Timetable for the 11B - Inverness - Ardersier Bus Route

Timetable for 11B - Inverness - Ardersier Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Highland (licensed as Highland Country Buses Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 25/10/2021

bus timetable 11B Inverness - Ardersier

Map Showing the Routes of the 11B Inverness - Ardersier Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Inverness - Ardersier Service

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Week Days - outbound

Queensgate, Stop A20:1522:15
Bus Station Stance 5, Stance, Farraline Park22:17
Marks and Spencer, opp20:1522:18
Morrisons, o/s20:1622:19
Diriebught Road, opp20:1922:21
Rok Building, opp, Old Perth Road20:2022:23
Balmoral Terrace, after, Old Perth Road20:2222:25
Petrol Station, opp, Old Perth Road20:2322:26
Raigmore Hospital, at, Hospital Car Park20:2522:28
Tesco, opp, B900620:2622:29
UHI Campus, W-bound, unnamed road20:2822:31
UHI Main Campus, o/s20:2822:31
Student Accommodation, opp20:3022:33
Tesco, at20:3322:36
Stratton A, SE-bound20:3822:41
Stratton B, E-bound20:3822:41
Smithton Road, opp20:3922:42
Culloden Hall, o/s20:3922:42
Smithton Villas, opp20:3922:42
Shop, o/s20:4022:43
Primary School, o/s20:4222:45
Free Church, opp20:4322:46
Forestry Commission, o/s20:4422:47
Macgillivary Court, at20:4622:49
Galloway Drive, at20:4622:49
Duncan Forbes School, opp20:4722:50
Hazel Avenue, at20:4822:51
Culloden Academy, o/s20:5022:53
Culloden Academy side, at20:5022:53
Wellside, opp20:5222:55
Layby, NE-bound20:5723:00
Church, opp21:17
Stuart Street, o/s21:17
Manse Road, at21:19
Corbet Gardens, at21:20
Nairn Road, at21:20
Road End, at21:24
Terminal Building, o/s21:0521:2623:08
Layby, SW-bound21:32
Wellside, at21:38
Culloden Academy side, opp21:39
Culloden Academy, opp21:40
Hazel Avenue, opp21:40
Alder Place, opp21:41
Duncan Forbes School, o/s21:41
Galloway Drive, opp21:42
Macgillivary Court, opp21:42
Forestry Commission, opp21:44
Free Church, o/s21:45
Primary School, opp21:45
Shop, opp21:47
Culloden Hall, opp21:48
Smithton Road, at21:49
Stratton C, NW-bound21:50
Stratton D, NW-bound21:50
Tesco, at21:55
Student Accommodation, o/s21:57
UHI Main Campus, opp, Campus Grounds21:59
UHI Campus, E-bound, unnamed road22:00
Tesco, at, B900622:03
Raigmore Hospital, at, Hospital Car Park22:05
Petrol Station, o/s, Old Perth Road22:06
Balmoral Terrace, at, Old Perth Road22:07
Balmoral Terrace, N-bound, Old Perth Road22:07
Diriebught Road, at22:10
Marks and Spencer, o/s22:13
Academy Street, NW-bound22:14

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.