Timetable for the 28 - Inverness [Bus Statio] - Dingwall [Tulloch] Bus Route

Timetable for 28 - Inverness [Bus Statio] - Dingwall [Tulloch] Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Highland (licensed as Highland Country Buses Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 08/11/2021

bus timetable 28 Inverness [Bus Statio] - Dingwall [Tulloch]

Map Showing the Routes of the 28 Inverness [Bus Statio] - Dingwall [Tulloch] Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Inverness [Bus Statio] - Dingwall [Tulloch] Service

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Week Days - outbound

Bus Station Stance 4, Stance, Farraline Park15:4518:1519:3521:4523:40
King Street, opp, Tomnahurich Street15:4718:1719:3721:4723:42
Greig Street, NW-bound, Kenneth Street15:4818:1719:3721:4723:42
Montague Row, at, Fairfield Road15:4918:1819:3821:4823:43
Attadale Road, opp, Fairfield Road15:4918:1819:3821:4823:43
Telford Gardens, opp, Fairfield Road15:5018:1919:3921:4923:44
Dunain Road, o/s15:5118:2019:4021:5023:45
Dunain Road, o/s15:5118:2019:4021:5023:45
Cameron Road, NW-bound, Telford Street15:5118:2019:4021:5023:45
Muirtown Terrace, at, Clachnaharry Road15:5218:2119:4121:5123:46
Blackpark Petrol Station, o/s, A86215:5218:2119:4121:5123:46
Inn, opp, A86215:5318:2219:4221:5223:47
Delmore Garage, o/s, A86215:5618:2419:4421:5423:49
Camp Site, opp, A86215:5818:2619:4621:5623:51
Kirkton Road End, at, A86215:5918:2619:4621:5623:51
Inchberry Road End, at, A86216:0318:3019:5022:0023:55
Lentran Station, opp, A86216:0418:3019:5022:0023:55
Nursing Home, at, A86216:0618:3219:5222:0223:57
School, at, A86216:0618:3219:5222:0223:57
Hotel, opp, A86216:0718:3319:5322:0323:58
Post Office, o/s, B916416:1018:3519:5522:0500:00
Cononbank Farm, opp, Cononbank Farm Road16:1118:3719:5722:0700:02
Brochies Corner, at, A86216:1218:3919:5922:0900:04
Junction, at, A83116:1218:3919:5922:0900:04
Belladrum East Lodge, opp, A83316:1218:4020:0022:1000:05
Belladrum Lodge, at, A83316:1318:4120:0122:1100:06
Road End, at, A83316:1418:4320:0322:1300:08
School, o/s, Main Road16:1418:4420:0422:1400:09
Village Hall, opp, Minor Road16:1518:4520:0522:1500:10
Post Office, opp, Minor Road16:1618:4520:0522:1500:10
Rosebridge Road End, opp, Minor Road16:1918:4720:0722:1700:12
Junction, opp, A83116:2618:5120:1122:2100:16
A862 Junction, before, A83116:3118:5420:1422:2400:19
A831 Junction, at, A86216:3118:5420:1422:2400:19
Co-Op Station Road, at, A86216:3518:5520:1522:2500:20
The Square, opp, A86216:3718:5720:1722:2700:22
Windhill Road Junction, at, A86216:4018:5920:1922:2900:24
Teandalloch Road End, at, Great North Road16:4219:0120:2122:3100:26
Urray House, opp, Great North Road16:4319:0220:2222:3200:27
Moorings Hotel, o/s, Tarradale Terrace16:4419:0220:2222:3200:27
Square, opp, Tarradale Terrace16:4519:0320:2322:3300:28
Petrol Station, o/s, Great North Road00:28
Ord Arms Hotel, opp, Great North Road00:28
Road End, opp, A86200:32
Station Road, opp, A86200:33
Mace Shop, opp, Muir of Ord Road00:34
Car Park, at, A86200:34
Wrightfield Park, at, A86200:35
Post Office, o/s, Proby Street00:36
Hood Street, at, Proby Street00:36
West End Garage, o/s, Station Road00:40
Royal Hotel, o/s, Hill Street00:42

