Timetable for the 405 - Banff - Cullen Bus Route

Timetable for 405 - Banff - Cullen Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Deveron Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 04/10/2021 End Date: 04/10/2022

bus timetable 405 Banff - Cullen

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Banff -> Inverboyndie -> Whitehills -> Boyndie -> Cornhill -> Brodiesord -> Portsoy -> Fordyce -> Sandend -> Cullen

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Cullen -> Sandend -> Fordyce -> Portsoy -> Brodiesord -> Cornhill -> Boyndie -> Whitehills -> Inverboyndie -> Banff

Map Showing the Routes of the 405 Banff - Cullen Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Banff - Cullen Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

The Square, at, A98, Cullen10:2013:20
Seafield Place, opp, Seafield Road, Cullen10:2013:20
Crannoch-hill Cottage, at, A98, Cullen10:2213:22
Seaview Road, opp 14, Sandend10:2713:27
Mains of Glassaugh, opp, Unclassified Road, Fordyce10:3013:30
Bridge Street, S bound, Fordyce10:3213:32
East Church Street, E-bound, Fordyce10:3213:32
Highfield, opp, Unclassified Road, Portsoy10:3513:35
Soyburn Gardens, opp, Seafield Terrace, Portsoy10:3813:38
Queens Gate, at, Seafield Street, Portsoy10:3913:39
Seafield Street, E bound, Portsoy10:4013:40
Chapel Lane, opp, Aird Street, Portsoy10:4013:40
Aird Bridge, S-bound, A98, Portsoy10:4013:40
Oldmill Cottages, SW bound, B9022, Portsoy10:4113:41
Longmuir, opp, B9022, Brodiesord10:4313:43
School, opp, B9022, Brodiesord10:4513:45
Duff Terrace, opp, Mid Street, Cornhill10:4713:47
Crossroads, at, B9025, Cornhill10:4913:49
Muir of Rettie, NE-bound, A98, Boyndie10:5013:50
Road End, at, A98, Boyndie10:5213:52
Lady's Bridge, E-bound, A98, Whitehills10:5413:54
Ladybrae Cottage, opp, B9121, Whitehills10:5413:54
Craigherbs Crossroads, S-bound, B9121, Whitehills10:5513:55
Reidhaven Street, adj, Seafield Street, Whitehills10:5613:56
Loch Lane, adj, Loch Street, Whitehills10:5713:57
School Road, opp, Loch Street, Whitehills10:5713:57
Mill of Boyndie, E-bound, A98, Inverboyndie, Inverbondie11:0014:00
Golden Knowes Road, opp, Boyndie Road, Banff11:0214:02
Harvey Place, at, Boyndie Road, Banff11:0214:02
Duncan Street, opp, Boyndie Street, Banff11:0214:02
Seafield Street, E bound, Banff11:0314:03
Castle Street, S bound, Banff11:0314:03
High Street, opp 35, Banff11:0414:04
Airlie Gardens, opp, Low Street, Banff, Bannf11:0414:04
Low Street, N bound, Banff11:0514:05

Week Days - outbound

Low Street, S bound, Banff09:1012:30
Airlie Gardens, at, Low Street, Banff, Bannf09:1012:30
High Street, at 43, Banff09:1012:30
Castle Street, N bound, Banff09:1112:31
Seafield Street, W bound, Banff09:1112:31
Duncan Street, at, Boyndie Street West, Banff09:1112:31
Harvey Place, opp, Boyndie Road, Banff09:1212:32
Golden Knowes Road, at, Boyndie Road, Banff09:1212:32
Mill of Boyndie, W-bound, A98, Inverboyndie09:1512:35
School Road, adj, Loch Street, Whitehills09:1712:37
Loch Lane, opp, Loch Street, Whitehills09:1812:38
Reidhaven Street, opp, Seafield Street, Whitehills09:1812:38
Jubilee Crescent, adj, B9121, Whitehills09:1812:38
Ladybrae Cottage, adj, B9121, Whitehills09:1912:39
Lady's Bridge, W-bound, A98, Whitehills09:1912:39
Road End, opp, A98, Boyndie09:2012:40
Muir of Rettie, W-bound, A98, Boyndie09:2212:42
Crossroads, opp, A95, Cornhill09:2312:43
Duff Terrace, at, A95, Cornhill09:2812:48
School, o/s, Fordyce Road, Brodiesord09:2912:49
Longmuir, at, B9022, Brodiesord09:3112:51
Reidstack, adj, B9022, Portsoy09:3212:52
Damhead Cottages, at, B9022, Portsoy09:3212:52
Oldmill Cottages, NE bound, B9002, Portsoy09:3312:53
Aird Bridge, N-bound, A98, Portsoy09:3412:54
Chapel Lane, at, Aird Street, Portsoy09:3412:54
Seafield Street, W bound, Portsoy09:3512:55
Queens Gate, opp, Seafield Street, Portsoy09:3512:55
Soyburn Gardens, at, Seafield Terrace, Portsoy09:3612:56
Highfield, at, Unclassified Road, Portsoy09:3912:59
Bridge Street, N bound, Fordyce09:4313:03
Mains of Glassaugh, at, Unclassified Road, Fordyce09:4513:05
Road End, opp, A98, Sandend09:4613:06
Seaview Road, at 14, Sandend09:4813:08
Crannoch-hill Cottage, opp, A98, Cullen09:5213:12
Seafield Place, at, Seafield Road, Cullen09:5413:14
The Square, at, A98, Cullen09:5513:15

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