Timetable for the 34 - Stalham - Mundesley - North Walsham Bus Route

Timetable for 34 - Stalham - Mundesley - North Walsham Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Sanders Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 02/10/2021

bus timetable 34 Stalham - Mundesley - North Walsham

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Stalham -> Ingham -> Sea Palling -> Lessingham -> Happisburgh Common -> Happisburgh -> Ostend -> Walcott -> Bacton -> Paston -> Mundesley -> Knapton -> Swafield -> North Walsham

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

North Walsham -> Swafield -> Knapton -> Mundesley -> Paston -> Bacton -> Walcott -> Ostend -> Ridlington -> Happisburgh -> Happisburgh Common -> Lessingham -> Ingham -> Sea Palling -> Hickling -> Sutton -> Stalham -> Whimpwell Green

Map Showing the Routes of the 34 Stalham - Mundesley - North Walsham Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Stalham - Mundesley - North Walsham Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Library, opp, New Road, North Walsham06:2009:1012:0015:0015:0516:15
High School Bus Park, opp, Spenser Avenue, North Walsham15:02
Rye Close, opp, Blue Bell Road, North Walsham06:2109:1112:0115:0715:0716:17
Acorn Road, opp, Bacton Road, North Walsham09:1212:0215:0815:0816:18
Harvey Drive, opp, Lyngate Road, North Walsham09:1312:0315:0915:0916:19
Bus Shelter, adj, The Street, Swafield09:1412:0415:1115:1116:21
Green, opp, Knapton Road, Knapton09:2012:1015:1715:1716:27
Bus Shelter, opp, Knapton Road, Knapton09:2112:1115:1815:1816:28
Primary School, adj, Trunch Road, Mundesley15:25
Becks Bridge, opp, High Street, Mundesley09:2312:1315:2915:2016:30
Northfield Road, adj, High Street, Mundesley09:2412:1415:3015:2116:31
Station Road, adj, Mundesley09:2412:1415:3015:2116:31
Esplanade Bus Shelter, opp, Beach Road, Mundesley09:2612:1615:3215:2316:33
Royal Hotel, opp, Paston Road, Mundesley09:2812:1815:3415:2516:35
Chapel Road Bus Shelter, opp, Mundesley Road, Paston09:3012:2015:3615:2716:37
Bacton Road, E-bound, Bacton09:3112:2115:3715:2816:38
shops, adj, Coast Road, Bacton09:3212:2215:3815:2916:39
school, opp, Walcott Road, Bacton06:2909:3312:2315:3915:3016:40
Abbey Street, opp, Walcott Road, Bacton06:2909:3312:2315:3915:3016:40
Priory Road, opp, Coast Road, Bacton06:3009:3412:2415:4015:3116:41
Helena Road, opp, Coast Road, Walcott06:3209:3612:2615:4215:3316:43
The Crescent, adj, Coast Road, Walcott06:3309:3712:2715:4315:3416:44
Ostend Road, adj, Ostend06:3509:3912:2915:4515:3616:46
Church, opp, Happisburgh Road, Ridlington15:5415:48
Post Office, adj, Yarmouth Road, North Walsham16:0015:54
Post Office, opp, The Street, Happisburgh06:3909:4312:3316:50
Lighthouse Close, adj, Whimpwell Street, Happisburgh06:4008:5009:4412:3416:51
Coronation Close, opp, Whimpwell Green Road, Happisburgh Common08:5312:3616:52
Vicarage Road, opp, Lessingham Road, Happisburgh Common08:5412:3716:53
School Cottages, adj, School Road, Lessingham08:5812:4016:57
Water Lane, opp, Long Lane, Ingham06:4809:0009:5212:4216:59
Palling Road, adj, Ingham12:44
Hall Farm, adj, The Street, Sea Palling06:5009:0209:5417:01
Bus Terminus, adj, Clink Road, Sea Palling06:5709:0910:0117:08
Hall Farm, opp, The Street, Sea Palling06:5909:1110:0317:10
Post Office, adj, The Green, Hickling07:0409:1610:0817:15
Methodist Chapel, adj, Heath Road, Hickling07:0409:1610:0817:15
Broadland Road, adj, Heath Road, Hickling07:0409:1610:0817:15
Sutton Road, opp, Heath Road, Hickling07:0409:1610:0817:15
Elmhurst Avenue, opp, Old Yarmouth Road, Sutton07:0909:2110:1317:20
Moor Road, adj, Old Yarmouth Road, Sutton07:1009:2210:1417:21
Neville Road, adj, Old Yarmouth Road, Sutton07:1009:2210:1417:21
Millside, adj, Yarmouth Road, Stalham07:1309:2510:1717:24
Happisburgh Road, adj, Whimpwell Green06:4109:46
School Road, opp, The Street, Lessingham06:4609:50
Radio Shop, adj, High Street, Stalham07:1409:2610:1812:4817:25
Old Railway Station, opp, High Street, Stalham07:1509:2710:1912:4917:26

