Timetable for the 26A - Inverness [Bus Station] - Cromarty [Victoria Hall] Bus Route

Timetable for 26A - Inverness [Bus Station] - Cromarty [Victoria Hall] Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Highland (licensed as Highland Country Buses Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 08/11/2021

bus timetable 26A Inverness [Bus Station] - Cromarty [Victoria Hall]

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Inverness -> Longman -> Craigton -> Charleston -> Artafallie -> Munlochy -> Avoch -> Fortrose -> Rosemarkie -> Raddery -> Cromarty

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Cromarty -> Raddery -> Rosemarkie -> Fortrose -> Avoch -> Munlochy -> Artafallie -> Charleston -> North Kessock -> Craigton -> Longman -> Inverness -> Millburn -> Culcabock -> Inshes -> Westhill -> Inverness Retail Park

Map Showing the Routes of the 26A Inverness [Bus Station] - Cromarty [Victoria Hall] Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Inverness [Bus Station] - Cromarty [Victoria Hall] Service

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Week Days - inbound

The Links, at, Forsyth Place, Cromarty09:0710:2212:2214:2215:2717:4919:1819:1820:4822:15
Victoria Hall, o/s, High Street, Cromarty09:0710:2212:2214:2215:2717:4919:1819:1820:4822:15
Davidston, opp, A832, Cromarty09:1210:2712:2714:2715:3217:5419:2319:2320:5322:20
Smithy, opp, A832, Raddery09:1910:3412:3414:3415:3918:0119:3019:3021:0022:27
Fairy Glen Car Park, at, Bridge Street, Rosemarkie09:2210:3712:3714:3715:4218:0419:3319:3321:0322:30
Spar Shop, o/s, High Street, Rosemarkie09:2210:3712:3714:3715:4218:0419:3319:3321:0322:30
The Glebe Shelter, at, Manse Brae, Rosemarkie09:2310:3812:3814:3815:4318:0519:3419:3421:0422:31
Chanonry Park, at, Ross Crescent, Fortrose09:2610:4112:4114:4115:4618:0819:3719:3721:0722:34
Church of Scotland, opp, High Street, Fortrose09:3110:4612:4614:4615:5118:1319:4219:4221:1222:39
Post Office, o/s, High Street, Fortrose09:3110:4612:4614:4615:5118:1319:4219:4221:1222:39
Harbour, at, A832, Avoch09:3610:5112:5114:5115:5618:1819:4719:4721:1722:44
Hotel, o/s, High Street, Avoch09:3710:5212:5214:5215:5718:1919:4819:4821:1822:45
Old Manse, at, Station Road, Avoch09:3710:5212:5214:5215:5718:1919:4819:4821:1822:45
Rosehaugh Road End, opp, A832, Avoch09:3910:5412:5414:5415:5918:2119:5019:5021:2022:47
Easter Suddie Road End, opp, A832, Munlochy09:4010:5512:5514:5516:0018:2219:5119:5121:2122:48
Post Office, at, Millbank Road, Munlochy09:4310:5812:5814:5816:0318:2519:5419:5421:2422:51
Bogallan Nursery Road End, opp, B9161, Munlochy09:4711:0213:0215:0216:0718:2819:5719:5721:2722:54
Toll House, opp, B9161, Artafallie09:4811:0313:0315:0316:0818:2919:5819:5821:2822:55
Coldwell Road End, opp, B9161, Artafallie09:4811:0313:0315:0316:0818:2919:5819:5821:2822:55
Layby, SE-bound, A9, Charleston09:5011:0513:0515:0516:1018:3120:0020:0021:3022:57
Drumsmittal Road, at, Millbank, North Kessock18:3220:0120:0121:3122:58
Ferry Brae, at, Millbank, North Kessock18:3220:0120:0121:3122:58
Marine Park, opp, Millbank, North Kessock18:3320:0220:0221:3222:59
Car Park, opp, Oakleigh Road, North Kessock18:3320:0220:0221:3222:59
Old Ferry Pier, at, Main Street, North Kessock18:3520:0420:0421:3423:01
Car Park, at, Oakleigh Road, North Kessock18:3520:0420:0421:3423:01
Marine Park, at, Millbank, North Kessock18:3620:0520:0521:3523:02
Ferry Brae, opp, Millbank, North Kessock18:3620:0520:0521:3523:02
Drumsmittal Road, opp, Millbank, North Kessock18:3620:0520:0521:3523:02
Kessock Bridge, before, A9, Craigton09:5311:0813:0815:0816:1318:4020:0920:0921:3923:06
Seafield Road, before, Longman Road, Longman09:5611:1113:1115:1116:1618:4420:1320:1321:4323:10
Stagecoach Depot, at, Longman09:5611:1113:1115:1116:1618:4420:1320:1321:4323:10
Inverness College, opp, Longman Road, Longman09:5611:1113:1115:1116:1618:4420:1320:1321:4323:10
Bus Station Stance 4, Stance, Farraline Park, Inverness09:5811:1313:1315:1316:1818:4618:4820:1520:1521:4523:12
Marks and Spencer, opp, Inverness18:49
Morrisons, o/s, Millburn18:50
Diriebught Road, opp, Millburn18:52
Rok Building, opp, Old Perth Road, Millburn18:54
Balmoral Terrace, after, Old Perth Road, Culcabock18:56
Petrol Station, opp, Old Perth Road, Culcabock18:57
Raigmore Hospital, at, Hospital Car Park, Inshes18:59
Tesco, opp, B9006, Inshes19:00
UHI Campus, W-bound, unnamed road, Westhill19:02
UHI Main Campus, o/s, Westhill19:02
Student Accommodation, opp, Inverness19:04
Tesco, at, Inverness Retail Park19:07

