Timetable for the N37 - Silverknowes - Penicuik Bus Route

Timetable for N37 - Silverknowes - Penicuik Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Lothian Buses (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 15/11/2021 End Date: 31/12/2049

bus timetable N37 Silverknowes - Penicuik

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Drylaw -> Pilton -> Crewe Toll Roundabout -> Craigleith -> Comely Bank -> Orchard Brae -> Dean -> West End -> Edinburgh -> Broughton -> Old Town -> South Side -> Newington -> Mayfield -> Nether Liberton -> Liberton -> Gracemount -> Kaimes -> Burdiehouse -> Straiton -> Loanhead -> Bilston -> Roslin -> Milton Bridge -> Glencorse -> Mauricewood -> Penicuik -> Deanburn

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Deanburn -> Penicuik -> Mauricewood -> Glencorse -> Milton Bridge -> Roslin -> Bilston -> Loanhead -> Straiton -> Burdiehouse -> Kaimes -> Gracemount -> Liberton -> Nether Liberton -> Mayfield -> Newington -> South Side -> Old Town -> Edinburgh -> Broughton -> West End -> Dean -> Orchard Brae -> Comely Bank -> Craigleith -> Crewe Toll Roundabout -> Pilton -> Drylaw -> West Pilton -> Muirhouse -> Silverknowes

Map Showing the Routes of the N37 Silverknowes - Penicuik Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Silverknowes - Penicuik Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - outbound

