Timetable for the 382 - Lockerbie - Gretna Bus Route

Timetable for 382 - Lockerbie - Gretna Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by McCalls Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 24/09/2021 End Date: 31/12/2049

bus timetable 382 Lockerbie - Gretna

Map Showing the Routes of the 382 Lockerbie - Gretna Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Lockerbie - Gretna Service

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Week Days - outbound

Broomhouses, opp B723 road end, B72315:35
Broomhouses, Industrial Estate, Alexandra Drive06:0009:1512:1515:40
Hill Court, enteance, Alexandra Drive06:0009:1512:1515:40
Alexandra Drive, no 706:0009:1512:1515:40
Sydney Place, no 4906:0109:1612:1615:41
Bridge Street, o/s Brig Inn06:0109:1612:1615:41
Bridge Street, o/s Town Hall06:0209:1712:1715:42
Crown Inn, opp, High Street06:0209:1712:1715:42
Police Station, o/s Station, Main Street06:0209:1712:1715:42
Townfoot, opp Garage, Main Street06:0309:1812:1815:43
Somerton, opp Hotel, Carlisle Road06:0309:1812:1815:43
Siding, opp Road End, B707606:0709:2212:2215:47
Castlemilkgate, opp Road End, B707606:0809:2312:2315:48
Breckonhill, opp Road End, B707606:0909:2412:2415:49
Clint Terrace, opp Road End, B707606:1109:2612:2615:51
Carlyles Monument, at, B707606:1409:2912:2915:54
Village, Toilets, High Street06:1509:3012:3015:55
Cressfield, opp, B707606:1509:3012:3015:55
Burnfoothall, Road End, B707606:1609:3112:3115:56
Broadlea, Road End, B72206:1809:3312:3315:58
Burnswark View, Opp Shelter, B72206:1809:3312:3315:58
Kirtle Inn, o/s Inn, Main Street06:1809:3312:3315:58
The Courtyard, Road End, Main Street06:1909:3412:3415:59
Blacket Place, opp Shop, Main Street06:1909:3412:3415:59
Eaglesfield Village Hall, at St Janes Terrace, Main Street06:1909:3412:3415:59
School, o/s School, Main Street06:1909:3412:3415:59
Post Office, opp PO, Main Street06:2009:3512:3516:00
Blacket House, opp Road End, C6206:2009:3512:3516:00
Palmersgill, opp Cottages, C6206:2109:3612:3616:01
Burnfoot, Road End, C6206:2209:3712:3716:02
Burnhead, Road End, C6306:2409:3912:3916:04
Village, opp PO, Main Street06:2709:4212:4216:07
Langshaw House, opp, C6306:2809:4312:4316:08
Village, Shelter, B707606:3209:4712:4716:12
Village, Hall, Main Street06:3309:4812:4816:13
Grahamshill, Road End, B707606:3509:5012:5016:15
Westgill Road, Post Office, Main Street06:4009:5512:5516:20
Main Street, No 206:4109:5612:5616:21
Queens Head, Public House, Main Street06:4109:5612:5616:21
Stormont Terrace, Shelter, Gretna Loaning06:4109:5612:5616:21
Loaning, at, Gretna Loaning06:4209:5712:5716:22
Gretna Old Church, opp, Glasgow Road06:4209:5712:5716:22
Victory Avenue, no 9606:4409:5912:5916:24
Central Avenue, Stance 106:4510:0013:0016:25
Solway Lodge, Hotel, Annan Road06:4610:0113:0116:26
Caledonia Park, at , Glasgow Road06:4810:0313:0316:28
Outlet, Opp Crossways, Glasgow Road06:4810:0313:0316:28
Asda, near, Chandler Way, Carlisle07:0010:1513:1516:40
Argos, at, Parkhouse Road, Carlisle07:0110:1613:1616:41
Subway sandwich shop, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle07:0210:1713:1716:42
Newfield, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle07:0410:1913:1916:44
Lowry Hill road end, near, Kingstown Road, Carlisle07:0510:2013:2016:45
The Gosling Bridge, o/s, Kingstown Road, Carlisle07:0510:2013:2016:45
Moorville Terrace, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle07:0610:2113:2116:46
Waverley Road, opp, Scotland Road, Carlisle07:0810:2313:2316:48
Beechwood, near, Scotland Road, Carlisle07:0810:2313:2316:48
Lansdowne Crescent, near, Scotland Road, Carlisle07:0910:2413:2416:49
car park, At, Stanwix Bank, Carlisle07:1110:2613:2616:51
Market Hall, Stand O, West Tower Street, Carlisle07:1710:3213:3216:57
Chapel Street, Stand Q, Lowther Street, Carlisle07:1810:3313:3316:58
Earls Lane, Stand R, Lowther Street, Carlisle07:1910:3413:3416:59
Bus Station (Ca), Bay 6, Lonsdale Street, Carlisle07:2010:3513:3517:00

