Timetable for the 112 - Diss - Stuston - Brome - Eye Bus Route

Timetable for 112 - Diss - Stuston - Brome - Eye Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Simonds (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 08/03/2021

bus timetable 112 Diss - Stuston - Brome - Eye

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Diss -> Stuston -> Brome -> Eye

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Eye -> Brome -> Stuston -> Diss

Map Showing the Routes of the 112 Diss - Stuston - Brome - Eye Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Diss - Stuston - Brome - Eye Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Town Hall, adj, Lambseth Street, Eye07:1009:1012:4416:3017:2318:1819:44
Bellands Way, opp, Victoria Hill, Eye07:1009:1012:4416:3017:2318:1819:44
Century Road, opp, B1077, Eye07:1009:1012:4416:3017:2318:1819:44
Progress Way, adj, B1077, Brome07:1109:1112:4516:3117:2418:1819:45
Crossroads, N-bound, B1077, Brome07:1209:1212:4616:3217:2518:1819:46
The Swan, o/s, A140, Brome07:1309:1312:4716:3317:2618:1919:47
Stuston House, opp, Stuston07:1509:1512:4916:3517:2818:2119:49
Roundabout, N-bound, Stuston07:1609:1612:5016:3617:2918:2219:50
Rose Lane, adj, Victoria Road, Diss07:1909:1912:5316:3917:3218:2519:53
Station Road, opp, Victoria Road, Diss07:1909:1912:5316:3917:3218:2519:53
Whytehead Gardens, opp, Victoria Road, Diss07:2109:2112:5516:4117:3418:2719:55
Bus Station, adj, Park Road, Diss07:2209:2212:5616:4217:3518:2819:56

Week Days - outbound

Bus Station, adj, Park Road, Diss06:0706:5007:3510:0011:2517:1517:55
Whytehead Gardens, adj, Victoria Road, Diss06:0806:5107:3610:0111:2617:1617:56
Station Road, adj, Victoria Road, Diss06:1006:5307:3810:0311:2817:1817:58
Rose Lane, opp, Victoria Road, Diss06:1006:5307:3810:0311:2817:1817:58
Roundabout, S-bound, Stuston06:1206:5507:4010:0511:3017:2018:00
Stuston House, adj, Stuston06:1206:5507:4010:0511:3017:2018:00
The Swan, opp, B1077, Brome06:1506:5807:4310:0811:3317:2318:03
Crossroads, S-bound, B1077, Brome06:1506:5807:4310:0811:3317:2318:03
Progress Way, opp, B1077, Brome06:1707:0007:4510:1011:3517:2518:05
Century Road, adj, B1077, Eye06:1807:0107:4610:1111:3617:2618:06
Bellands Way, adj, Victoria Hill, Eye06:1907:0207:4710:1211:3717:2718:07
Town Hall, opp, Lambseth Street, Eye06:2007:0307:4810:1311:3817:2818:08

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.