Timetable for the 3A - Inverness [Craig Dunain] - Tornagrain Village Bus Route

Timetable for 3A - Inverness [Craig Dunain] - Tornagrain Village Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Highland (licensed as Highland Country Buses Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 08/11/2021

bus timetable 3A Inverness [Craig Dunain] - Tornagrain Village

Map Showing the Routes of the 3A Inverness [Craig Dunain] - Tornagrain Village Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Inverness [Craig Dunain] - Tornagrain Village Service

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Week Days - inbound

Mid Coul, at18:1219:1220:1222:12
Ardcroy Road, at, B900618:1819:1820:1822:18
Brae of Cantray Cottage, at, B900618:2119:2120:2122:21
Cantraybruich, SW-bound, B900618:2419:2420:2422:24
Sunnyside, opp, B900618:2719:2720:2722:27
Brookfield, opp, B900618:2719:2720:2722:27
Cumberland Stone, at, B900618:2919:2920:2922:29
Turning Circle, at, Culloden Road18:3419:3420:3422:34
Forest Drive, opp, Culloden Road18:3419:3420:3422:34
Braeside Park, opp, Culloden Road18:3519:3520:3522:35
Playing Fields, at, Culloden Road18:3619:3620:3622:36
Culloden Academy side, opp18:3919:3920:3922:39
Culloden Academy, opp18:4019:4020:4022:40
Hazel Avenue, opp18:4019:4020:4022:40
Alder Place, opp18:4019:4020:4022:40
Duncan Forbes School, o/s18:4119:4120:4122:41
Galloway Drive, opp18:4119:4120:4122:41
Macgillivary Court, opp18:4219:4220:4222:42
Culloden Hall, o/s18:4319:4320:4322:43
Smithton Villas, opp18:4319:4320:4322:43
Shop, o/s18:4419:4420:4422:44
Primary School, o/s18:4519:4520:4522:45
Free Church, opp18:4619:4620:4622:46
Murray Road, opp, Tower Road18:4619:4620:4622:46
Burn Brae, at, Tower Road18:4819:4820:4822:48
Towerhill Place, opp, Tower Road18:4819:4820:4822:48
Cradlehall Park, opp, Culloden Road18:5019:5020:5022:50
Birchwood Road, at, Culloden Road18:5119:5120:5122:51
Cauldfield Road, opp, Culloden Road18:5119:5120:5122:51
Vets, at, B900618:5319:5320:5322:53
UHI Campus, W-bound, unnamed road18:5419:5420:5422:54
Tesco, at, B900618:5619:5620:5622:56
Raigmore Hospital, at, Hospital Car Park18:5919:5920:5922:59
Petrol Station, o/s, Old Perth Road19:0020:0021:0023:00
Balmoral Terrace, at, Old Perth Road19:0120:0121:0123:01
Balmoral Terrace, N-bound, Old Perth Road19:0120:0121:0123:01
Diriebught Road, at19:0520:0521:0423:04
Marks and Spencer, o/s19:0720:0721:0723:07
Academy Street, NW-bound19:1020:1021:1023:10
Nelson Street, opp, Grant Street19:1220:1221:1223:12
Pumpgate Street, after, Lower Kessock Street19:1320:1321:1323:13
India Street, opp, Thornbush Road19:1320:1321:1323:13
Coronation Park, at, Thornbush Road19:1420:1421:1423:14
Kessock Avenue, at, Kessock Road19:1520:1521:1523:15
Craigton Avenue, at, Kessock Road19:1620:1621:1623:16
Turning Circle, at, Kessock Road19:1820:1821:1823:18
Kessock Road, opp19:1820:1821:1823:18
Craigton Avenue, opp, Kessock Road19:1820:1821:1823:18
Kessock Avenue, opp, Kessock Road19:1920:1921:1923:19
Coronation Park, opp, Thornbush Road19:1920:1921:1923:19
India Street, at, Thornbush Road19:2020:2021:2023:20
Clach Club, o/s, Wyvis Place19:2020:2021:2023:20
Kilmuir Court, opp, Kilmuir Road19:2020:2021:2023:20
Social Work Unit, o/s, Glendoe Terrace19:2120:2121:2123:21
Telford Retail Park, SW-bound, Carsegate Road19:2120:2121:2123:21
Charleston Place, at, Firthview Road19:2220:2221:2223:22
Firthview Avenue, at, Firthview Road19:2320:2321:2323:23
Kennedy Drive, opp, Scorguie Road19:2420:2421:2423:24
Kincraig Terrace, at, Scorguie Road19:2420:2421:2423:24
Moray Firth Radio, opp, Scorguie Road19:2520:2521:2523:25
Canal Road, at, King Brude Road19:2520:2521:2523:25
Kinmylies Way, at, Leachkin Road19:2620:2621:2623:26
Balnafettack Road, opp, Leachkin Road19:2620:2621:2623:26
Lomond Way, at, Leachkin Road19:2720:2721:2723:27
Glenview, at, Leachkin Road19:2720:2721:2723:27
New Craigs Hospital, at, Leachkin Road19:2820:2821:2823:28
Great Glen House, at, Leachkin Road19:2820:2821:2823:28
SNH Entrance, at, Leachkin Road19:2920:2921:2923:29
Wester Craigs, at, Leachkin Road19:3020:3021:3023:30

