Timetable for the 37A - East Harling - Norwich Bus Route

Timetable for 37A - East Harling - Norwich Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Coach Services (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 26/07/2020

bus timetable 37A East Harling - Norwich

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

East Harling -> Kenninghall -> Banham Zoo -> Banham -> Old Buckenham -> New Buckenham -> Carleton Rode -> Bunwell -> Forncett End -> Tacolneston -> Ashwellthorpe -> Fundenhall -> Wreningham -> Bracon Ash -> Mulbarton -> Swardeston -> Keswick -> South Tuckswood -> Tuckswood -> Norwich -> Norwich City Centre -> Norwich City College

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Norwich City Centre -> Norwich -> Norwich City College -> Tuckswood -> South Tuckswood -> Keswick -> Swardeston -> Mulbarton -> Bracon Ash -> Wreningham -> Fundenhall -> Ashwellthorpe -> Tacolneston -> Forncett End -> Bunwell -> Carleton Rode -> New Buckenham -> Old Buckenham -> Banham -> Banham Zoo -> Kenninghall -> East Harling

Map Showing the Routes of the 37A East Harling - Norwich Bus.

Bus Timetables for the East Harling - Norwich Service

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Week Days - inbound

Castle Meadow, Stop CV, Norwich City Centre13:1513:1516:1516:1517:4517:45
St Stephens Street, Stop BS, Norwich City Centre13:2016:2017:50
St Stephens Square, opp, St Stephens Road, Norwich16:21
Ipswich Grove, adj, Ipswich Road, Norwich16:23
Campus, adj, Ipswich Road, Norwich City College16:2716:27
Harford Manor School, adj, Ipswich Road, Norwich16:2716:27
Oak Tree, adj, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood16:2816:27
Lyhart Road, opp, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood16:2816:27
Locksley Road, adj, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood16:2916:30
Holiday Inn, adj, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood16:30
Marsh Harrier Inn, adj, Ipswich Road, South Tuckswood16:3016:30
Ipswich Road junction, SW-bound, B1113, South Tuckswood16:31
Low Road, opp, Main Road, Keswick16:3216:30
Kings Lane, opp, Queens Road, Norwich13:2117:51
Hobart Lane, adj, Hall Road, Norwich13:2313:2517:5517:53
Hatton Road, opp, Hall Road, Norwich13:2413:2617:5617:54
Latimer Road, adj, Hall Road, Norwich13:2613:2717:5717:56
Abbot Road, adj, Hall Road, Norwich13:2713:2817:5817:57
Sandy Lane, adj, Hall Road, Tuckswood13:2813:2917:5917:58
ASDA, adj, Hall Road, Norwich13:2913:3018:0017:59
Robin Hood Road, opp, Hall Road, Tuckswood13:3018:00
Bessemer Road, adj, Hall Road, Tuckswood13:3013:3018:0018:00
Hall Road, opp 520, Tuckswood13:3018:00
Fountains Road, opp, Hall Road, Tuckswood13:3118:01
Marsh Harrier Inn, adj, Ipswich Road, South Tuckswood13:3118:01
Ipswich Road junction, SW-bound, B1113, South Tuckswood13:3218:02
Low Road, opp, Main Road, Keswick13:3318:03
Short Lane, opp, Main Road, Swardeston13:3513:3516:3616:3418:0518:05
Bus Shelter, opp, Main Road, Swardeston13:3613:3616:3616:3518:0618:06
Worlds End, opp, Norwich Road, Mulbarton13:3913:3916:3916:3818:0918:09
Rectory Lane, adj, The Common, Mulbarton13:4113:3916:4116:3818:0918:11
Bluebell Road, adj, Long Lane, Mulbarton13:4213:3916:4216:3818:0918:12
Birchfield Lane, opp, Cuckoofield Lane, Mulbarton13:4313:4616:4316:4518:1618:13
Lark Rise, opp, Cuckoofield Lane, Mulbarton13:4413:4616:4416:4518:1618:14
School Road, opp, The Street, Bracon Ash13:4813:4816:4816:4718:1818:18
Bird In Hand, opp, B1113 The Turnpike, Wreningham13:5013:5016:5016:4918:2018:20
Top Row, adj, Norwich Road, Wreningham13:5113:5016:5116:4918:2018:21
Roundabout, W-Bound, Cuckoofield Lane, Mulbarton13:4616:4618:16
The Street, opp, Norwich Road, Fundenhall13:5216:5218:22
village shop, adj, The Street, Ashwellthorpe13:5513:5516:5516:5418:2518:25
White Horse, opp, The Street, Ashwellthorpe13:5513:5616:5516:5518:2618:25
New Road, adj, The Street, Ashwellthorpe13:5713:5716:5716:5618:2718:27
First School, adj, Norwich Road, Tacolneston14:0314:0317:0317:0218:3318:33
Jolly Farmers, opp, The Turnpike, Forncett End14:0514:0517:0517:0418:3518:35
hall, adj, The Turnpike, Bunwell17:12
Greenways, adj, Bunwell Street, Bunwell14:0917:1318:39
Days Garage, adj, Bunwell Street, Bunwell14:1117:1418:41
Hall Road, adj, Bunwell Street, Bunwell14:1214:1217:1517:1118:4218:42
Bus Shelter, adj, Hall Road, Carleton Rode14:1417:1618:44
Fen Road, adj, The Turnpike, Carleton Rode14:1914:1917:1917:1818:4918:49
Green, opp, The Green, New Buckenham14:2514:2517:2517:2418:5518:55
Green, adj, Attleborough Road, Old Buckenham14:3214:3217:3217:3119:0219:02
Phone Box, opp, Crown Street, Banham14:3714:3717:3717:3619:0719:07
school, opp, Crown Street, Banham14:3814:3817:3817:3719:0819:08
Grey's Manor, adj, Winfarthing Road, Banham14:3814:3817:3817:3719:0819:08
Zoo, adj, Kenninghall Road, Banham Zoo14:3914:3817:3917:3719:0819:09
Post Office, adj, Garboldisham Road, Kenninghall14:4414:4417:4417:4319:1419:14
School Close, adj, Garboldisham Road, Kenninghall14:4414:4417:4417:4319:1419:14
Jubilee Avenue, adj, Kenninghall Road, East Harling14:4917:5419:19
Pound Corner, adj, Market Street, East Harling14:4914:4917:5417:4819:1919:19
Market Place, opp, Market Street, East Harling14:5014:5017:5517:4919:2019:20

