Timetable for the C2 - Glenochil - Tillicoultry Bus Route

Timetable for C2 - Glenochil - Tillicoultry Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Hunters Executive Coache (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 15/04/2022 End Date: 11/05/2023

bus timetable C2 Glenochil - Tillicoultry

Map Showing the Routes of the C2 Glenochil - Tillicoultry Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Glenochil - Tillicoultry Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Cemetery, opp, Dollar Road09:2815:33
Heathwood Crescent, after, Harviestoun Grove09:3015:35
Church Grove, at, Stalker Avenue09:3215:37
Ochilview Road, before, Walker Terrace09:3215:37
Frederick Street, after, Upper Mill Street09:3315:38
Park Street, opp and after, High Street09:3415:39
Library, opp, High Street09:3515:40
Murray Square, at09:3615:41
Devonvale Hall, at, Moss Road09:3615:41
The Glen, after, Alexandra Street09:3715:42
The Craigs, before, Alexandra Street09:3715:42
Benview Terrace, after, A90809:4015:45
No 5, at, A90809:4115:46
Primary School, opp and after, Alloa Road09:4215:47
Main St, opp and after, Main Street09:4315:48
Main St, after, Main Street09:4415:49
Main St, opp, Main Street09:4515:50
Public Hall, opp, Mar Place09:4615:51
Parkhead Road, opp and after09:4715:52
Parkhead Rd, at, Parkhead Road09:4915:54
Parkhead Road, opp and after09:5015:55
Ashley Terrace, opp09:5115:56
Ashley Terrace, opp and after09:5115:56
Ashley Terrace, opp09:5215:57
Ashley Terrace, after09:5215:57
Ashley Terrace, at09:5315:58
Tullibody Road at No 66, opp, Tullibody Road09:5315:58
Tullibody Road, at09:5415:59
Mar Place, at09:5516:00
Mar Place, at09:5516:00
Shillinghill, Stance 310:0014:0516:05
Greenside Street, at10:0214:0716:07
Devon Rd, opp, Devon Road10:0314:0816:08
Devon Rd, opp and before, Devon Road10:0314:0816:08
Devon Rd, opp, Devon Road10:0414:0916:09
Forth Crescent, opp10:0514:1016:10
Forth Crescent, before10:0614:1116:11
Forth Crescent, opp and after10:0614:1116:11
Broad St, opp, Broad Street10:0614:1116:11
Forth Crescent, opp10:0714:1216:12
Forth Crescent, opp10:0714:1216:12
Bowhouse Gardens, after, Bowhouse Rd10:0814:1316:13
Lime Tree Walk, opp10:0814:1316:13
Bedford Place, opp10:1014:1516:15
Grange Road, after10:1014:1516:15
Smithfiled Loan, before, Smithfield Loan10:1114:1616:16
Smithfiled Loan, after, Smithfield Loan10:1214:1716:17
Smithfield Loan, opp10:1314:1816:18
Stirling Rd, near, Sirling Road10:1814:2316:23
Station Rd, before10:1814:2316:23
Station Rd, opp and after, Station Road10:1914:2416:24
Carseview, at 25810:2214:2716:27
Carseview, at 210:2214:2716:27
Newmills, at 8210:2314:2816:28
Carseview, after, The Orchard10:2314:2816:28
The Orchard, opp10:2314:2816:28
Main St, at, Main Street10:2414:2916:29
Menstrie Rd, before, Menstrie Road10:2414:2916:29
Glenochil Prison, at, King O Muirs Road10:2814:3316:33
King O Muirs Avenue, at, King O Muirs Road10:2914:3416:34

Week Days - outbound

King O Muirs Avenue, opp, King O Muirs Road08:3412:3414:39
Glenochil Prison, opp, King O Muirs Road08:3412:3414:39
Menstrie Rd, opp and after, Menstrie Road08:3812:3814:43
Main St, at, Main Street08:3912:3914:44
Carseview, opp 208:4012:4014:45
Station Rd, before08:4412:4414:49
Station Rd, opp and after, Station Road08:4412:4414:49
Smithfield Loan, at08:5012:5014:55
Smithfiled Loan, opp and after, Smithfield Loan08:5112:5114:56
Smithfield Loan, opp and after08:5112:5114:56
Grange Road, before08:5212:5214:57
Bedford Place, at08:5312:5314:58
Broad St, at, Broad Street08:5312:5314:58
The Walk, at08:5412:5414:59
Bowhouse Rd, opp and before08:5512:5515:00
Bristol Street, at, Forth Crescent08:5512:5515:00
Forth Cr, before, Forth Crescent08:5612:5615:01
Forth Crescent, before08:5612:5615:01
Forth Crescent, opp08:5712:5715:02
Forth Crescent, at08:5812:5815:03
Devon Rd, before, Devon Road09:0013:0015:05
Devon Rd, before, Devon Road09:0013:0015:05
Greenside Street, at09:0113:0115:06
Shillinghill, Stance 309:0613:0315:11
Mar Place, opp09:0815:13
Mar Place, opp09:0915:14
Tullobody Road, opp and after, Tullibody Road09:1015:15
Tullibody Road Rd, after, Tullibody Road09:1115:16
Ashley Terrace, opp09:1215:17
Ashley Terrace, opp09:1215:17
Ashley Terrace, before09:1215:17
Ashley Terrace, before09:1215:17
Ashley Terrace, at09:1215:17
Parkhead Road, before09:1315:18
Parkhead Rd, at, Parkhead Road09:1415:19
Parkhead Road, before09:1515:20
Public Hall, at, Mar Place09:1715:22
Main St, opp, Main Street09:1715:22
Main St, before, Main Street09:1915:24
Primary School, at, Alloa Road09:2115:26
No 7, opp, A90809:2215:27
Benview Terrace, opp, A90809:2215:27
Marchglen Junction, near, A90809:2215:27
The Craigs, opp, Alexandra Street09:2515:30
The Glen, opp and before, Alexandra Street09:2515:30
Devonvale Hall, opp, Moss Road09:2615:31
Murray Square, at09:2715:32
Cemetery, opp, Dollar Road09:2815:33
Heathwood Crescent, after, Harviestoun Grove09:3015:35

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.