Week Days - inbound

NotesSchool holidays onlySchool days only
Bus Station (Ca), Bay 6, Lonsdale Street, Carlisle07:2507:2510:3513:3517:30
The Courts, Stand A, English Street, Carlisle07:2507:2510:3513:3517:30
The Prince and Bear, Stand G, Devonshire Street, Carlisle07:2607:2610:3613:3617:31
Apple Tree, Stand I, Lowther Street, Carlisle07:2607:2610:3613:3617:31
Howard Arms, Stand J, Lowther Street, Carlisle07:2707:2710:3713:3717:32
Market Hall, Stand L, West Tower Street, Carlisle07:2707:2710:3713:3717:32
Carlisle Cricket Club, At, Stanwix Bank, Carlisle07:2907:2910:3913:3917:34
The Crown, o/s, Scotland Road, Carlisle07:3107:3110:4113:4117:36
Thornton Road, near, Scotland Road, Carlisle07:3107:3110:4113:4117:36
Cross Street, near, Scotland Road, Carlisle07:3207:3210:4213:4217:37
Beechwood, adj, Scotland Road, Carlisle07:3307:3310:4313:4317:37
Waverley Road, near, Scotland Road, Carlisle07:3307:3310:4313:4317:38
Moorville Terrace, near, Kingstown Road, Carlisle07:3507:3510:4513:4517:39
The Gosling Bridge, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle07:3607:3610:4613:4617:40
Lowry Hill Road end, o/s, Kingstown Road, Carlisle07:3607:3610:4613:4617:40
Stores, opp, Kingstown Road, Carlisle07:3807:3810:4813:4817:42
Argos, Opp, Parkhouse Road, Carlisle07:4007:4010:5013:5017:43
Asda, near, Chandler Way, Carlisle07:4207:4210:5213:5217:45
Metal Bridge, near, A74, Todhills07:5007:5111:0014:0017:59
Outlet, Crossways, Glasgow Road07:5607:5811:0614:0618:09
Caledonia Park, at , Glasgow Road07:5707:5911:0714:0718:10
Solway Lodge, opp Hotel, Annan Road07:5707:5911:0714:0718:10
Central Avenue, Opp Terminus, Annan Road07:5807:5911:0814:0818:11
Victory Avenue, no 9907:5808:0011:0814:0818:11
Gretna Old Church, o/s, Glasgow Road07:5908:0111:0914:0918:12
Stormont Terrace, at, Gretna Loaning08:0008:0111:1014:1018:13
Westgill Road, Post Office, Main Street08:0008:0111:1014:1018:14
Queens Head, opp Pub, Main Street08:0108:0211:1114:1118:15
Main Street, opp no 208:0108:0211:1114:1118:15
Westgill Road, opp PO, Main Street08:0108:0311:1114:1118:16
Grahamshill, opp Road End, B707608:0908:0911:1914:1918:24
Village, opp Hall, Main Street08:1108:1111:2114:2118:27
Village, opp Shelter, B707608:1208:1211:2214:2218:27
Village, opp PO, Main Street08:1808:1811:2814:2818:33
Langshaw House, at, C6308:1908:1911:2914:2918:34
Burnhead, opp Road End, C6308:2008:2011:3014:3018:35
Burnfoot, opp Road End, C6208:2208:2211:3214:3218:37
Palmersgill, Cottages, C6208:2308:2311:3314:3318:38
Blacket House, Road End, C6208:2308:2311:3314:3318:38
Post Office, at PO, Main Street08:2408:2411:3414:3418:39
School, opp School, Main Street08:2408:2411:3414:3418:39
Village Hall, at Dunloe Terrace, Main Street08:2408:2411:3414:3418:39
Newsagent, o/s shop, Main Street08:2408:2411:3414:3418:39
The Courtyard, opp Road End, Main Street08:2408:2411:3414:3418:40
Kirtle Inn, opp Inn, Main Street08:2508:2511:3514:3518:40
Burnswark View, Shelter, B72208:2508:2511:3514:3518:40
Burnfoothall, opp Road End, B707608:2708:2711:3714:3718:43
Cressfield, at road end, B707608:2808:2811:3814:3818:44
Village, Post Office, High Street08:2908:2911:3914:3918:45
Carlyles Monument, opp, B707608:2908:2911:3914:3918:45
Clint Terrace, Road End, B707608:3308:3311:4314:4318:47
Breckonhill, Road End, B707608:3608:3611:4614:4618:49
Castlemilkgate, Road End, B707608:3608:3611:4614:4618:49
Siding, Road End, B707608:3808:3811:4814:4818:50
Somerton, o/s Hotel, Carlisle Road08:4308:4311:5314:5318:53
Townfoot, o/s Garage, Main Street08:4408:4411:5414:5418:54
Police Station, opp Station, Main Street08:4408:4411:5414:5418:55
Crown Inn, at, High Street08:4508:4511:5514:5518:56
Bridge Street, opp Hall08:4508:4511:5514:5518:56
Bridge Street, opp Inn08:4508:4511:5514:5518:57
Sydney Place, opp no 4908:4608:4611:5614:5618:57
Alexandra Drive, opp no 708:4608:4611:5614:5618:58
Broomhouses, Industrial Estate, Alexandra Drive08:4811:5814:5819:00
Locberbie Academy, opp , Glasgow Road08:48

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.