Timetable for the 71 - Woodbridge - Orford Bus Route

Timetable for 71 - Woodbridge - Orford Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by First Eastern Counties (licensed as First Eastern Counties Buses Limited).

Timetable Start Date: 19/12/2021 End Date: 25/12/2021

bus timetable 71 Woodbridge - Orford

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Woodbridge -> Melton -> Sutton Hoo -> Sutton Heath Estate -> Hollesley -> Boyton -> Capel St Andrew -> Butley Abbey -> Butley -> Chillesford -> Sudbourne Park -> Orford

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Orford -> Sudbourne Park -> Chillesford -> Butley -> Butley Abbey -> Capel St Andrew -> Boyton -> Hollesley -> Sutton Heath Estate -> Sutton Hoo -> Melton -> Woodbridge -> Martlesham Heath

Map Showing the Routes of the 71 Woodbridge - Orford Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Woodbridge - Orford Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Market Hill, Adjacent, Orford07:0007:00
School, o/s, Mundays Lane, Orford07:0107:01
Five Ways, adj, Sudbourne Road, Sudbourne Park07:0407:04
Mill Lane, Adjacent, B1084, Chillesford07:0907:09
Orford Road, adj, The Street, Butley07:1207:12
Oyster, opp, Church Road, Butley07:1307:13
Abbey Corner, Opposite, Church Road, Butley Abbey07:1507:15
Village Notice Board, o/s, Unclassified, Capel St Andrew07:1607:16
Valley Farm, nr, Dock Farm Road, Boyton07:1807:18
Water Tower, E-bound, Hollesley07:2007:20
Oak Hill, adj, College Road, Hollesley07:2107:21
Prison, adj, College Road, Hollesley07:2207:22
Duck Corner, N-bound, Hollesley07:2507:25
Picnic Site, opp, Woodbridge Road, Hollesley07:3007:30
Turning Point, Outside, Otley Road, Sutton Heath Estate07:3307:3309:2009:2011:2011:2013:2013:2014:5014:5016:5016:50
Entrance, Outside, Woodbridge Road, Sutton Hoo07:3807:3809:2509:2511:2511:2513:2513:2514:5514:5516:5516:55
Railway Station, adj, A1152, Melton07:4207:4209:2909:2911:2911:2913:2913:2914:5914:5916:5916:59
Church View Close, Opposite, Melton07:4207:4209:2909:2911:2911:2913:2913:2914:5914:5916:5916:59
Coach And Horses, o/s, Melton Road, Melton07:4307:4309:3009:3011:3011:3013:3013:3015:0015:0017:0017:00
Jenners Close, Opposite, Melton Road, Melton07:4407:4409:3109:3111:3111:3113:3113:3115:0115:0117:0117:01
Council Offices, adj, Woodbridge07:4607:4609:3309:3311:3311:3313:3313:3315:0315:0317:0317:03
Turban Centre, S-bound, Hamblin Road, Woodbridge07:4907:4909:3609:3611:3611:3613:3613:3615:0615:0617:0617:06
Deben Pool, adj, Station Road, Woodbridge07:5007:50
Cherry Tree, Adjacent, Ipswich Road, Woodbridge07:5107:51
Framfield Medical Centre, Opposite, Woodbridge07:5207:52
Ipswich Road, opp 22, Woodbridge07:5307:53
Duke of York, W-bound, Ipswich Road, Woodbridge07:5407:54
Tesco, Outside, Internal Road, Martlesham Heath08:0008:00

Week Days - outbound

Turban Centre, N-bound, Hamblin Road, Woodbridge09:0509:0511:0511:0513:0513:0514:3514:3515:4415:4417:4517:45
Council Offices, opp, Woodbridge09:0609:0611:0611:0613:0613:0614:3614:3615:4515:4517:4617:46
Jenners Close, Adjacent, Melton Road, Melton09:0809:0811:0811:0813:0813:0814:3814:3815:4715:4717:4817:48
Coach And Horses, opp, Melton Road, Melton09:0909:0911:0911:0913:0913:0914:3914:3915:4815:4817:4917:49
Church View Close, Adjacent, Melton09:1009:1011:1011:1013:1013:1014:4014:4015:4915:4917:5017:50
Railway Station, opp, A1152, Melton09:1109:1111:1111:1113:1113:1114:4114:4115:5015:5017:5117:51
Entrance, opp, Woodbridge Road, Sutton Hoo09:1509:1511:1511:1513:1513:1514:4514:4515:5415:5417:5517:55
Turning Point, Outside, Otley Road, Sutton Heath Estate09:1709:1711:1711:1713:1713:1714:4714:4715:5615:5617:5717:57
Picnic Site, adj, Woodbridge Road, Hollesley17:5817:58
Duck Corner, S-bound, Hollesley18:0118:01
Prison, opp, College Road, Hollesley18:0318:03
Oak Hill, opp, College Road, Hollesley18:0418:04
Water Tower, W-bound, Hollesley18:0518:05
Valley Farm, opp, Dock Farm Road, Boyton18:0618:06
Village Notice Board, opp, Unclassified, Capel St Andrew18:0718:07
Abbey Corner, adj, Church Road, Butley Abbey18:0918:09
Oyster, adj, Church Road, Butley18:1118:11
Orford Road, opp, The Street, Butley18:1118:11
Mill Lane, opp, B1084, Chillesford18:1418:14
Five Ways, opp, Sudbourne Road, Sudbourne Park18:1818:18
School, opp, Front Street, Orford18:2018:20
Market Hill, Adjacent, Orford18:2118:21

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