Week Days - outbound

Market Place, adj, Market Street, East Harling06:4206:4209:1009:10
Pound Corner, opp, Market Street, East Harling06:4206:4209:1009:10
Jubilee Avenue, opp, Kenninghall Road, East Harling06:4209:10
School Close, opp, Garboldisham Road, Kenninghall06:4806:4809:1609:16
Post Office, opp, Garboldisham Road, Kenninghall06:4906:4909:1709:17
Zoo, opp, Kenninghall Road, Banham Zoo06:5206:5309:2109:21
Grey's Manor, opp, Crown Street, Banham06:5306:5309:2209:21
school, adj, Crown Street, Banham06:5406:5409:2309:23
Phone Box, adj, Crown Street, Banham06:5406:5409:2309:23
Green, adj, Attleborough Road, Old Buckenham07:0207:0209:2909:31
Green, adj, Market Place, New Buckenham07:0807:0809:3509:37
Fen Road, opp, The Turnpike, Carleton Rode07:1207:1209:4109:41
Hall Road, opp, Bunwell Street, Bunwell07:1909:48
Flaxlands, adj, Carleton Rode07:1609:45
Hall Road, opp, Bunwell Street, Bunwell07:1909:48
Days Garage, opp, Bunwell Street, Bunwell07:1909:48
Post Office, opp, Bunwell Street, Bunwell07:2009:49
hall, opp, The Turnpike, Bunwell07:2209:51
Jolly Farmers, adj, The Turnpike, Forncett End07:2507:2509:5409:54
First School, opp, Norwich Road, Tacolneston07:2707:2709:5609:56
New Road, opp, The Street, Ashwellthorpe07:3307:3310:0210:02
White Horse, adj, The Street, Ashwellthorpe07:3407:3310:0310:02
village shop, opp, The Street, Ashwellthorpe07:3407:3310:0310:02
The Street, adj, Norwich Road, Fundenhall07:3710:06
Top Row, opp, Norwich Road, Wreningham07:3807:3910:0710:08
Bird In Hand, adj, B1113, Wreningham07:4007:4010:0910:09
School Road, adj, The Street, Bracon Ash07:4307:4310:1210:12
Roundabout, E-Bound, Cuckoofield Lane, Mulbarton07:4410:13
Lark Rise, adj, Cuckoofield Lane, Mulbarton07:4507:4510:1410:14
Birchfield Lane, adj, Cuckoofield Lane, Mulbarton07:4607:4610:1510:15
Birchfield Gardens, adj, Long Lane, Mulbarton07:4807:4610:1710:15
The Common, adj, Rectory Lane, Mulbarton07:4907:4610:1810:15
Worlds End, adj, Norwich Road, Mulbarton07:5207:5210:2110:21
Bus Shelter, adj, Main Road, Swardeston07:5507:5510:2410:24
Short Lane, adj, Main Road, Swardeston07:5507:5510:2410:24
Low Road, adj, Main Road, Keswick07:5807:5710:27
Marsh Harrier Inn, opp, Ipswich Road, South Tuckswood07:5907:5910:28
Fountains Road, adj, Hall Road, Tuckswood10:29
Bessemer Road, opp, Hall Road, Tuckswood10:2910:29
Robin Hood Road, adj, Hall Road, Tuckswood10:3010:30
Sandy Lane, opp, Hall Road, Tuckswood10:3110:31
Abbot Road, opp, Hall Road, Norwich10:3110:32
Latimer Road, opp, Hall Road, Norwich10:3210:33
Southwell Road, adj, Hall Road, Norwich10:3410:34
Gordon Square, adj, Hall Road, Norwich10:3510:35
St Stephens Street, Stop BC, Norwich City Centre08:1010:38
Locksley Road, opp, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood08:0108:00
Lyhart Road, adj, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood08:0108:00
Oak Tree, opp, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood08:0108:00
Harford Manor School, opp, Ipswich Road, Norwich08:0208:00
Campus, opp, Ipswich Road, Norwich City College08:0308:03
Holiday Inn, opp, Ipswich Road, Tuckswood08:00
Ipswich Grove, opp, Ipswich Road, Norwich08:04
St Stephens Square, adj, St Stephens Road, Norwich08:07
Castle Meadow, Stop CB, Norwich City Centre08:1208:1210:4210:42

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.