Timetable for the 420 - Longman - Fortrose Bus Route

Timetable for 420 - Longman - Fortrose Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by D + E Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 05/06/2017 End Date: 05/01/2023

bus timetable 420 Longman - Fortrose

Map Showing the Routes of the 420 Longman - Fortrose Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Longman - Fortrose Service

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Week Days - inbound

Academy, at, Car Park13:2013:2013:2015:4515:4515:45
Church of Scotland, opp, High Street13:2113:2113:2115:4615:4615:46
Post Office, o/s, High Street13:2113:2113:2115:4615:4615:46
Harbour, at, A83213:2513:2513:2515:5015:5015:50
Hotel, o/s, High Street13:2613:2613:2615:5115:5115:51
Old Manse, at, Station Road13:2613:2613:2615:5115:5115:51
Rosehaugh Road End, opp, A83213:2813:2813:2815:5315:5315:53
Post Office, at, Millbank Road13:3313:3315:5815:58
Bogallan Nursery Road End, opp, B916113:3816:03
Kilcoy Arms, opp, B916213:3713:3713:4616:0916:01
Post Office Road End, at, A83213:4716:10
Road End, at, A83513:4916:12
Road End, opp, A83516:12
Layby, SE-bound, A913:3813:3816:1716:02
Arpafeelie Junction, opp, A913:4113:4116:1816:05
Layby, SE-bound, A916:2216:23
Arpafeelie Junction, opp, A916:2316:25
Layby, NW-bound, A913:5216:1916:1516:17
Arpafeelie Junction, at, A913:5616:2116:19
Glackmore Junction, at, A913:5816:2116:21
Easter Suddie Road End, opp, A83213:3015:55
Drumsmittal Road, at, Millbank13:4713:4716:1116:12
Ferry Brae, at, Millbank13:4813:4816:1116:12
Marine Park, opp, Millbank13:4813:4816:1116:13
Car Park, opp, Oakleigh Road13:4913:4916:1216:14
Old Ferry Pier, at, Main Street13:5013:5016:1316:15
Car Park, at, Oakleigh Road13:5016:1316:15
Marine Park, at, Millbank13:5116:1416:15
Ferry Brae, opp, Millbank13:5116:1416:16
Drumsmittal Road, opp, Millbank13:5116:1416:16
Layby, SE-bound, A916:2416:2816:19
Kessock Bridge, before, A916:2616:3016:22
Longman Drive, opp, Henderson Drive16:2716:3316:25
Layby, NW-bound, A914:0016:23

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.