Timetable for the 78 - Ipswich - Levington Bus Route

Timetable for 78 - Ipswich - Levington Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by First Eastern Counties (licensed as First Eastern Counties Buses Limited).

Timetable Start Date: 19/12/2021 End Date: 25/12/2021

bus timetable 78 Ipswich - Levington

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Ipswich -> Rushmere -> Copleston -> Broke Hall -> St Augustines -> Warren Heath -> Foxhall -> Nacton -> Levington

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Levington -> Nacton -> Foxhall -> Warren Heath -> St Augustines -> Broke Hall -> Copleston -> Rushmere -> Ipswich

Map Showing the Routes of the 78 Ipswich - Levington Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Ipswich - Levington Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Red House Farm, opp, Bridge Road, Levington10:4510:45
Village Hall, opp, Bridge Road, Levington10:4610:46
Primary School, Opposite, The Street, Nacton10:5110:51
Stores, Opposite, The Street, Nacton10:5210:52
Amberfield School, opp, The Street, Nacton10:5210:52
The Street, Adjacent, Nacton10:5310:53
Miller and Carter, Opposite, Foxhall10:5410:54
Trinity Park, opp, Murrils Road, Warren Heath10:5510:55
The Pathway, adj, Murrills Road, Warren Heath10:5510:55
Foxglove Crescent, opp, Murrills Road, Warren Heath10:5510:55
Pearse Way, opp, Murrills Road, Warren Heath10:5610:56
Sainsbury's Car Park, in, Warren Heath10:5610:56
Brook Car Sales, adj, Felixstowe Road, Warren Heath10:5710:57
Warren Heath Road, W-bound, Felixstowe Road, St Augustines10:5810:58
St Augustines Gardens, Adjacent, Bixley Road, St Augustines10:5910:59
Princethorpe Road, Adjacent, Bixley Road, Broke Hall11:0011:00
Bixley Road, Outside, Broke Hall11:0011:00
Foxhall Road, N-bound, Bixley Road, Broke Hall11:0111:01
Bridge School, adj, Heath Road, Copleston11:0211:02
Ipswich Hospital, Stand 1, On Site, Copleston11:0311:03
Heath Road Hospital, adj, Heath Road, Copleston11:0411:04
Hospital, Adjacent, Woodbridge Road, Rushmere11:0511:05
Lattice Barn PH, Opposite, Woodbridge Road, Rushmere11:0611:06
Britannia Road, adj, Spring Road, Ipswich11:0711:07
Cowper Street, adj, Spring Road, Ipswich11:0811:08
Crabbe Street, adj, Spring Road, Ipswich11:0911:09
Fat Cat, Adjacent, Spring Road, Ipswich11:0911:09
St Johns Road, Adjacent, Spring Road, Ipswich11:1011:10
Viaduct, W-bound, Spring Road, Ipswich11:1111:11
Nottidge Road, Opposite, Ipswich11:1111:11
Dove Street, adj, St Helens Street, Ipswich11:1311:13
Majors Corner, o/s, Ipswich11:1411:14
Tower Ramparts Bus Station, Stand FF, Ipswich11:1511:15
Museum Street, Stand 1, High Street, Ipswich11:1711:17
Willis Building, opp, Ipswich11:1911:19
Old Cattle Market Bus Station, Stand B, Old Cattle Market, Ipswich11:2011:20

Week Days - outbound

Old Cattle Market Bus Station, Stand B, Old Cattle Market, Ipswich14:1014:10
Northgate Street, adj, Great Colman Street, Ipswich14:1214:12
Cobden Place, Stop 3, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich14:1214:12
Dove Street, opp, St Helens Street, Ipswich14:1414:14
Nottidge Road, adj, Spring Road, Ipswich14:1514:15
Viaduct, E-bound, Spring Road, Ipswich14:1714:17
St Johns Road, opp, Spring Road, Ipswich14:1714:17
Fat Cat, opp, Spring Road, Ipswich14:1814:18
Crabbe Street, Opposite, Spring Road, Ipswich14:1914:19
Cowper Street, opp, Spring Road, Ipswich14:1914:19
Britannia Road, opp, Spring Road, Ipswich14:2014:20
Lattice Barn PH, Adjacent, Woodbridge Road, Rushmere14:2114:21
Woodbridge Road East, adj, Heath Road, Copleston14:2314:23
Heath Road Hospital, opp, Heath Road, Copleston14:2414:24
Ipswich Hospital, Stand 1, On Site, Copleston14:2514:25
Adelaide Road, adj, Heath Road, Copleston14:2614:26
Bridge School, opp, Heath Road, Copleston14:2614:26
Foxhall Road, S-bound, Bixley Road, Broke Hall14:2714:27
Bixley Road, Opposite, Broke Hall14:2714:27
Princethorpe Road, Opposite, Bixley Road, Broke Hall14:2814:28
St Augustines Gardens, Opposite, Bixley Road, St Augustines14:2814:28
Church, nr, Felixstowe Road, St Augustines14:2914:29
Warren Heath Road, E-bound, Felixstowe Road, St Augustines14:2914:29
Brook Car Sales, opp, Felixstowe Road, Warren Heath14:3014:30
Sainsbury's Car Park, in, Warren Heath14:3114:31
Pearse Way, Adjacent, Murrills Road, Warren Heath14:3114:31
Foxglove Crescent, adj, Murrills Road, Warren Heath14:3214:32
The Pathway, opp, Murrills Road, Warren Heath14:3214:32
Trinity Park, nr, Murrils Road, Warren Heath14:3314:33
Miller and Carter, Outside, Foxhall14:3514:35
Amberfield School, o/s, The Street, Nacton14:3814:38
Stores, adj, The Street, Nacton14:3914:39
Primary School, Adjacent, The Street, Nacton14:4014:40
Village Hall, o/s, Bridge Road, Levington14:4514:45
Red House Farm, adj, Levington14:4714:47

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