Week Days - outbound

Tesco, adj, A149, Stalham07:4507:4509:3013:1517:1517:35
Garage, adj, Ingham Road, Stalham07:4607:46
Palling Road, adj, Ingham07:5007:50
Hall Farm, adj, The Street, Sea Palling07:5407:54
Bus Terminus, adj, Clink Road, Sea Palling07:5907:59
Hall Farm, opp, The Street, Sea Palling08:0108:01
Water Lane, adj, Long Lane, Ingham08:0508:05
School Road, adj, The Street, Lessingham08:0808:08
School Cottages, opp, School Road, Lessingham08:0808:08
Happisburgh Road, adj, Lessingham Road, Happisburgh Common08:1208:12
Coronation Close, adj, Whimpwell Green Road, Happisburgh Common08:1508:15
Lighthouse Close, opp, Whimpwell Street, Happisburgh08:1608:16
Post Office, adj, The Street, Happisburgh08:1608:16
Ostend Road, opp, Ostend08:2008:20
The Crescent, opp, Coast Road, Walcott08:2308:23
Helena Road, adj, Coast Road, Walcott08:2508:25
Priory Road, adj, Coast Road, Bacton08:2708:27
Abbey Street, adj, Coast Road, Bacton08:2708:27
school, adj, Walcott Road, Bacton08:2708:27
shops, opp, Coast Road, Bacton08:2808:28
Bacton Road, W-bound, Bacton08:2908:29
Chapel Road Bus Shelter, adj, Mundesley Road, Paston08:3208:32
Water Lane, adj, Mundesley08:34
Primary School, opp, Trunch Road, Mundesley08:38
Sandy Lane, opp, North Walsham Road, Bacton17:5918:19
shops, opp, Coast Road, Bacton10:1813:58
Bacton Road, W-bound, Bacton10:1913:59
Chapel Road Bus Shelter, adj, Mundesley Road, Paston10:2214:02
Royal Hotel, adj, Paston Road, Mundesley08:3310:2314:03
Esplanade Bus Shelter, adj, Beach Road, Mundesley08:3610:2614:07
Gold Park Gates, adj, High Street, Mundesley08:3610:2614:07
Northfield Road, opp, High Street, Mundesley08:3610:2614:07
Becks Bridge, adj, High Street, Mundesley08:3710:2714:08
Bus Shelter, adj, Knapton Road, Knapton08:4308:4010:3014:11
Green, adj, Knapton Road, Knapton08:4408:4110:3114:12
Bus Shelter, opp, The Street, Swafield08:4708:4410:3414:15
Paston College, opp, Park Lane, North Walsham08:5208:4918:1418:34
Post Office, adj, Yarmouth Road, North Walsham18:1218:32
Harvey Drive, adj, Lyngate Road, North Walsham10:3614:17
Acorn Road, adj, Bacton Road, North Walsham10:3814:19
Rye Close, adj, Blue Bell Road, North Walsham10:3914:2018:1018:30
Library, opp, New Road, North Walsham10:4214:23

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.