Silverknowes Neuk, opp, Ferry Road, Drylaw01:0102:0103:0104:01
Muirhouse Green, after, Ferry Road, Drylaw01:0202:0203:0204:02
Groathill Road North, opp, Ferry Road, Drylaw01:0202:0203:0204:02
Drylaw Police Station, opp, Ferry Road, Drylaw01:0202:0203:0204:02
Ferry Road Drive, before, FERRY ROAD, Pilton01:0302:0303:0304:03
Crewe Toll, NE-bound, FERRY ROAD, Crewe Toll Roundabout01:0402:0403:0404:04
Crewe Toll, SE-bound, CREWE ROAD SOUTH, Crewe Toll Roundabout01:0402:0403:0404:04
North Werber Park, before, CREWE ROAD SOUTH, Craigleith01:0502:0503:0504:05
West Woods, before, Crewe Road South, Craigleith01:0502:0503:0504:05
Western General, opp, CREWE ROAD SOUTH, Craigleith01:0502:0503:0504:05
Comely Bank Cemetery, opp, CREWE ROAD SOUTH, Craigleith01:0602:0603:0604:06
Flora Stevenson School, at, Orchard Brae, Comely Bank01:0602:0603:0604:06
Orchard Brae Avenue, opp, Orchard Brae, Comely Bank01:0702:0703:0704:07
Learmonth Terrace, o/s, Queensferry Road, Orchard Brae01:0702:0703:0704:07
Dean Bridge, before, QUEENSFERRY ROAD, Dean01:0802:0803:0804:08
Drumsheugh Place, Stop QA, Queensferry Street, West End01:0902:0903:0904:09
Queensferry Street, Stop QC, West End00:0901:0902:0903:0904:09
Princes Street (west), Stop PC, Princes Street, Edinburgh00:1001:1002:1003:1004:10
Princes Street (Scott Mon.), Stop PJ, Princes Street, Edinburgh00:1501:1502:1503:1504:12
Annandale Street, Stop ED, ANNANDALE STREET, Broughton04:17
North Bridge, Stop NC, Old Town00:1901:1902:1903:19
South Bridge, S-bound 2, Old Town00:2001:2002:2003:20
Surgeons' Hall, after, Nicolson Street, South Side00:2101:2102:2103:21
St Patrick Square, after, Clerk Street, South Side00:2201:2202:2203:22
Bernard Terrace, after, South Clerk Street, South Side00:2301:2302:2303:23
Newington Road, SE-bound, Newington00:2301:2302:2303:23
Salisbury Place, opp, Minto Street, Mayfield00:2401:2402:2403:24
Minto Street, SE-bound, Mayfield00:2501:2502:2503:25
Mayfield Gardens, SE-bound, Mayfield00:2601:2602:2603:26
East Savile Road, before, Craigmillar Park, Mayfield00:2601:2602:2603:26
Suffolk Road, NW-bound, Craigmillar Park, Mayfield00:2701:2702:2703:27
Lady Road, after, Liberton Road, Nether Liberton00:2801:2802:2803:28
Gordon Terrace, opp, LIBERTON ROAD, Liberton00:2901:2902:2903:29
Orchardhead Road, near, Liberton Brae, Liberton00:3001:3002:3003:30
Orchardhead Loan, before, Liberton Brae, Liberton00:3001:3002:3003:30
Wolridge Road, after, Liberton Brae, Liberton00:3101:3102:3103:31
Liberton Cemetery, o/s, Liberton Brae, Liberton00:3101:3102:3103:31
Liberton Place, after, Liberton Gardens, Liberton00:3101:3102:3103:31
Little Road, after, Liberton Gardens, Gracemount00:3201:3202:3203:32
St Katherine's Brae, before, Liberton Gardens, Gracemount00:3301:3302:3303:33
Mortonhall Crematorium, opp, Howden Hall Road, Kaimes00:3301:3302:3303:33
Kaimes Crossroads, adj, Howden Hall Road, Kaimes00:3401:3402:3403:34
Burdiehouse Road, S-bound, Burdiehouse00:3401:3402:3403:34
Janefield, opp, Burdiehouse Road, Burdiehouse00:3501:3502:3503:35
Burdiehouse Terminus, at, Burdiehouse Road, Burdiehouse00:3501:3502:3503:35
Burdiehouse Village, opp, Burdiehouse Road, Burdiehouse00:3501:3502:3503:35
