Timetable for the 91A - Carlisle - Dalston Bus Route

Timetable for 91A - Carlisle - Dalston Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach (licensed as Stagecoach North West).

Timetable Start Date: 17/05/2021

bus timetable 91A Carlisle - Dalston

Map Showing the Routes of the 91A Carlisle - Dalston Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Carlisle - Dalston Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - outbound

Bus Station (Ca), Bay 6, Lonsdale Street, Carlisle07:53
La Mexxaluna, Stand V, The Crescent, Carlisle07:54
Vue Cinema, opp, Botchergate, Carlisle07:55
Oktays, o/s, St Nicholas Street, Carlisle07:57
Regent Street, o/s, Blackwell Road, Carlisle07:59
Boundary Road, adj, Blackwell Road, Carlisle08:00
Millholme Avenue, o/s, Boundary Road, Carlisle08:01
Kirklands Road, o/s, Upperby Road, Carlisle08:02
Manor Road, near, Upperby Road, Carlisle08:03
Brisco Meadow, near, Brisco Road, Carlisle08:04
Lakeview, o/s, Lakeview Avenuenue, Carlisle08:05
Sunnymeade, near, Lakeview Avenue, Carlisle08:05
St John's Ambulance, o/s, Lakeview Avenue, Carlisle08:06
Upperby Terminus, opp, Scalegate Road, Carlisle08:07
Greengarth, o/s, Scalegate Road, Carlisle08:07
Embleton Road, o/s, Scalegate Road, Carlisle08:08
Henderson Gardens, At, Henderson Road, Carlisle08:09
Henderson Road near number 125, by, Henderson Road, Carlisle08:11
Currock Mount, at, Blackwell Road, Carlisle08:12
Currock Park Avenue, near, Blackwell Road, Carlisle08:13
Lediard Avenue, at, Currock Road, Carlisle08:13
Beaconsfield Street, at, Currock Road, Carlisle08:14
Rickerbys, opp, Currock Road, Carlisle08:15
Station Business Park, opp, James Street, Carlisle08:17
Dunelm Mill, opp, Charlotte Street, Carlisle08:19
Royal Mail Sorting Office, o/s, Junction Street, Carlisle08:19
Pugin Street, At, Dalston Road, Carlisle08:20
Scawfell Road, opp, Dalston Road, Carlisle08:20
Dunmail Drive, opp, Dalston Road, Carlisle08:21
Richardson Street, adj, Dalston Road, Carlisle08:22
Cemetery, o/s, Dalston Road, Carlisle08:23
Crematorium, o/s, Dalston Road, Carlisle08:24
Pirelli Factory, o/s, Dalston Road, Carlisle08:24
Clover Fields, opp, Dalston Road, Carlisle08:26
Lingy Close road end, by, B5299, Dalston08:30
Lowmill road end, near, Carlisle Road, Dalston08:32
Nestle Factory, opp, Carlisle Road, Dalston08:34
Caldew School, Stand 1, B5299, Dalston08:35

Week Days - inbound

Caldew School, opp, B5299, Dalston15:15
Nestle Factory, near, Carlisle Road, Dalston15:15
Lingy Close road end, near, B5299, Dalston15:18
Clover Fields, o/s, Dalston Road, Carlisle15:21
Cummersdale Grange, o/s, Dalston Road, Carlisle15:21
Crematorium, Opp, Dalston Road, Carlisle15:23
Cemetery, opp, Dalston Road, Carlisle15:23
Richardson Street, opp, Dalston Road, Carlisle15:24
Dunmail Drive, adj, Dalston Road, Carlisle15:24
Scawfell Road, at, Dalston Road, Carlisle15:25
Stanhope Road, adj, Dalston Road, Carlisle15:26
Royal Mail Sorting Office, opp, Junction Street, Carlisle15:26
Dunelm Mill, At, Charlotte Street, Carlisle15:27
Swimming Pool, near, James Street, Carlisle15:30
James St Station Business Park, o/s, James Street, Carlisle15:30
Esso Petrol Station, o/s, Currock Road, Carlisle15:31
Beaconsfield Street, o/s, Currock Road, Carlisle15:31
Ridley Road, o/s, Blackwell Road, Carlisle15:32
Mount Pleasant Road, at, Blackwell Road, Carlisle15:32
Henderson Road end, near, Henderson Road, Carlisle15:33
Henderson Gardens, near, Henderson Road, Carlisle15:33
Embleton Road, At, Scalegate Road, Carlisle15:34
Uldale Road, near, Scalegate Road, Carlisle15:35
Upperby Terminus, o/s, Scalegate Road, Carlisle15:36
St John's Ambulance, o/s, Lakeview Avenue, Carlisle15:36
Sunnymeade, near, Lakeview Avenue, Carlisle15:37
Lakeview, o/s, Lakeview Avenuenue, Carlisle15:37
Manor Road, o/s, Upperby Road, Carlisle15:38
Kirklands Road, Opp, Upperby Road, Carlisle15:39
Millholme Avenue, Near, Boundary Road, Carlisle15:40
Boundary Road, near, Blackwell Road, Carlisle15:42
Regent Street, opp, Blackwell Road, Carlisle15:42
Oktays, opp, St Nicholas Street, Carlisle15:44
Wetherspoons, near, Botchergate, Carlisle15:48
The Courts, Stand A, English Street, Carlisle15:49
Bus Station (Ca), Bay 6, Lonsdale Street, Carlisle15:55

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.