Timetable for the 75 - Wick - Berriedale Bus Route

Timetable for 75 - Wick - Berriedale Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Highland (licensed as Highland Country Buses Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 28/06/2021

bus timetable 75 Wick - Berriedale

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Staxigoe -> Papigoe -> Willowbank -> Wick -> Pulteneytown -> Hempriggs -> Thrumster -> Ulbster -> Whaligoe -> Bruan -> East Clyth -> Mid Clyth -> Clyth -> West Clyth -> Lybster -> Swiney -> Burrigill -> Forse -> Latheron -> Latheronwheel -> Dunbeath -> Ramscraigs -> Newport -> Berriedale

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Berriedale -> Newport -> Ramscraigs -> Dunbeath -> Latheronwheel -> Latheron -> Forse -> Burrigill -> Swiney -> Lybster -> West Clyth -> Clyth -> Mid Clyth -> East Clyth -> Bruan -> Whaligoe -> Ulbster -> Thrumster -> Hempriggs -> Wick -> Pulteneytown -> Willowbank -> Papigoe -> Staxigoe

Map Showing the Routes of the 75 Wick - Berriedale Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Wick - Berriedale Service

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Week Days - inbound

Post Office, o/s, A9, Berriedale07:3213:2016:30
Road End, at, A9, Newport07:3413:2216:32
Road End, at, A9, Ramscraigs07:3813:2616:36
War Memorial, at, Village Road, Dunbeath06:5107:4207:4309:5013:3013:3016:40
Neil Gunn Road, opp, A9, Dunbeath06:5107:4309:5013:3016:40
Layby, E-bound, A9, Dunbeath06:5107:4309:5013:3016:40
Inver Caravan Park, nr, A9, Dunbeath06:5207:4409:5113:3116:41
Laidhay Croft Museum, opp, A9, Dunbeath06:5307:4509:5213:3216:42
Whalebone Gate, at, A9, Latheronwheel06:5607:4709:5513:3516:45
Bus Shelter, opp, A9, Latheronwheel06:5707:4809:5613:3616:46
Post Office, o/s, A99, Latheron06:5907:5009:5813:3816:48
Niandt Road End, opp, A99, Latheron06:5907:5109:5813:3816:48
Road End, opp, A99, Forse07:0007:5209:5913:3916:49
Road End, opp, A99, Burrigill07:0107:5310:0013:4016:50
Swiney Houses, nr, A99, Swiney07:0107:5310:0013:4016:50
Portland Arms Hotel, o/s, A99, Lybster07:0307:5510:0213:4216:52
Primary School, o/s, Village Road, Lybster07:0307:5610:0213:4216:52
Post Office, o/s, Greys Place, Lybster07:0407:5710:0313:0213:4316:53
Watten Road End, at, A99, West Clyth07:0607:5910:0513:0413:4516:55
Clyth Mains, opp, A99, Clyth07:0808:0110:0713:0613:4716:57
Camster Road End, at, A99, Mid Clyth07:1008:0310:0913:0813:4916:59
Telephone Exchange, at, A99, Mid Clyth07:1008:0410:0913:0913:4916:59
Stones Road End, at, A99, Mid Clyth07:1108:0410:1013:0913:5017:00
Road End, at, A99, East Clyth07:1208:0510:1113:1113:5117:01
Church, nr, A99, Bruan07:1308:0710:1213:1213:5217:02
Smithy Cottage, at, A99, Whaligoe07:1408:0810:1313:1313:5317:03
Lyntone Cottage, nr, A99, Ulbster07:1608:1010:1513:1513:5517:05
Borrowston, opp, A99, Thrumster07:1808:1210:1713:1713:5717:07
Church, at, A99, Thrumster07:1908:1310:1813:1813:5817:08
Bus Shelter, at, A99, Thrumster07:2008:1410:1913:1913:5917:09
Hempriggs Farm, NE-bound, A99, Hempriggs07:2308:1710:2213:2214:0217:12
Whiterow, NE-bound, A99, Hempriggs07:2408:1810:2313:2314:0317:13
Rockhill Road, opp, A99, Hempriggs07:2408:1810:2313:2314:0317:13
Retail Park, nr, South Road, Wick07:2608:2010:2513:2514:0517:15
Retail Park, at, A99, Wick07:2608:2010:2513:2514:0517:15
Northcote Street, opp, Francis Street, Pulteneytown07:2808:2410:2713:2714:0717:17
Queens Hotel, o/s, Francis Street, Wick07:2908:2610:2813:2814:0817:18
Caithness General Hospital, at, Cliff Road, Wick07:3008:2810:2913:2914:0917:19
Town Hall, opp, Bridge Street, Wick07:3108:3010:3013:3014:1014:5517:20
Post Office, opp, High Street, Wick07:3108:3010:3014:1014:5517:20
Elm Tree Garage, o/s, George Street, Wick07:3208:3110:3114:1114:5617:21
Hill Avenue, opp, North Road, Wick07:3308:3210:3214:1214:5717:22
Tesco, opp, A99, Wick07:3408:3310:3314:1314:5817:23
Tesco, nr, Minor Road, Wick07:3508:3810:3414:1415:0017:24
Hill Avenue, at, George Street, Wick08:3910:3514:1515:02
Green Road, SE-bound, Henrietta Street, Willowbank08:3910:3514:1515:04
Henrietta Court, at, Henrietta Street, Willowbank08:4010:3614:1615:05
Hillhead Road, at, Willowbank08:4110:3714:1715:07
Hillhead Primary School, o/s, Willowbank08:4210:3814:1815:08
Coghill Street, at, Broadhaven Road, Willowbank08:4210:3814:1815:09
Murray Avenue, opp, Broadhaven Road, Willowbank08:4310:3914:1915:10
Mowat Place, opp, Broadhaven Road, Papigoe08:4410:4014:2015:11
Pilot Row, opp, Broadhaven Road, Papigoe08:4510:4114:2115:13
Moray View, opp, Elzy Road, Staxigoe08:4610:4214:2215:14
Bus Shelter, at, Elzy Road, Staxigoe08:4710:4314:2315:15