Lang Loan, at, Loanhead Road, Straiton00:3601:3602:3603:36
Retail Park, opp, Loanhead Road, Straiton00:3701:3702:3703:37
Mayshade Road, at, Mayburn Terrace, Loanhead00:3701:3702:3703:37
Hawthorn Gardens, SE-bound, Loanhead00:3801:3802:3803:38
Edgefield Road, at, Fountain Place, Loanhead00:3801:3802:3803:38
George Drive, opp, Clerk Street, Loanhead00:3901:3902:3903:39
Muirfield Gardens, at, The Loan, Loanhead00:3901:3902:3903:39
George Avenue, opp, The Loan, Loanhead00:3901:3902:3903:39
McNeil Avenue, opp, The Loan, Loanhead00:4001:4002:4003:40
Park Avenue, at, The Loan, Loanhead00:4001:4002:4003:40
Herd Terrace, at, The Loan, Loanhead00:4101:4102:4103:41
Dryden Road, at, Nivensknowe Road, Loanhead00:4101:4102:4103:41
Nivensknowe Road, W-bound, Nivens Knowe Road, Loanhead00:4201:4202:4203:42
Seafield Road, opp, A701, Bilston00:4301:4302:4303:43
Roslin Road, at, A701, Bilston00:4301:4302:4303:43
Bilston Cottages, at, Roslin Road, Bilston00:4301:4302:4303:43
Langhill Farm, at, Roslin Road, Roslin00:4401:4402:4403:44
Roslin Institute, at, Roslin Road, Roslin00:4501:4502:4503:45
Springfield Place, at, Main Street, Roslin00:4501:4502:4503:45
Station Road, at, Main Street, Roslin00:4601:4602:4603:46
Original Rosslyn Hotel, at, Main Street, Roslin00:4601:4602:4603:46
Penicuik Road, opp 40, Roslin00:4601:4602:4603:46
Woodend Park, opp, Penicuik Road, Roslin00:4701:4702:4703:47
Roslin Surgery, Opp, Penicuik Road, Roslin00:4801:4802:4803:48
Gowkley Moss, W-bound, Penicuik Road, Roslin00:4801:4802:4803:48
Milton Cottages, opp, A701, Milton Bridge00:4901:4902:4903:49
Golf Club, at, A701, Milton Bridge00:5001:5002:5003:50
Glencorse Barracks, at, Edinburgh Road, Glencorse00:5001:5002:5003:50
Samoa Terrace, opp, Edinburgh Road, Mauricewood00:5101:5102:5103:51
Beeslack High School, near, Edinburgh Road, Mauricewood00:5201:5202:5203:52
Mauricewood Road, opp, Edinburgh Road, Mauricewood00:5201:5202:5203:52
Queensway, opp, Edinburgh Road, Penicuik00:5301:5302:5303:53
Cuiken Avenue, opp, John Street, Penicuik00:5301:5302:5303:53
Angle Park, opp, John Street, Penicuik00:5301:5302:5303:53
Wilson Street, opp, John Street, Penicuik00:5401:5402:5403:54
Town Centre, Stop B, St Kentigern Way, Penicuik00:5401:5402:5403:54
Lambs Pend, opp, High Street, Penicuik00:5501:5502:5503:55
Navaar House Hotel, at, Bog Road, Penicuik00:5501:5502:5503:55
Craigiebield Crescent, at, Bog Road, Penicuik00:5501:5502:5503:55
Harlaw Grove, opp, Carlops Road, Penicuik00:5601:5602:5603:56
Clerk Road, opp, Rullion Road, Deanburn00:5701:5702:5703:57
Ravendean Gardens, opp, Rullion Road, Deanburn00:5801:5802:5803:58
Lowrie Avenue, opp, Rullion Road, Deanburn00:5801:5802:5803:58
Ravelsykes Road, opp, Rullion Road, Deanburn00:5901:5902:5903:59
Monksrig Road, opp, Rullion Road, Deanburn00:5901:5902:5903:59
Gardeners Walk, opp, Rullion Road, Deanburn01:0002:0003:0004:00
Silverburn Drive, at, Rullion Road, Deanburn01:0002:0003:0004:00
Laverlock Drive, opp, Rullion Road, Deanburn01:0102:0103:0104:01
Royal Court, opp, Rullion Road, Deanburn01:0102:0103:0104:01
Terminus, at, Queensway, Deanburn01:0202:0203:0204:02

