Timetable for the S134 - Sacred Heart Catholic High School Bus Route

Timetable for S134 - Sacred Heart Catholic High School Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by J H Coaches (licensed as J H Coaches).

Timetable Start Date: 01/09/2021 End Date: 29/03/2022

bus timetable S134 Sacred Heart Catholic High School

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Fawdon -> Kingston Park -> Kenton Bank Foot -> Newbiggin Hall -> Westerhope -> Slatyford -> Fenham

Map Showing the Routes of the S134 Sacred Heart Catholic High School Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Sacred Heart Catholic High School Service

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Week Days - outbound

Fawdon Lane - Mormon Church, N-Bound, Fawdon Lane, Fawdon, Newcastle07:40
Kingston Park Road, NW-Bound, Kingston Park, Newcastle07:44
Brunton Road-Esher Court, SW-Bound, Brunton Road, Kingston Park, Newcastle07:47
Windsor Way-Brunton Road, SE-Bound, Windsor Way, Kingston Park, Newcastle07:48
Brunton Lane, S-Bound, Kingston Park, Newcastle07:52
Tudor Way-Brunton Lane, NW-Bound, Tudor Way, Kingston Park, Newcastle07:53
Tudor Way - Stuart Court, SW-Bound, Tudor Way, Kingston Park, Newcastle07:53
Kenton Bank Foot, S-Bound, Station Road, Newcastle07:56
Bedeburn Road-Hareydene, W-Bound, Bedeburn Road, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle07:58
Bedeburn Road, S-Bound, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle07:59
Bedeburn Road-Deneside, E-Bound, BEDEBURN ROAD, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle08:00
Trevelyan Drive - Eastgarth, W-Bound, Trevelyan Drive, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle08:02
Trevelyan Drive-Eastgarth, S-Bound, Trevelyan Drive, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle08:03
Trevelyan Drive-Langleeford Road, S-Bound, Trevelyan Drive, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle08:04
Trevelyan Drive-Etal Lane, SW-Bound, Trevelyan Drive, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle08:06
Trevelyan Drive-Mortimer Avenue, NW-Bound, Trevelyan Drive, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle08:07
Trevelyan Drive-Anson Place, W-Bound, Trevelyan Drive, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle08:08
Newbiggin Lane - Stamfordham Road, S-Bound, Newbiggin Lane, Westerhope, Newcastle08:10
Stamfordham Road - Wheatfield Road, SE-Bound, Stamfordham Road, Westerhope, Newcastle08:10
Stamfordham Road-Denton Grove, SE-Bound, Stamfordham Road, Westerhope, Newcastle08:11
Stamfordham Road-Windsor Crescent, SE-Bound, Stamfordham Road, Westerhope, Newcastle08:12
Stamfordham Road-Western By Pass, SE-Bound, Stamfordham Road, Westerhope, Newcastle08:13
Stamfordham Road-Footbridge, SE-Bound, Stamfordham Road, Slatyford, Newcastle08:15
Stamfordham Road - Fulwell Green, SE-Bound, Stamfordham Road, Slatyford, Newcastle08:16
Stamfordham Road-Barclay Place, E-Bound, A167, Slatyford, Newcastle08:16
Stamfordham Road-Viewforth Grove, E-Bound, Stamfordham Road, Slatyford, Newcastle08:17
Netherby Drive, SE-Bound, Slatyford, Newcastle08:18
Netherby Drive-Heatherslaw Road, SE-Bound, NETHERBY DRIVE, Fenham, Newcastle08:20
Fenham Hall Drive, E-Bound, Fenham, Newcastle08:23
Fenham Hall Drive-Queensway, E-Bound, Fenham Hall Drive, Fenham, Newcastle08:27
Sacred Heart Catholic High School, W-Bound, Unknown, Fenham, Newcastle08:30

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.