Week Days - outbound

Bus Shelter, at, Elzy Road, Staxigoe08:5010:4514:2415:18
Moray View, at, Elzy Road, Staxigoe08:5010:4514:2415:18
Pilot Row, at, Broadhaven Road, Papigoe08:5110:4614:2515:18
Mowat Place, at, Broadhaven Road, Papigoe08:5110:4614:2515:19
Murray Avenue, at, Broadhaven Road, Willowbank08:5210:4714:2615:20
Coghill Street, opp, Broadhaven Road, Willowbank08:5310:4814:2715:20
Hillhead Primary School, opp, Willowbank08:5310:4814:2715:21
Hillhead Road, opp, Willowbank08:5410:4914:2815:21
Willowbank Garage, opp, Willowbank08:5510:5014:2915:22
Henrietta Court, opp, Henrietta Street, Willowbank08:5610:5114:3015:23
Green Road, W-bound, Henrietta Street, Willowbank08:5710:5114:3015:23
Hill Avenue, opp, North Road, Wick09:0010:5214:3115:24
Tesco, opp, A99, Wick09:0210:5314:3215:25
Tesco, nr, Minor Road, Wick09:0510:5412:2112:2114:3315:2915:2917:31
Hill Avenue, at, George Street, Wick09:0710:5512:2212:2214:3415:3015:3017:32
Elm Tree Garage, opp, George Street, Wick09:0710:5612:2312:2314:3515:3115:3117:33
Post Office, o/s, High Street, Wick09:0910:5712:2412:2414:3615:3215:3217:34
Town Hall, after, Bridge Street, Wick09:1010:5812:2512:2514:3715:3315:3315:5417:35
Agnes Street, at, Francis Street, Wick09:1212:3012:3015:3815:3815:5617:37
Wick Football Ground, o/s, South Street, Pulteneytown09:1312:3212:3215:4015:4015:5717:38
Retail Park, nr, South Road, Wick09:1412:3412:3415:4215:4215:5817:39
Rockhill Road, at, A99, Hempriggs09:1412:3412:3415:4315:4315:5817:39
Whiterow, SW-bound, A99, Hempriggs09:1512:3512:3515:4315:4315:5917:40
Hempriggs Farm, SW-bound, A99, Hempriggs09:1612:3612:3615:4415:4416:0017:41
Post Box, at, A99, Thrumster09:1912:3912:3915:4715:4716:0317:44
Church, opp, A99, Thrumster09:2012:4012:4015:4815:4816:0417:45
Borrowston, at, A99, Thrumster09:2112:4112:4115:4915:4916:0517:46
Lyntone Cottage, opp, A99, Ulbster09:2212:4212:4215:5115:5116:0617:47
Smithy Cottage, opp, A99, Whaligoe09:2412:4412:4415:5315:5316:0817:49
Church, opp, A99, Bruan09:2612:4612:4615:5415:5416:1017:51
Road End, opp, A99, East Clyth09:2712:4712:4715:5515:5516:1117:52
Stones Road End, opp, A99, Mid Clyth09:2812:4812:4815:5715:5716:1217:53
Telephone Exchange, opp, A99, Mid Clyth09:2812:4812:4815:5715:5716:1217:53
Camster Road End, opp, A99, Mid Clyth09:2912:4912:4915:5815:5816:1317:54
Clyth Mains, at, A99, Clyth09:3112:5112:5116:0016:0016:1517:56
Watten Road End, opp, A99, West Clyth09:3312:5312:5316:0116:0116:1717:58
Primary School, o/s, Village Road, Lybster09:3512:5512:5516:0416:0416:1918:00
Post Office, o/s, Greys Place, Lybster09:3612:5612:5616:0516:0516:2018:01
Portland Arms Hotel, opp, A99, Lybster09:3612:5612:5616:0516:0516:2018:01
Swiney Houses, opp, A99, Swiney09:3812:5812:5816:0716:0716:2218:03
Road End, at, A99, Burrigill09:3812:5812:5816:0816:0816:2218:03
Road End, at, A99, Forse09:3912:5912:5916:0816:0816:2318:04
Niandt Road End, at, A99, Latheron09:4013:0013:0016:0916:0916:2418:05
Post Office, opp, A99, Latheron09:4113:0113:0116:1116:1116:2518:06
Bus Shelter, at, A9, Latheronwheel09:4213:0213:0216:1216:1216:2618:07
Laidhay Croft Museum, at, A9, Dunbeath09:4613:0613:0616:1516:1516:3018:11
Inver Caravan Park, opp, A9, Dunbeath09:4713:0713:0716:1616:1616:3118:12
Layby, E-bound, A9, Dunbeath09:4713:0713:0716:1716:1716:3118:12
War Memorial, at, Village Road, Dunbeath09:4913:0913:0916:1816:1816:3318:14
Neil Gunn Road, at, A9, Dunbeath16:1818:14
Road End, opp, A9, Ramscraigs16:2118:17
Road End, opp, A9, Newport16:2518:21
Post Office, opp, A9, Berriedale16:2818:24

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.