Timetable for the 3|Go To Town - Kings Lynn - South & North Wootton - Kings Lynn Bus Route

Timetable for 3|Go To Town - Kings Lynn - South & North Wootton - Kings Lynn Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by West Norfolk Community T (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 09/08/2021 End Date: 31/12/2022

bus timetable 3|Go To Town Kings Lynn - South & North Wootton - Kings Lynn

Map Showing the Routes of the 3|Go To Town Kings Lynn - South & North Wootton - Kings Lynn Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Kings Lynn - South & North Wootton - Kings Lynn Service

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Week Days - outbound

Transport Interchange, Stand D, Forecourt08:0708:0708:5809:1809:4810:1810:4811:1811:4812:1812:4813:1813:4814:1814:3714:4814:5715:1715:1815:5016:1816:4817:1817:4818:1819:30
Austin Fields, opp, John Kennedy Road08:0908:0909:00
Retail Park, opp, Edward Benefer Way08:1108:1109:02
Bergen Way, opp, Edward Benefer Way08:1208:1209:03
Hamburg Way, opp, Edward Benefer Way08:1308:1309:04
Nursery Lane, adj, Low Road08:1408:1409:05
Swan, adj, Nursery Lane07:0707:3507:3508:1508:1509:08
Spinney Close, adj, Nursery Lane07:0807:3607:3608:1608:1609:09
Alban Road, opp, All Saints Drive07:1007:3807:3808:1808:1809:11
The Green, adj, Manor Road07:1207:4007:4008:2008:2009:13
Village Hall, adj, Priory Lane07:1307:4107:4108:2108:2109:14
Fountaine Grove, adj, St. Augustines Way07:1407:4207:4208:2208:2209:15
Castleacre Close, opp, St. Augustines Way07:1507:4307:4308:2308:2309:16
Bacton Close, opp, St. Augustines Way07:1507:4307:4308:2308:2309:16
Oak Avenue, adj, Castle Rising Road07:1607:4407:4408:2408:2409:17
Castle Rising Road, adj, Grimston Road07:1707:4507:4508:2508:2509:18
Deas Road, adj, Grimston Road07:1707:4607:4608:2608:2609:19
Langley Road, opp, Grimston Road07:1707:4607:4608:2608:2609:19
Stody Drive, adj, Langley Road07:1807:4707:4708:2808:2708:5009:20
Euston Way, opp, Langley Road07:1807:4707:4708:2808:2708:5009:20
Lexham Road, opp, Seathwaite Road07:1907:4807:4808:2908:2808:5109:21
Hemington Close, adj, Seathwaite Road07:2007:4907:4908:3008:2908:5209:22
Blackford Road, opp, Reffley Lane07:2107:5007:5008:3108:3008:5309:23
Temple Road, opp, Reffley Lane07:2207:5107:5108:3208:3108:5409:24
Gresham Close, adj, Fenland Road07:2207:5107:5108:3208:3108:5409:24
Grafton Road, adj, Fenland Road07:2307:5207:5208:3308:3208:5509:25
Lilac Wood, adj, Fenland Road07:2307:5207:5208:3408:3208:5609:25
Marsh Lane, opp, Wootton Road07:2407:5307:5308:3508:3308:5709:26
Beulah Street, opp, Wootton Road07:2407:5307:5308:3608:3308:5809:27
Rosebery Avenue, adj, Wootton Road07:2507:5407:5408:3708:3408:5909:28
Lavender Road, adj, Wootton Road07:2507:5607:5508:3808:3509:0009:28
Tesco, opp, Gaywood Road07:2707:5807:5708:4008:3709:0209:30
The Woolpack, adj, Gaywood Road07:2908:0007:5908:4208:3909:0409:32
St Katherines Court, adj, Gaywood Road07:3008:0208:0008:4408:4009:0509:33
Railway Station, adj, Blackfriars Road07:3208:0408:0208:4608:4209:0709:3515:42
Transport Interchange, Stand A, Forecourt07:3508:0708:0508:4908:4509:1009:3815:45

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.