Week Days - inbound

Royal Hotel, o/s, Hill Street18:36
Station, o/s, Station Road18:36
West End Garage, opp, Station Road18:37
Hood Street, opp, Proby Street18:41
Post Office, opp, Proby Street18:41
Wrightfield Park, opp, A86218:43
Petrol Station, o/s, A86218:43
War Memorial, at, A86218:43
Station Road, at, Muir of Ord Road18:44
Road End, at, A86218:46
Ord Arms Hotel, o/s, Great North Road18:50
Petrol Station, opp, Great North Road18:51
Square, at, Tarradale Terrace05:1706:1716:5218:5220:2822:38
Moorings Hotel, opp, Tarradale Terrace05:1706:1716:5218:5220:2822:38
Urray House, o/s, Great North Road05:1806:1716:5218:5220:2822:38
Windhill Road Junction, opp, A86205:2106:2016:5518:5520:3122:41
The Square, at, A86205:2506:2316:5818:5820:3422:44
Co-op Station Road, opp, A86205:2606:2416:5918:5920:3522:45
A831 Junction, nr, A86205:2706:2517:0019:0020:3622:46
A862 Junction, after, A83105:2706:2517:0019:0020:3622:46
Junction, at, A83105:3006:2817:0319:0320:3922:49
Junction, opp, A83105:3006:2817:0319:0320:3922:49
Rosebridge Road End, at, Minor Road05:3406:3217:0719:0720:4322:53
Post Office, at, Minor Road05:3606:3417:0919:0920:4522:55
Village Hall, o/s, Minor Road05:3706:3517:1019:1020:4622:56
School, opp, Main Road05:3806:3617:1119:1120:4722:57
Belladrum Lodge, opp, A83305:4206:4017:1519:1520:5123:01
Belladrum East Lodge, at, A83305:4306:4117:1619:1620:5223:02
Brochies Corner, opp, A86205:4506:4317:1819:1820:5423:04
Cononbank Farm, o/s, Cononbank Farm Road05:4806:4617:2119:2120:5723:07
Groam Crescent, opp, B916405:5206:5017:2519:2521:0123:11
Sewage Works, o/s, B916405:5406:5117:2619:2621:0223:12
Hotel, o/s, A86205:5406:5117:2619:2621:0223:12
School, opp, A86205:5406:5217:2719:2721:0323:13
Nursing Home, opp, A86205:5506:5217:2719:2721:0323:13
Lentran Station, at, A86205:5706:5417:2919:2921:0523:15
Inchberry Road End, opp, A86205:5806:5417:2919:2921:0523:15
Kirkton Road End, opp, A86206:0206:5817:3319:3321:0923:19
Camp Site, o/s, A86206:0306:5917:3419:3421:1023:20
Delmore Garage, opp, A86206:0507:0117:3619:3621:1223:22
Inn, o/s, A86206:0807:0317:3819:3821:1423:24
Blackpark Petrol Station, opp, A86206:0907:0317:3819:3821:1423:24
Muirtown Terrace, opp, Clachnaharry Road06:0907:0417:3919:3921:1523:25
Cameron Road, at, Telford Street06:1007:0417:3919:3921:1523:25
Dunain Road, o/s06:1107:0517:4019:4021:1623:26
Dunain Road, opp06:1107:0517:4019:4021:1623:26
Telford Gardens, before, Fairfield Road06:1107:0517:4019:4021:1623:26
Lochalsh Road, at, Fairfield Road06:1207:0617:4119:4121:1723:27
Attadale Road, at, Fairfield Road06:1207:0617:4119:4121:1723:27
Greig Street, at, Kenneth Street06:1307:0717:4219:4221:1823:28
King Street, at, Tomnahurich Street06:1407:0817:4319:4321:1923:29
Bus Station Stance 4, Stance, Farraline Park06:1707:1117:4619:4621:2223:32

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.