Timetable for the 127 - Newcastleton - Carlisle or Langholm Bus Route

Timetable for 127 - Newcastleton - Carlisle or Langholm Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Telfords Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 12/12/2020 End Date: 31/12/2049

bus timetable 127 Newcastleton - Carlisle or Langholm

Map Showing the Routes of the 127 Newcastleton - Carlisle or Langholm Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Newcastleton - Carlisle or Langholm Service

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Week Days - outbound

NotesSchool days only
Douglas Square, Opp05:0007:0007:0008:0509:0509:0513:0513:0516:0516:05
Longrow Rd End, At, B635705:0707:0707:0708:1209:1209:1213:1213:1216:1216:12
Linns View, opp, B635705:1007:1007:1508:2009:1509:1613:1513:1616:1516:16
Bus Shelter, opp, unnamed road, Moat09:2213:2216:22
Hall North Lodge, opp, unnamed road, Netherby09:2713:2516:25
Graham Arms, o/s, English Street, Longtown09:3713:3216:32
Sandysike, near, A7(T)09:4013:3516:34
Westlinton, opp, A7(T)09:4113:3616:36
Church, opp, A7(T), Blackford09:4313:3816:38
Harker Park, by, A7(T), Harker09:4513:4016:39
Asda, near, Chandler Way, Carlisle09:4713:4216:41
Argos, at, Parkhouse Road, Carlisle09:4713:4216:42
Village, Liddel Bank, Main Street05:1307:1307:1708:2209:1813:1816:18
Village, opp Post Office, B635705:1707:1707:2008:2509:2213:2216:22
Cross Keys, opp Hotel, B635705:1707:1709:2213:2216:22
Woodslee, opp Road End, B72005:1907:1909:2513:2416:24
Todhillwood, opp Road End, A705:1907:1909:2713:2516:25
Graham Arms, o/s, English Street, Longtown05:2507:2509:3713:3216:32
Sandysike, near, A7(T)05:2807:2809:4013:3516:35
Westlinton, opp, A7(T)05:2907:2909:4113:3616:36
Church, opp, A7(T), Blackford05:3107:3109:4313:3816:38
Harker Park, by, A7(T), Harker05:3307:3309:4513:4016:40
Subway sandwich shop, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle05:3507:3509:4809:4713:4313:4216:4316:42
Newfield, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle05:3507:3509:5009:5013:4513:4416:4416:43
Lowry Hill road end, near, Kingstown Road, Carlisle05:3607:3609:5209:5113:4613:4516:4416:43
The Gosling Bridge, o/s, Kingstown Road, Carlisle05:3607:3609:5209:5113:4613:4616:4416:43
Moorville Terrace, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle05:3607:3609:5309:5213:4713:4616:4416:44
Morrisons, o/s, A7, Carlisle05:3607:3609:5409:5313:4813:4716:4516:44
Waverley Road, opp, Scotland Road, Carlisle05:3707:3709:5509:5413:4913:4816:4516:45
Beechwood, near, Scotland Road, Carlisle05:3707:3709:5609:5513:4913:4916:4516:45
Lansdowne Crescent, near, Scotland Road, Carlisle05:3707:3709:5709:5613:5013:4916:4616:45
car park, At, Stanwix Bank, Carlisle05:3807:3809:5809:5813:5113:5116:4616:46
Market Hall, Stand O, West Tower Street, Carlisle05:3907:3910:0210:0113:5413:5416:4716:47
Chapel Street, Stand Q, Lowther Street, Carlisle05:3907:3910:0210:0213:5513:5416:4816:48
Earls Lane, Stand R, Lowther Street, Carlisle05:4007:4010:0310:0313:5513:5516:4816:48
Broadacre House, Stop S, Lowther Street, Carlisle05:4007:4010:0310:0313:5613:5516:4816:48
La Mexxaluna, Stand V, The Crescent, Carlisle05:4007:4010:0410:0413:5613:5616:4816:48
The Courts, Stand B, English Street, Carlisle05:4007:4010:0413:5616:48
Metcalfe Street, o/s, Denton Street, Carlisle05:4107:41
Colville Street, opp, Norfolk Street, Carlisle05:4207:42
Thin White Duke, Stand F, Devonshire Street, Carlisle10:0510:0513:5713:5716:4916:49
Watchhill, at road end, B635707:2008:25
Hagg, Road End, A707:2508:29
Auchenrivock, Road End, A707:2708:31
Skippers Br, Murtholm, A707:3108:35
Flats, o/s flats, High Street07:3208:36
High Street, opp07:3308:37
Gilnockie Bridge, North, U24907:24
Village, Shelter, Main Street07:24
Asda, near, Chandler Way, Carlisle09:4713:4216:42
Argos, at, Parkhouse Road, Carlisle09:4813:4316:43

