Timetable for the 917 - Inverness - Portree Bus Route

Timetable for 917 - Inverness - Portree Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Scottish Citylink (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 23/05/2022 End Date: 23/05/2023

bus timetable 917 Inverness - Portree

Map Showing the Routes of the 917 Inverness - Portree Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Inverness - Portree Service

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Week Days - outbound

Raigmore Hospital, at, Hospital Car Park17:15
Bus Station Stance 2, Stance, Farraline Park08:4013:3016:0017:45
King Street, opp, Tomnahurich Street08:4113:3116:0117:46
Planefield Road, opp, Tomnahurich Street08:4213:3216:0217:47
Council Buildings, o/s, Glenurquhart Road08:4313:3316:0317:48
Bishops Road, at, Glenurquhart Road08:4413:3416:0417:49
Glenurquhart Road, o/s08:4513:3516:0517:50
Maxwell Drive, opp, Glenurquhart Road08:4613:3616:0617:51
Cemetery Gates, opp, Glenurquhart Road08:4713:3716:0717:52
Tomnahurich Bridge, before, A8208:4813:3816:0817:53
Kilvean Cemetery Road End, opp, A8208:4913:3916:0917:54
Post Office, at, A8208:5113:4116:1117:56
Village Road End, at, A8208:5413:4416:1417:59
Road End, at, A8208:5813:4816:1818:03
Clansman Hotel, opp, A8209:0213:5216:2218:07
Temple Pier, nr, A8209:0613:5616:2618:11
Post Office, opp, A8209:1014:0016:3018:15
Balmacaan Road End, opp, A8209:1114:0116:3118:16
Borlum Bridge, before, A8209:1214:0216:3218:17
Borlum Farm, opp, A8209:1314:0316:3318:18
Car Park, at, A8209:1514:0516:3518:20
Achnahannet Farm, opp, A8209:2014:1016:4018:25
Loch Ness Youth Hostel, at, A8209:2614:1616:4618:31
Hotel, opp, A88709:3314:2316:5318:38
Hyrdro Houses, opp, A88709:3614:2616:5618:41
Farm Road End, opp, A88709:3914:2916:5918:44
Redburn Tearooms, opp, A88709:4214:3217:0218:47
Torgoyle Chapel, opp, A88709:4514:3517:0518:50
Tomchraskey Road End, opp, A88709:4814:3817:0818:53
Junction, at, A8709:5114:4117:1118:56
Inn, o/s, A8710:0314:5317:2319:08
Junction, at, A8710:2215:1217:4219:27
Restaurant, opp, A8710:2415:1417:4419:29
Primary School, nr, A8710:2615:1617:4619:31
Bridge Road End, opp, A8710:3315:2317:5319:38
Camuslongart Road End, opp, A8710:3415:2417:5419:39
Road End, at, A8710:3515:2517:5519:40
Nostie Road End, at, A8710:3715:2717:5719:42
Business Park, at, A8710:3915:2917:5919:44
Village Hall, at, A8710:4015:3018:0019:45
Balmacara Hotel, opp, A8710:4215:3218:0219:47
Camp Site Road End, opp, A8710:4515:3518:0519:50
Harbour Slipway, at, Slipway Road10:5215:4218:1219:57
Shorefront Shelter, at, Main Road10:5715:4718:1720:02
Camp Site, opp, A8711:0115:5118:2120:06
Bus Shelter, at, A8711:0515:5518:2520:10
Armadale Road End, at, A8711:0715:5718:2720:12
Waterloo Road End, opp, A8711:0815:5818:2820:13
Old Mill Road End, at, A8711:0915:5918:2920:14
Crowlin Bar, opp, A8711:1016:0018:3020:15
Post Office, at, Ford Road11:1116:0118:3120:16
Slipway, opp, A8711:2016:1018:4020:22
Houses, opp, A8711:2116:1118:4120:23
Picture House, opp, A8711:2216:1218:4220:24
Road End, at, A8711:2416:1418:4420:26
Skye Golf Club, opp, A8711:2916:1918:4920:31
Ferry Road End, opp, A8711:3416:2418:5420:36
Hotel, o/s, A8711:3916:2918:5920:42
Braes Road End, opp, A8711:4816:4019:1020:52
Aros Centre Road End, at, A8711:5016:4219:1220:54
Somerled Square, Stance 111:5416:4419:1420:56

