Timetable for the 918 - Oban - Fort William Bus Route

Timetable for 918 - Oban - Fort William Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by West Coast Motors (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 06/12/2021 End Date: 17/12/2022

bus timetable 918 Oban - Fort William

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Oban -> Dunbeg -> Connel -> North Connel -> Ledaig -> Benderloch -> Barcaldine -> Creagan Bridge -> Appin -> Portnacroish -> Duror -> Kentallen -> Ballachulish -> North Ballachulish -> Onich -> Corran Ferry -> Fort William

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Fort William -> Corran Ferry -> Onich -> North Ballachulish -> Ballachulish -> Kentallen -> Duror -> Portnacroish -> Appin -> Creagan Bridge -> Barcaldine -> Benderloch -> Ledaig -> North Connel -> Connel -> Dunbeg -> Oban

Map Showing the Routes of the 918 Oban - Fort William Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Oban - Fort William Service

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Week Days - outbound

High School, at, unclassified, Oban15:47
Soroba Park Terrace, opp, Oban15:48
Lorn Resource Centre, opp, Soroba Road, Oban15:49
Old Parish Church, opp, Soroba Road, Oban15:50
Station Road, Stance 2, Oban09:3015:5715:57
North Pier Car Park, at, Oban09:3115:5815:58
Corran Halls Car Park, at, Dunollie Road, Oban09:3316:0016:00
Pennyfuir Cemetery, at, A85, Oban09:3516:0216:02
Road End, at, A85, Dunbeg09:3716:0416:04
Bridge Junction, opp, A85, Connel09:4216:0916:09
Bonawe Road End, opp, A828, North Connel09:4416:1116:11
Airport Road End, at, A828, North Connel09:4516:1216:12
Travellers Site, at, A828, Ledaig09:4616:1316:13
Caravan Park, at, A828, Ledaig09:4716:1416:14
Ford Spence Court, at, A828, Benderloch09:4816:1516:15
Lynn of Lorne Nursing Home, opp, A828, Benderloch09:4916:1616:16
Lochnell School, at, A828, Benderloch09:5116:1816:18
Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary, at, A828, Barcaldine09:5216:1916:19
Oak Tree Cottage, opp, A828, Barcaldine09:5416:2116:21
Roundabout, before, A828, Creagan Bridge09:5816:2516:25
North Shian Road End, at, A828, Appin10:0216:2916:29
Kirkton, at, A828, Appin10:0616:3316:33
Police Station, opp, A828, Appin10:0816:3516:35
Post Cottage, at, A828, Portnacroish10:1016:3716:37
Lettershuna Road End, at, A828, Portnacroish10:1216:3916:39
Lurignish, opp, Minor Road, Portnacroish10:1416:4116:41
Dalnatrat Road End, opp, A828, Duror10:1616:4316:43
Duror Hotel, at, A828, Duror10:2016:4716:47
Holly Tree Hotel, o/s, A828, Kentallen10:2516:5216:52
Hotel, opp, A828, Ballachulish10:2816:5516:55
Chisholms Garage, at, Albert Road, Ballachulish10:3116:5816:58
Tourist Information, o/s, Angus Crescent, Ballachulish10:3417:0117:01
Kinlochleven Road End, opp, A82, North Ballachulish10:3717:0417:04
Lodge on the Loch, opp, A82, Onich10:4017:0717:07
Village Stores, opp, A82, Onich10:4317:1017:10
Corran Ferry Junction, at, A82, Corran Ferry10:4617:1317:13
Croit Anna Hotel, opp, A82, Fort William10:5017:1717:17
Seafield Gardens, opp, A82 Achintore Road, Fort William10:5517:2217:22
Camusnagaul Ferry Pier, at, A82, Fort William11:0017:2717:27
Bus Station, MacFarlane Way, Fort William11:0517:3217:32

Week Days - inbound

Bus Station, MacFarlane Way, Fort William12:3017:50
Yacht Club, opp, A82, Fort William12:3217:52
Croit Anna Hotel, o/s, A82, Fort William12:3517:55
Birchbrae Lodges Road End, at, A82, Corran Ferry12:4718:07
Village Stores, o/s, A82, Onich12:5018:10
Kinlochleven Road End, at, A82, North Ballachulish12:5318:13
Chisholms Garage, at, Albert Road, Ballachulish12:5918:19
Tourist Information, o/s, Angus Crescent, Ballachulish13:0018:20
Ballachulish Bridge, before, A82, Ballachulish13:0418:24
Hotel, o/s, A828, Ballachulish13:0418:24
Holly Tree Hotel, opp, A828, Kentallen13:0918:29
Stewart Hotel Road End, at, A828, Duror13:1318:33
Dalnatrat Road End, at, A828, Duror13:1618:36
Lurignish, opp, Minor Road, Portnacroish13:1918:39
Lettershuna Road End, opp, A828, Portnacroish13:2318:43
Rosebank, at, A828, Portnacroish13:2518:45
Police Station, at, A828, Appin13:2618:46
Kirkton, opp, A828, Appin13:2718:47
North Shian Road End, opp, A828, Appin13:2918:49
Quarry, at, A828, Creagan Bridge13:3118:51
Roundabout, after, A828, Creagan Bridge13:3218:52
Oak Tree Cottage, nr, A828, Barcaldine13:3718:57
Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary, opp, A828, Barcaldine13:3818:58
Lochnell School, opp, A828, Benderloch13:4219:02
Lynn of Lorne Nursing Home, at, A828, Benderloch13:4219:02
Ford Spence Court, opp, A828, Benderloch13:4319:03
Caravan Park, opp, A828, Ledaig13:4419:04
Travellers Site, opp, A828, Ledaig13:4519:05
Airport Road End, opp, A828, North Connel13:4619:06
Bonawe Road End, before, A828, North Connel13:4719:07
Bridge Junction, nr, A85, Connel13:5119:11
Road End, opp, A85, Dunbeg13:5519:15
Pennyfuir Cemetery, opp, A85, Oban13:5919:19
Highland Theatre, at, George Street, Oban14:0119:21
Dolce Vita, at, George Street, Oban14:0219:22
Station Road, Stance 5, Oban14:0319:23

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