lane, opp, Cromer Road, Aylsham09:5512:1913:48
High School, adj, Sir William's Lane, Aylsham15:35
Bus Shelter, opp, Market Place, Aylsham08:3409:5712:2113:5015:40
Budgens, opp, Norwich Road, Aylsham08:3509:5712:2113:5015:40
Tesco, opp, Norwich Road, Aylsham08:3609:5812:2213:5115:41
Motel, adj, Norwich Road, Aylsham08:3709:5912:2313:5215:42
Crown, opp, Colby Road, Banningham08:4110:0512:2913:5815:48
Bridge Road, adj, Aylsham Road, Banningham08:4210:0612:3013:5915:49
Highfields, adj, North Walsham Road, Felmingham08:5010:1112:3514:0415:54
Cucumber Corner, adj, North Walsham Road, Felmingham08:5110:1212:3614:0515:55
Howlett Close, adj, Aylsham Road, North Walsham08:5710:1712:4114:1016:00
Queensway, adj, Aylsham Road, North Walsham08:5710:1712:4114:1016:00
Paston College, opp, Park Lane, North Walsham08:5810:1812:4214:1116:01

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.