Timetable for the 56 - Sheringham - Aylsham - Easton College Bus Route

Timetable for 56 - Sheringham - Aylsham - Easton College Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Sanders Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 10/08/2021

bus timetable 56 Sheringham - Aylsham - Easton College

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Sheringham -> Bodham -> High Kelling -> Holt -> Edgefield -> Saxthorpe -> Blickling -> Aylsham -> Marsham -> Hevingham -> Stratton Strawless -> New Hainford -> Hellesdon -> Norwich -> New Costessey -> Easton College

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Easton College -> New Costessey -> Norwich -> Hellesdon -> New Hainford -> Stratton Strawless -> Hevingham -> Marsham -> Aylsham -> Blickling -> Saxthorpe -> Edgefield -> Holt -> High Kelling -> Bodham -> Sheringham

Map Showing the Routes of the 56 Sheringham - Aylsham - Easton College Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Sheringham - Aylsham - Easton College Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Agricultural College, adj, College Drive, Easton College16:45
Lord Nelson Drive, opp, Dereham Road, New Costessey16:54
Roundwell Medical Centre, adj, Dereham Road, New Costessey16:55
Longwater Lane, adj, Dereham Road, New Costessey16:55
Stafford Avenue, adj, Dereham Road, New Costessey16:56
Breckland Road, adj, Dereham Road, New Costessey16:56
Gurney Road, adj, Dereham Road, New Costessey16:57
Norwich Road, adj, Dereham Road, New Costessey16:57
Jamieson Place, adj, Dereham Road, Norwich16:58
Aldi, opp, Dereham Road, Norwich16:58
Cadge Road, opp, Dereham Road, Norwich16:59
Whistlefish Court, opp, Dereham Road, Norwich16:59
The Gatehouse, adj, Dereham Road, Norwich17:00
Retail Park, adj, Sweetbriar Road, Norwich17:01
Mann Egerton, adj, Cromer Road, Hellesdon17:04
Waldemar Avenue, opp, Cromer Road, Hellesdon17:04
Brabazon Road, opp, Cromer Road, Hellesdon17:05
Heath Crescent, opp, Cromer Road, Hellesdon17:05
Tesco Express, opp, Cromer Road, Hellesdon17:06
Phone Box, adj, Cromer Road, New Hainford17:11
Stratton Hall, opp, A140 Cromer Road, Stratton Strawless17:13
Town Corner, opp, Cromer Road, Hevingham17:15
The Green, adj, Old Norwich Road, Marsham17:19
Motel, opp, Norwich Road, Aylsham17:23
Tesco, adj, Norwich Road, Aylsham17:24
Budgens, adj, Norwich Road, Aylsham17:25
Hall Entrance, opp, Blickling Road, Blickling17:30
Bickling Road, adj, Briston Road, Saxthorpe17:34
Green, adj, Norwich Road, Edgefield17:38
Police Station, opp, Norwich Road, Holt17:43
Bus Shelter, adj, White Lion Street, Holt17:45
Kelling Road, adj, Cromer Road, Holt17:46
Gresham school, adj, Cromer Road, Holt17:47
Holt Rail Station, adj, Cromer Road, High Kelling17:48
Hospital, adj, Cromer Road, High Kelling17:48
Beech Close, adj, Cromer Road, High Kelling17:49
old school, opp, Holt Road, Bodham17:51
church, adj, Holt Road, Bodham17:52
Cooper Road, adj, Holway Road, Sheringham17:55
Railway Approach, W-bound, Sheringham17:57

Week Days - outbound

Railway Approach, W-bound, Sheringham07:05
Cooper Road, opp, Holway Road, Sheringham07:08
church, opp, Holt Road, Bodham07:12
old school, adj, A148, Bodham07:13
Beech Close, opp, Cromer Road, High Kelling07:15
Hospital, opp, Cromer Road, High Kelling07:16
Holt Rail Station, opp, Cromer Road, High Kelling07:17
Gresham school, opp, Cromer Road, Holt07:18
Kelling Road, opp, Cromer Road, Holt07:19
East Anglias Childrens Hospices, o/s, Market Place, Holt07:20
Police Station, adj, Norwich Road, Holt07:22
Green, opp, Norwich Road, Edgefield07:27
Bickling Road, opp, Briston Road, Saxthorpe07:31
Hall Entrance, adj, Blickling Road, Blickling07:35
Budgens, opp, Norwich Road, Aylsham07:40
Tesco, opp, Norwich Road, Aylsham07:41
Motel, adj, Norwich Road, Aylsham07:42
The Green, opp, Old Norwich Road, Marsham07:46
Town Corner, adj, Cromer Road, Hevingham07:50
Stratton Hall, adj, A140 Cromer Road, Stratton Strawless07:52
Phone Box, opp, Cromer Road, New Hainford07:54
Tesco Express, adj, Cromer Road, Hellesdon07:59
Heath Crescent, adj, Cromer Road, Hellesdon08:00
Brabazon Road, adj, Cromer Road, Hellesdon08:02
Waldemar Avenue, adj, Cromer Road, Hellesdon08:03
Mercure Hotel, adj, Boundary Road, Hellesdon08:05
Retail Park, opp, Sweetbriar Road, Norwich08:07
The Gatehouse, opp, Dereham Road, Norwich08:09
Whistlefish Court, adj, Dereham Road, Norwich08:10
Cadge Road, adj, Dereham Road, Norwich08:11
Aldi, adj, Dereham Road, Norwich08:13
Jamieson Place, opp, Dereham Road, Norwich08:14
Gurney Road, opp, Dereham Road, New Costessey08:15
Breckland Road, opp, Dereham Road, New Costessey08:16
Stafford Avenue, opp, Dereham Road, New Costessey08:17
Longwater Lane, opp, Dereham Road, New Costessey08:18
Lord Nelson Drive, adj, Dereham Road, New Costessey08:19
Agricultural College, adj, College Drive, Easton College08:35

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