Week Days - outbound

Wester Craigs, at, Leachkin Road06:3017:5118:5120:5122:51
SNH Entrance, opp, Leachkin Road06:3017:5118:5120:5122:51
Great Glen House, opp, Leachkin Road06:3017:5118:5120:5122:51
New Craigs Hospital, opp, Leachkin Road06:3117:5218:5220:5222:52
Glenview, opp, Leachkin Road06:3117:5218:5220:5222:52
Lomond Way, opp, Leachkin Road06:3217:5318:5320:5322:53
Turning Circle, at, Leachkin Road06:3217:5318:5320:5322:53
Balnafettack Road, before, Leachkin Road06:3217:5318:5320:5322:53
Kinmylies Way, opp, Leachkin Road06:3317:5418:5420:5422:54
Canal Road, opp, King Brude Road06:3417:5518:5520:5522:55
Moray Firth Radio, o/s, Scorguie Road06:3517:5618:5620:5622:56
Kincraig Terrace, opp, Scorguie Road06:3517:5618:5620:5622:56
Kennedy Drive, at, Scorguie Road06:3617:5618:5620:5622:56
Firthview Avenue, opp, Firthview Road06:3617:5718:5720:5722:57
Charleston Place, opp, Firthview Road06:3717:5718:5720:5722:57
Telford Retail Park, NE-bound, Carsegate Road06:3817:5818:5820:5822:58
Social Work Unit, opp, Glendoe Terrace06:3817:5918:5920:5922:59
Kilmuir Road, at, Benula Road06:3917:5918:5920:5922:59
Kilmuir Court, at, Kilmuir Road06:3918:0019:0021:0023:00
Clach Club, opp, Wyvis Place06:4018:0019:0021:0023:00
India Street, opp, Thornbush Road06:4018:0019:0021:0023:00
Coronation Park, at, Thornbush Road06:4018:0119:0121:0123:01
Kessock Avenue, at, Kessock Road06:4118:0119:0121:0123:01
Craigton Avenue, at, Kessock Road06:4118:0219:0221:0223:02
Turning Circle, at, Kessock Road06:4318:0319:0321:0323:03
Kessock Road, opp06:4418:0319:0321:0323:03
Craigton Avenue, opp, Kessock Road06:4418:0419:0421:0423:04
Kessock Avenue, opp, Kessock Road06:4618:0519:0521:0523:05
Coronation Park, opp, Thornbush Road06:4718:0619:0621:0623:06
India Street, at, Thornbush Road06:4818:0619:0621:0623:06
Nelson Street, at, Grant Street06:4918:0719:0721:0723:07
Queensgate, Stop B06:5518:1519:1521:1523:15
Marks and Spencer, opp06:5518:1519:1521:1523:15
Morrisons, o/s06:5618:1619:1621:1623:16
Diriebught Road, opp06:5918:1919:1921:1923:19
Rok Building, opp, Old Perth Road07:0018:2019:2021:2023:20
Balmoral Terrace, after, Old Perth Road07:0218:2219:2221:2223:22
Petrol Station, opp, Old Perth Road07:0318:2319:2321:2323:23
Raigmore Hospital, at, Hospital Car Park07:0518:2519:2521:2523:25
Tesco, opp, B900607:0718:2619:2621:2623:26
UHI Campus, E-bound, unnamed road07:1018:2819:2821:2823:28
Vets, opp, B900607:1118:2919:2921:2923:29
Cauldfield Road, at, Culloden Road07:1218:3019:3021:3023:30
Birchwood Road, opp, Culloden Road07:1318:3119:3121:3123:31
Cradlehall Park, at, Culloden Road07:1418:3119:3121:3123:31
Towerhill Place, at, Tower Road07:1618:3319:3321:3323:33
Burn Brae, opp, Tower Road07:1718:3319:3321:3323:33
Free Church, o/s07:2218:3619:3621:3623:36
Primary School, opp07:2218:3619:3621:3623:36
Shop, opp07:2418:3719:3721:3723:37
Culloden Hall, opp07:2518:3819:3821:3823:38
Macgillivary Court, at07:2718:3919:3921:3923:39
Galloway Drive, at07:2718:4019:4021:4023:40
Duncan Forbes School, opp07:2818:4019:4021:4023:40
Hazel Avenue, at07:2918:4119:4121:4123:41
Culloden Academy, o/s07:3018:4219:4221:4223:42
Culloden Academy side, at07:3018:4219:4221:4223:42
Culloden Road, o/s07:3318:4519:4521:4523:45
Braeside Park, at, Culloden Road07:3418:4619:4621:4623:46
Little Cullernie Park, at, Culloden Road07:3418:4619:4621:4623:46
Forest Drive, at, Culloden Road07:3518:4719:4721:4723:47
Turning Circle, at, Culloden Road07:3618:4819:4821:4823:48
Cumberland Stone, opp, B900618:5319:5321:5323:53
Brookfield, at, B900618:5519:5521:5523:55
Sunnyside, at, B900618:5619:5621:5623:56
Cantraybruich, NE-bound, B900618:5919:5921:5923:59
Brae of Cantray Cottage, opp, B900619:0120:0122:0100:01
Ardcroy Road, opp, B900619:0520:0522:0500:05
Mid Coul, at19:1120:1122:1100:11

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.