Week Days - inbound

Somerled Square, Stance 109:0010:3512:5017:45
Cemetery, at, A8709:0210:3712:5217:47
Braes Road End, at, A8709:0410:3912:5417:49
Hotel, opp, A8709:1510:5013:0518:00
Ferry Road End, at, A8709:2510:5513:1018:05
Skye Golf Club, at, A8709:3011:0013:1518:10
Road End, opp, A8709:3511:0513:2018:15
Picture House, o/s, A8709:3711:0713:2218:17
Houses, at, A8709:3811:0813:2318:18
Slipway, at, A8709:3911:0913:2418:19
Post Office, opp, A8709:4511:1513:3018:25
Caberfeidh Bar, o/s, A8709:4811:1813:3318:28
Hebridean Hotel, opp, A8709:4911:1913:3418:29
Armadale Road End, opp, A8709:5111:2113:3618:31
Bus Shelter, opp, A8709:5311:2313:3818:33
Camp Site, at, A8709:5711:2713:4218:37
Shorefront Shelter, at, Main Road10:0111:3113:4618:41
Harbour Slipway, at, Slipway Road10:0911:3913:5418:49
Camp Site Road End, at, A8710:1211:4213:5718:52
Balmacara Hotel, o/s, A8710:1511:4514:0018:55
Village Hall, opp, A8710:1711:4714:0218:57
Business Park, opp, A8710:1811:4814:0318:58
Road End, opp, A8710:2011:5014:0519:00
Road End, opp, A8710:2211:5214:0719:02
Bridge Road End, at, A8710:2411:5414:0919:04
Houses, opp, A8710:3112:0114:1619:11
Restaurant, at, A8710:3312:0314:1819:13
Junction, opp, A8710:3512:0514:2019:15
Inn, opp, A8710:5412:2414:3919:34
Junction, opp, A8711:0612:3614:5119:46
Tomchraskey Road End, at, A88711:0912:3914:5419:49
Torgoyle Chapel, o/s, A88711:1212:4214:5719:52
Redburn Tearooms, o/s, A88711:1512:4515:0019:55
Farm Road End, at, A88711:1812:4815:0319:58
Hydro Houses, at, A88711:2112:5115:0620:01
Hotel, o/s, A88711:2412:5415:0920:04
Loch Ness Youth Hostel, opp, A8211:3113:0115:1620:11
Achnahannet Farm, at, A8211:3613:0615:2120:16
Car Park, at, A8211:4213:1215:2720:22
Borlum Bridge, after, A8211:4313:1315:2820:23
Balmacaan Road End, at, A8211:4513:1515:3020:25
Post Office, o/s, A8211:4713:1715:3220:27
Temple Pier, opp, A8211:5113:2115:3620:31
Clansman Hotel, o/s, A8211:5513:2515:4020:35
Road End, opp, A8211:5913:2915:4420:39
Village Road End, opp, A8212:0313:3315:4820:43
Post Office, opp, A8212:0613:3615:5120:46
School Road End, opp, A8212:0713:3715:5220:47
Laganlean Shelter, at, A8212:0813:3815:5320:48
Kilvean Cemetery Road End, at, A8212:0913:3915:5420:49
Tomnahurich Bridge, after, Glenalbyn Road12:1113:4115:5620:50
Cemetery Gates, o/s, Glenurquhart Road12:1213:4215:5720:51
Maxwell Drive, at, Glenurquhart Road12:1313:4315:5820:52
Glenurquhart Road, o/s12:1413:4415:5920:53
Council Buildings, opp, Glenurquhart Road12:1613:4616:0120:54
Planefield Road, at, Tomnahurich Street12:1713:4716:0220:55
King Street, at, Tomnahurich Street12:1813:4816:0320:56
Bus Station Stance 2, Stance, Farraline Park12:2513:5016:0520:57
Raigmore Hospital, at, Hospital Car Park12:35

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