Week Days - inbound

Terminus, at, Queensway, Deanburn01:0402:0403:0404:04
Queensway, near, Edinburgh Road, Penicuik01:0502:0503:0504:05
Mauricewood Road, at, Edinburgh Road, Mauricewood01:0502:0503:0504:05
Beeslack High School, opp, Edinburgh Road, Mauricewood01:0602:0603:0604:06
Samoa Terrace, near, A701, Mauricewood01:0602:0603:0604:06
Glencorse Barracks, opp, Edinburgh Road, Glencorse01:0702:0703:0704:07
Golf Club, opp, A701, Milton Bridge01:0702:0703:0704:07
Milton Cottages, at, A701, Milton Bridge01:0802:0803:0804:08
Gowkley Moss, E-bound, Penicuik Road, Roslin01:0902:0903:0904:09
Roslin Surgery, At, Penicuik Road, Roslin01:0902:0903:0904:09
Woodend Park, at, Penicuik Road, Roslin01:1002:1003:1004:10
Penicuik Road, at 32, Roslin01:1102:1103:1104:11
Original Rosslyn Hotel, opp, Main Street, Roslin01:1102:1103:1104:11
Station Road, opp, Main Street, Roslin01:1102:1103:1104:11
Springfield Place, opp, Main Street, Roslin01:1202:1203:1204:12
Roslin Institute, opp, Roslin Road, Roslin01:1202:1203:1204:12
Langhill Farm, opp, Roslin Road, Roslin01:1302:1303:1304:13
Bilston Cottages, opp, B7006, Bilston01:1402:1403:1404:14
Roslin Road, opp, A701, Bilston01:1402:1403:1404:14
Seafield Road, at, A701, Bilston01:1402:1403:1404:14
Nivensknowe Road, E-bound, Loanhead01:1502:1503:1504:15
Dryden Road, opp, Nivensknowe Road, Loanhead01:1602:1603:1604:16
Herd Terrace, opp, The Loan, Loanhead01:1602:1603:1604:16
McNeil Avenue, at, The Loan, Loanhead01:1702:1703:1704:17
George Avenue, at, The Loan, Loanhead01:1702:1703:1704:17
Muirfield Gardens, opp, The Loan, Loanhead01:1802:1803:1804:18
George Drive, at, Clerk Street, Loanhead01:1802:1803:1804:18
Edgefield Road, opp, Hawthorn Gardens, Loanhead01:1902:1903:1904:19
Hawthorn Gardens, NW-bound, Loanhead01:1902:1903:1904:19
Mayshade Road, opp, Mayburn Terrace, Loanhead01:1902:1903:1904:19
Retail Park, at, Loanhead Road, Straiton01:2002:2003:2004:20
Lang Loan, opp, Loanhead Road, Straiton01:2002:2003:2004:20
Burdiehouse Village, at, Burdiehouse Road, Burdiehouse01:2202:2203:2204:22
Janefield, at, Burdiehouse Road, Burdiehouse01:2202:2203:2204:22
Burdiehouse Road, N-bound, Burdiehouse01:2302:2303:2304:23
Kaimes Crossroads, after, HOWDEN HALL ROAD, Kaimes01:2302:2303:2304:23
Mortonhall Crematorium, at, HOWDEN HALL ROAD, Kaimes01:2402:2403:2404:24
Alnwickhill Road, after, Liberton Gardens, Gracemount01:2402:2403:2404:24
St Katherine's Brae, opp, Liberton Gardens, Gracemount01:2402:2403:2404:24
Little Road, opp, Liberton Gardens, Gracemount01:2502:2503:2504:25
Liberton Place, opp, Liberton Gardens, Liberton01:2502:2503:2504:25
Liberton Cemetery, opp, Liberton Brae, Liberton01:2502:2503:2504:25
Orchardhead Loan, opp, Liberton Brae, Liberton01:2602:2603:2604:26
Orchardhead Road, before, Liberton Brae, Liberton01:2602:2603:2604:26
Gordon Terrace, near, Liberton Road, Liberton01:2702:2703:2704:27
Mid Liberton, opp, Liberton Road, Nether Liberton01:2802:2803:2804:28
Lady Road, opp, Liberton Road, Nether Liberton01:2802:2803:2804:28
Suffolk Road, SE-bound, Craigmillar Park, Mayfield01:2902:2903:2904:29
East Savile Road, after, Craigmillar Park, Mayfield01:2902:2903:2904:29
Mayfield Gardens, NW-bound, Mayfield01:3002:3003:3004:30
Minto Street, NW-bound, MINTO STREET, Mayfield01:3102:3103:3104:31
Salisbury Place, before, Minto Street, Mayfield01:3102:3103:3104:31
Newington Road, NW-bound, Newington01:3202:3203:3204:32
Bernard Terrace, opp, South Clerk Street, South Side00:3001:3202:3203:3204:32
St Patrick Square, at, Clerk Street, South Side00:3201:3302:3303:3304:33
Surgeons' Hall, opp, Nicolson Street, South Side00:3301:3402:3403:3404:34
National Museum of Scotland, at, Chambers Street, Old Town00:3501:3502:3503:3504:35
Victoria Street, before, George IV Bridge, Old Town00:3601:3602:3603:3604:36
The Mound (foot), Stop MB, The Mound, Edinburgh00:3801:3802:3803:3804:38
George Street (The Dome), Stop GL, George Street, Edinburgh04:39
York Place, Stop YJ, Edinburgh04:42
Annandale Street, Stop ED, ANNANDALE STREET, Broughton04:43
Princes Street (west), Stop PU, Princes Street, Edinburgh00:4101:4102:4103:41
Queensferry Street, Stop QD, West End00:4401:4402:4403:44
Drumsheugh Place, Stop QF, Queensferry Street, West End00:4401:4402:4403:44
Dean Bridge, after, QUEENSFERRY ROAD, Dean00:4501:4502:4503:45
Learmonth Terrace, opp, QUEENSFERRY ROAD, Orchard Brae00:4601:4602:4603:46
Flora Stevenson School, opp, Orchard Brae, Comely Bank00:4701:4702:4703:47
Comely Bank Cemetery, at, CREWE ROAD SOUTH, Craigleith00:4801:4802:4803:48
Western General, at, CREWE ROAD SOUTH, Craigleith00:4901:4902:4903:49
West Woods, opp, CREWE ROAD SOUTH, Craigleith00:4901:4902:4903:49
North Werber Park, opp, Crewe Road South, Craigleith00:5001:5002:5003:50
Crewe Toll, NW-bound, Crewe Road South, Craigleith00:5001:5002:5003:50
Crewe Toll, W-bound, Ferry Road, Crewe Toll Roundabout00:5101:5102:5103:51
Ferry Road Drive, opp, FERRY ROAD, Pilton00:5101:5102:5103:51
Drylaw Police Station, before, FERRY ROAD, Drylaw00:5201:5202:5203:52
Craigroyston Health Centre, at, Pennywell Road, Drylaw00:5201:5202:5203:52
Muirhouse Avenue, before, PENNYWELL ROAD, West Pilton00:5301:5302:5303:53
Muirhouse Hub, o/s, Pennywell Road, West Pilton00:5301:5302:5303:53
Pennywell Grove, opp, Pennywell Gardens, Muirhouse00:5301:5302:5303:53
Muirhouse Loan, near, Pennywell Gardens, Muirhouse00:5401:5402:5403:54
Martello Court, before, Pennywell Gardens, Muirhouse00:5401:5402:5403:54
Muirhouse View, after, Muirhouse Parkway, Muirhouse00:5501:5502:5503:55
Muirhouse Gardens, near, Muirhouse Parkway, Muirhouse00:5501:5502:5503:55
Silverknowes Place, after, Silverknowes Parkway, Silverknowes00:5601:5602:5603:56
Lauriston Farm Road, after, Silverknowes Road, Silverknowes00:5601:5602:5603:56
Silverknowes Court, o/s, SILVERKNOWES ROAD, Silverknowes00:5601:5602:5603:56
Silverknowes Crescent, opp, Silverknowes Road East, Silverknowes00:5701:5702:5703:57
Silverknowes Midway, near, Silverknowes Road East, Silverknowes00:5701:5702:5703:57
Silverknowes Road East, E-bound, SILVERKNOWES ROAD EAST, Silverknowes00:5701:5702:5703:57
Silverknowes Neuk, opp, Ferry Road, Drylaw00:5801:5802:5803:58

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.