Timetable for the 79 - Carlisle - Annan Bus Route

Timetable for 79 - Carlisle - Annan Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach (licensed as Stagecoach North West).

Timetable Start Date: 20/06/2022

bus timetable 79 Carlisle - Annan

Map Showing the Routes of the 79 Carlisle - Annan Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Carlisle - Annan Service

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Week Days - inbound

Stance 2, at, Butts Street21:2523:25
Scotts Street, at21:2523:25
Tesco, opp, Scotts Street21:2623:26
Watchhall, opp, Carlisle Road21:2623:26
Nursery House, at, Annan Road21:3123:31
Village, 4 Millbrae, Annan Road21:3223:32
H & I Engineering, o/s Factory, Annan Road21:3423:34
Wayside, opp Inn, Annan Road21:3523:35
Auckland Walk, opp Road End, Annan Road21:3523:35
Village, opp Shelter, Annan Road21:4123:40
Annan Road, Braids21:4423:42
Annan Road, no 521:4423:43
Central Avenue, Terminus21:4523:43
Solway Lodge, Hotel, Annan Road21:4523:43
Outlet, Opp Crossways, Glasgow Road21:4523:44
Blackbank East, near, A6071, Longtown21:4823:46
Greenmill Roads, opp, A6071, Gaitle21:5023:48
Medical Centre, o/s, Mary Street, Longtown21:53
Medical Centre, o/s, Mary Street, Longtown21:53
Dukeswood Road, at, Stackbraes Road, Longtown21:55
Lovers Lane, near, Liddel Road, Longtown21:55
Dukeswood Road, at, Lovers Lane, Longtown21:55
Lady Seat Gardens, near, Moor Road, Longtown21:56
Mary St, at, Mary Street, Longtown21:57
Burns Street, near, Swan Street, Longtown21:57
Graham Arms, o/s, English Street, Longtown21:5823:50
Sandysike, near, A7(T)22:0123:53
Westlinton, opp, A7(T)22:0223:54
Church, opp, A7(T), Blackford22:0423:56
Harker Park, near, unnamed road, Harker22:0623:57
Parkhouse Road, Opp, Carlisle22:0823:59
Asda, near, Chandler Way, Carlisle22:1100:01
Argos, at, Parkhouse Road, Carlisle22:1200:02
Subway sandwich shop, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle22:1300:03
Post Office, at, Kingstown Road, Carlisle22:1300:03
Newfield, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle22:1400:04
Lowry Hill road end, near, Kingstown Road, Carlisle22:1400:04
The Gosling Bridge, o/s, Kingstown Road, Carlisle22:1400:04
Moorville Terrace, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle22:1500:05
Waverley Road, opp, Scotland Road, Carlisle22:1600:06
Beechwood, near, Scotland Road, Carlisle22:1600:06
Lansdowne Crescent, near, Scotland Road, Carlisle22:1700:07
car park, At, Stanwix Bank, Carlisle22:1700:07
Bus Station (Ca), Bay 5, Lonsdale Street, Carlisle22:2000:10

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.