Week Days - inbound

NotesSchool days only
Thin White Duke, Stand F, Devonshire Street, Carlisle05:5507:5511:0011:0014:1014:1017:1017:10
Howard Arms, Stand J, Lowther Street, Carlisle05:5507:5511:0111:0114:1114:1117:1017:10
Market Hall, Stand L, West Tower Street, Carlisle05:5507:5511:0111:0114:1114:1117:1117:11
Carlisle Cricket Club, At, Stanwix Bank, Carlisle05:5607:5611:0311:0314:1314:1317:1217:12
The Crown, o/s, Scotland Road, Carlisle05:5707:5711:0411:0414:1414:1417:1317:13
Thornton Road, near, Scotland Road, Carlisle05:5707:5711:0511:0514:1514:1517:1317:13
Cross Street, near, Scotland Road, Carlisle05:5707:5711:0611:0614:1614:1617:1417:14
Beechwood, adj, Scotland Road, Carlisle05:5707:5711:0611:0614:1614:1617:1417:14
Waverley Road, near, Scotland Road, Carlisle05:5807:5811:0711:0714:1714:1717:1417:14
Moorville Terrace, near, Kingstown Road, Carlisle05:5807:5811:0811:0814:1814:1817:1517:15
The Gosling Bridge, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle05:5807:5811:0911:0914:1914:1917:1617:16
Lowry Hill Road end, o/s, Kingstown Road, Carlisle05:5907:5911:1011:1014:2014:2017:1617:16
Stores, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle05:5907:5911:1111:1114:2114:2117:1717:17
Argos, Opp, Parkhouse Road, Carlisle11:1311:1314:2314:2317:1817:18
Asda, near, Chandler Way, Carlisle11:1511:1514:2514:2517:2017:20
Garden Centre, o/s, A7(T), Harker06:0208:0211:1611:1614:2614:2617:2117:21
Church, o/s, A7(T), Blackford06:0408:0411:1811:1814:2814:2817:2317:23
Westlinton, at, A7(T)06:0708:0711:2111:2114:3114:3117:2517:25
Industrial Estate, near, A7(T), Sandysike06:0908:0911:2311:2314:3314:3317:2717:27
Albert Street, opp, English Street, Longtown06:1308:1311:2711:2714:3714:3717:3017:30
Grahams Arms Hotel, opp, English Street, Longtown06:1308:1311:2711:2714:3714:3717:3017:30
Hall North Lodge, o/s, unnamed road, Netherby11:3614:4217:35
Village Hall, near, Kirkandrews Moat, Moat11:4114:4517:38
Todhillwood, Road End, A706:1908:1911:3614:4317:36
Woodslee, Road End, B72006:2008:2011:3814:4417:37
Cross Keys, Hotel, B635706:2208:2211:4114:4617:39
Post Office, o/s PO, High Street13:0015:3617:05
Flats, opp flats, High Street13:0015:3617:05
Skippers Br, opp Murtholm, A713:0115:3717:06
Auchenrivock, opp Road End, A713:0515:4117:10
Hagg, opp Road End, A713:0715:4317:12
Watchhill, opp road end, B635713:1215:4717:17
Village, opp Shelter, Main Street13:0917:14
Gilnockie Bridge, South, U24913:0917:14
Village, Post Office, B635706:2308:2311:4213:1314:4715:4817:1817:40
Village, opp Liddel Bank, Main Street06:2508:2511:4413:1614:4915:5117:2117:42
Linns View, at, B635706:2808:2811:4711:4713:1814:5214:5215:5317:2317:4517:45
Longrow Rd End, Opp, B635706:3108:3111:5013:2214:5516:0117:2717:50
Douglas Square, Opp06:3808:3811:5711:5712:2513:3315:0215:0216:0817:3817:5517:55
Longrow Rd End, At, B635712:32
Linns View, opp, B635712:40
Village, Liddel Bank, Main Street12:42
Village, opp Post Office, B635712:45
Watchhill, at road end, B635712:45
Gilnockie Bridge, North, U24912:48
Village, Shelter, Main Street12:49
Hagg, Road End, A712:50
Auchenrivock, Road End, A712:52
Skippers Br, Murtholm, A712:56
Flats, o/s flats, High Street12:57
High Street, opp12:58

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.