Week Days - outbound

Bus Station Stance 4, Stance, Farraline Park, Inverness05:1406:2408:2508:3810:2015:5017:2023:35
Inverness College, o/s, Longman Road, Longman05:1406:2408:2508:3810:2015:5017:2023:36
Seafield Road, NE-bound, Longman05:1506:2508:2608:3910:2115:5117:2123:37
Kessock Bridge, after, A9, Craigton05:1706:2708:2808:4110:2315:5317:2323:42
Layby, NW-bound, A9, Charleston05:1906:3008:3008:4310:2515:5517:25
Coldwell Road End, at, B9161, Artafallie05:2106:3108:3208:4510:2715:5717:27
Toll House, o/s, B9161, Artafallie05:2106:3108:3208:4510:2715:5717:27
Bogallan Nursery Road End, at, B9161, Munlochy05:2206:3208:3308:4610:2815:5817:28
Post Office, opp, Millbank Road, Munlochy05:2606:3708:3708:5010:3216:0217:32
Easter Suddie Road End, at, A832, Munlochy05:2806:3908:3908:5210:3416:0417:34
Rosehaugh Road End, at, A832, Avoch05:3006:4108:4108:5410:3616:0617:36
Old Manse, opp, A832, Avoch05:3206:4308:4308:5610:3816:0817:38
Hotel, opp, High Street, Avoch05:3306:4408:4408:5710:3916:0917:39
Post Office, opp, High Street, Avoch05:3306:4408:4408:5710:3916:0917:39
Post Office, opp, High Street, Fortrose05:3706:4808:4809:0110:4316:1317:43
Church of Scotland, at, High Street, Fortrose05:3806:4908:4909:0210:4416:1417:44
Chanonry Park, at, Ross Crescent, Fortrose10:4816:1817:48
The Glebe Shelter, opp, Manse Brae, Rosemarkie05:3906:5008:5009:0310:5016:2017:50
Spar Shop, opp, High Street, Rosemarkie05:4006:5108:5109:0410:5116:2117:51
Fairy Glen Car Park, opp, Bridge Street, Rosemarkie05:4106:5208:5209:0510:5216:2217:52
Smithy, at, A832, Raddery05:4306:5408:5409:0710:5416:2417:54
Davidston, at, A832, Cromarty05:5007:0109:0109:1411:0116:3118:01
Victoria Hall, E-bound, High Street, Cromarty05:5507:0609:0609:1911:0616:3618:06
The Links, at, Forsyth Place, Cromarty05:5607:0709:0709:2011:0716:3718:07

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.