Timetable for the 61 - Inverness - Contin Bus Route

Timetable for 61 - Inverness - Contin Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Highland (licensed as Highland Country Buses Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 08/11/2021

bus timetable 61 Inverness - Contin

Map Showing the Routes of the 61 Inverness - Contin Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Inverness - Contin Service

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Week Days - inbound

Tor View Road End, at, A83509:4909:4909:4914:2016:3816:38
Jamestown Road End, opp, A83409:5609:5609:5614:2416:4216:42
Achingale, opp, Kinellan Drive09:5809:5809:5814:2516:4316:43
Park Avenue, opp, A83409:5809:5809:5814:2516:4316:43
The Square, at, A83410:0110:0110:0114:2716:4516:45
School, o/s, A83410:0410:0410:0414:2916:4716:47
Bridgend Avenue, at, Strathpeffer Road10:1010:1010:1014:3316:5116:51
Police Station, o/s, Burn Place10:1110:1110:1114:3416:5216:52
Council Buildings, o/s, Burn Place10:1110:1110:1114:3416:5216:52
Royal Hotel, o/s, Hill Street10:1310:1310:1314:3516:5316:53
Station, o/s, Station Road10:1310:1310:1314:3516:5316:53
West End Garage, opp, Station Road10:1410:1410:1414:3516:5316:53
Hood Street, opp, Proby Street10:1810:1810:18
Post Office, opp, Proby Street10:1810:1810:18
Wrightfield Park, opp, A86210:2010:2010:20
Petrol Station, o/s, A86210:2010:2010:20
War Memorial, at, A86210:2010:2010:20
Primary School, at, Leanaig Road10:2110:2110:21
Wyvis Crescent, after, B916310:2110:2110:21
A835, SE-bound10:2510:2510:2514:4317:0117:01
Drynie Park Junction, opp, A83510:2710:2710:2714:4417:0217:02
Road End, opp, A83510:2810:2810:2814:4617:0417:04
Layby, SE-bound, A910:3110:3110:3114:4817:0617:06
Layby, SE-bound, A910:3710:3710:3714:5317:1117:11
Kessock Bridge, before, A910:4110:4110:4114:5617:1417:14
Seafield Road, before, Longman Road10:4410:4410:4414:5817:1617:16
Stagecoach Depot, at10:4410:4410:4414:5817:1617:16
Inverness College, opp, Longman Road10:4410:4410:4414:5917:1717:17
Bus Station Stance 3, Stance, Farraline Park10:4610:4610:4615:0017:1817:18
Marks and Spencer, opp10:4710:47
Morrisons, o/s10:4710:47
Diriebught Road, opp10:5010:50
Rok Building, opp, Old Perth Road10:5110:51
Balmoral Terrace, after, Old Perth Road10:5310:53
Petrol Station, opp, Old Perth Road10:5410:54
Raigmore Hospital, at, Hospital Car Park10:5610:56
Tesco, opp, B900610:5710:57
UHI Campus, W-bound, unnamed road11:0111:01
UHI Main Campus, o/s11:0111:01
Student Accommodation, opp11:0311:03
Tesco, at11:0611:06

Week Days - outbound

Tesco, at13:0313:03
Student Accommodation, o/s13:0513:05
UHI Main Campus, opp, Campus Grounds13:0713:07
UHI Campus, E-bound, unnamed road13:0813:08
Raigmore Hospital, at, Hospital Car Park13:1513:15
Petrol Station, o/s, Old Perth Road13:1613:16
Balmoral Terrace, at, Old Perth Road13:1813:18
Balmoral Terrace, N-bound, Old Perth Road13:1913:19
Diriebught Road, at13:2313:23
Marks and Spencer, o/s13:2813:28
Bus Station Stance 3, Stance, Farraline Park06:4207:0011:2513:3013:30
Inverness College, o/s, Longman Road06:4207:0011:2513:3113:31
Seafield Road, NE-bound06:4307:0111:2613:3113:31
Kessock Bridge, after, A906:4507:0311:2813:3413:34
Layby, NW-bound, A906:4807:0611:3113:3713:37
Glackmore Junction, at, A906:5207:1011:3513:4313:43
Layby, NW-bound, A906:5407:1211:3713:4513:45
Road End, at, A83506:5607:1411:3913:4713:47
Drynie Park Junction, at, A83506:5707:1511:4013:4813:48
A835, NW-bound06:5907:1711:4213:5013:50
Wyvis Crescent, SW-bound, B916313:5513:55
Gairs Croft, at, Leanaig Road13:5513:55
Gairloch Crescent, at, Leanaig Road13:5513:55
Car Park, at, A86213:5613:56
Wrightfield Park, at, A86213:5713:57
Post Office, o/s, Proby Street13:5813:58
Hood Street, at, Proby Street13:5913:59
West End Garage, o/s, Station Road07:0907:2711:5214:0314:03
Royal Hotel, o/s, Hill Street07:1007:2811:5314:0514:05
Station, o/s, Station Road07:1007:2811:5314:0514:05
Council Buildings, opp, Burn Place07:1107:2911:5414:0614:06
Police Station, opp, Burn Place07:1107:2911:5414:0614:06
Cockburns Butchers, at, Mill Street07:1207:3011:5514:0614:06
School, opp, A83407:1807:3612:0114:1114:11
The Square, opp, A83407:2207:4012:0514:1414:14
Park Avenue, at, A83407:2307:4112:0614:1514:15
Jamestown Road End, at, A83407:2407:4212:0714:1614:16
Tor View, opp, A83507:2807:4612:1114:2014:20

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.