Timetable for the 2 - Roydon - Norwich Bus Route

Timetable for 2 - Roydon - Norwich Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Simonds (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 08/04/2020 End Date: 23/11/2022

bus timetable 2 Roydon - Norwich

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Roydon -> Diss -> Scole -> Thelveton -> Dickleburgh -> Tivetshall St Mary -> Tivetshall St Margaret -> Long Stratton -> Stratton St Michael -> Upper Tasburgh -> Lower Tasburgh -> Saxlingham Thorpe -> Newton Flotman -> Swainsthorpe -> Dunston -> South Tuckswood -> Tuckswood -> Norwich -> Norwich City College -> Norwich City Centre

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Norwich -> Norwich City Centre -> Norwich City College -> Tuckswood -> South Tuckswood -> Dunston -> Swainsthorpe -> Newton Flotman -> Saxlingham Thorpe -> Upper Tasburgh -> Stratton St Michael -> Long Stratton -> Tivetshall St Margaret -> Tivetshall St Mary -> Dickleburgh -> Thelveton -> Scole -> Diss -> Roydon

Map Showing the Routes of the 2 Roydon - Norwich Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Roydon - Norwich Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Railway Station, Stop DE, Thorpe Road, Norwich10:2518:15
Prince of Wales Road, Stop DL, Norwich10:2618:16
Castle Meadow, Stop CV, Norwich City Centre10:3018:20
Red Lion Street, Stop BM, Norwich City Centre10:3118:21
St Stephens Street, Stop BS, Norwich City Centre10:3318:23
St Stephens Square, opp, St Stephens Road, Norwich10:3318:23
Ipswich Grove, adj, Ipswich Road, Norwich10:3418:24
Campus, adj, Ipswich Road, Norwich City College10:3618:26
Harford Manor School, adj, Ipswich Road, Norwich10:3618:27
Oak Tree, adj, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood10:3718:29
Lyhart Road, opp, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood10:3718:29
Locksley Road, adj, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood10:3818:29
Holiday Inn, adj, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood10:3918:30
Marsh Harrier Inn, adj, Ipswich Road, South Tuckswood10:4018:30
Ipswich Road Tesco, adj, Ipswich Road, South Tuckswood10:4118:31
Hall, adj, Ipswich Road, Dunston10:4318:33
Sugar Beat PH, opp, Ipswich Road, Swainsthorpe10:4518:35
Brick Kiln Lane, opp, Ipswich Road, Swainsthorpe10:4618:36
Flordon Road, opp, Ipswich Road, Newton Flotman10:4818:38
Cargate Lane, adj, Ipswich Road, Newton Flotman10:4818:38
Mill Inn, adj, Ipswich Road, Saxlingham Thorpe10:4818:39
Ipswich Road, adj, Upper Tasburgh10:5018:41
The Countryman, adj, Ipswich Road, Upper Tasburgh10:5118:43
Brands Lane, opp, Norwich Road, Stratton St Michael10:5318:45
St Michaels Road, opp, Norwich Road, Long Stratton10:5418:45
Edges Lane, adj, Norwich Road, Long Stratton10:5418:45
The Street, adj, Long Stratton10:5518:46
Ice House Court, opp, The Street, Long Stratton10:5518:46
Police Station, adj, Ipswich Road, Long Stratton10:5618:47
Lime Tree Avenue, opp, Norwich Road, Long Stratton10:5718:48
Stony Lane, adj, Ipswich Road, Tivetshall St Margaret11:0018:51
Tivetshall Turn, opp, A140 Norwich Road, Tivetshall St Margaret11:0218:53
Ram Lane, opp, Ipswich Road, Tivetshall St Mary11:0318:54
church, opp, Norwich Road, Dickleburgh11:0618:57
Norwich Road, adj, Thelveton11:0718:58
Primary School, opp, Norwich Road, Scole11:1019:01
Karen Close, adj, Diss Road, Scole11:1019:01
Cedar House, opp, Diss Road, Scole11:1119:02
Rose Lane, adj, Victoria Road, Diss11:1419:05
Station Road, opp, Victoria Road, Diss11:1419:05
Whytehead Gardens, opp, Victoria Road, Diss11:1619:07
Bus Station, adj, Park Road, Diss11:1719:08
Taylor Road, opp, Stanley Road, Diss19:11
Village Hall, adj, High Road, Roydon19:14
Copeman Road, opp, High Road, Roydon19:16

Week Days - outbound

Copeman Road, adj, High Road, Roydon07:20
Village Hall, opp, High Road, Roydon07:21
Taylor Road, adj, Stanley Road A1066, Diss07:25
Bus Station, opp, Park Road, Diss07:2914:35
Whytehead Gardens, adj, Victoria Road, Diss07:3014:36
Station Road, adj, Victoria Road, Diss07:3214:38
Rose Lane, opp, Victoria Road, Diss07:3214:38
Cedar House, adj, Diss Road, Scole07:3414:40
Karen Close, opp, Diss Road, Scole07:3514:41
Primary School, adj, Norwich Road, Scole07:3614:42
Norwich Road, opp, Thelveton07:3814:44
church, adj, Norwich Road, Dickleburgh07:4014:46
Rectory Road, adj, A140, Tivetshall St Mary07:4414:50
Tivetshall Turn, adj, A140 Norwich Road, Tivetshall St Margaret07:4614:52
Stony Lane, opp, Ipswich Road, Tivetshall St Margaret07:4814:54
Lime Tree Avenue, adj, Ipswich Road, Long Stratton07:5315:00
Police Station, opp, Ipswich Road, Long Stratton07:5415:00
Ice House Court, adj, The Street, Long Stratton07:5515:01
The Street, opp, Long Stratton07:5615:02
Edges Lane, opp, Norwich Road, Long Stratton07:5615:02
St Michaels Road, adj, Norwich Road, Long Stratton07:5615:02
Brands Lane, adj, Norwich Road, Stratton St Michael07:5715:03
The Countryman, opp, Ipswich Road, Upper Tasburgh08:0015:06
Redwings, opp, Ipswich Road, Lower Tasburgh08:0115:06
Mill Inn, opp, Ipswich Road, Saxlingham Thorpe08:0215:08
Theatre School, adj, A140, Newton Flotman08:0415:09
Brick Kiln Lane, adj, Ipswich Road, Swainsthorpe08:0615:11
Sugar Beat PH, adj, Ipswich Road, Swainsthorpe08:0815:13
Hall, opp, Ipswich Road, Dunston08:0915:14
Ipswich Road Tesco, opp, Ipswich Road, South Tuckswood08:1215:17
Marsh Harrier Inn, opp, Ipswich Road, South Tuckswood08:1315:18
Holiday Inn, opp, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood08:1515:19
Locksley Road, opp, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood08:1715:21
Lyhart Road, adj, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood08:1815:21
Oak Tree, opp, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood08:1915:22
Harford Manor School, opp, Ipswich Road, Norwich08:2015:23
Campus, opp, Ipswich Road, Norwich City College08:2215:24
Ipswich Grove, opp, Ipswich Road, Norwich08:2315:25
St Stephens Square, adj, St Stephens Road, Norwich08:2515:26
St Stephens Street, Stop BA, Norwich City Centre08:2715:28
Red Lion Street, Stop BJ, Norwich City Centre08:2915:28
Castle Meadow, Stop CB, Norwich City Centre08:3215:30
Prince of Wales Road, Stop DA, Norwich08:3415:31
Railway Station, Stop DD, Thorpe Road, Norwich08:3715:34

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.