Timetable for the 448 - Lochgilphead - Skipness Bus Route

Timetable for 448 - Lochgilphead - Skipness Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by West Coast Motors (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 06/12/2021 End Date: 17/12/2022

bus timetable 448 Lochgilphead - Skipness

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Skipness -> Claonaig -> Whitehouse -> Redhouse -> Kennacraig -> West Tarbert -> Tarbert -> Erines -> Stronachullin -> Inverneill -> Achabraid -> Ardrishaig -> Lochgilphead

Map Showing the Routes of the 448 Lochgilphead - Skipness Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Lochgilphead - Skipness Service

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Castle Car Park, at, B8001, Skipness08:0912:2616:2016:30
Post Office, W-bound, B8001, Skipness08:0912:2616:2016:30
Ferry Terminal, at, B8001, Claonaig08:1512:3216:2616:36
Road End, at, A83, Whitehouse08:31
Skipness Road End, opp, A83, Redhouse08:3212:4516:3916:49
Road End, at, A83, Kennacraig08:3312:4616:4016:50
Ferry Terminal, at, unclassified, Kennacraig08:3412:4716:4116:51
West Loch Hotel, opp, A83, West Tarbert08:4212:5516:4916:59
Bus Terminal, at, Campbeltown Road, Tarbert08:4410:0212:5916:5317:03
Post Office, opp, School Road, Tarbert08:4510:0413:0016:5417:04
Academy, at, School Road, Tarbert08:4610:0613:0115:3616:5517:05
Post Office, at, School Road, Tarbert08:4610:0913:0215:3616:5617:06
Hotel, opp, A8015, Tarbert08:4710:1013:0315:3716:5717:07
Ferry Terminal, at, A8015, Tarbert08:4910:1513:0515:3916:5917:09
Mealldarroch Road End, opp, Pier Road, Tarbert08:5115:41
Ferry Terminal, opp, A8015, Tarbert10:1513:0516:5917:19
Hotel, at, A8015, Tarbert10:1613:0717:0117:21
Stonefield Castle, opp, A83, Tarbert10:1913:1017:0417:24
Road End, at, A83, Erines10:2313:1417:0817:28
Lodge Road End, at, A83, Stronachullin10:2813:1917:1317:33
Bridge, before, A83, Inverneill10:3013:2117:1517:35
Kilberry Road End, at, A83, Achabraid10:3213:2317:1717:37
Brenfield Point, at, A83, Achabraid10:3313:2417:1817:38
Brae Road junct, at, Tarbert Road, Ardrishaig10:3613:2717:2117:41
East Bank Road, nr, Chalmers Street, Ardrishaig10:3613:2717:2117:41
Argyll Arms Hotel, nr, Chalmers Street, Ardrishaig10:3713:2817:2217:42
Highbank Park, opp, A816, Lochgilphead10:40
Council Yard, at, Bishopton Road, Lochgilphead10:41
Fernoch Drive, nr, Bishopton Road, Lochgilphead10:41
Co-op, at, Oban Road, Lochgilphead10:42
Lochnell Street, SE-bound, Lochgilphead10:4213:3217:2617:46
Lochnell Street, NW-bound, Lochgilphead10:4413:3317:2717:47

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.