Timetable for the 920 - Inverness Raigmore Hospital - Fort William Bus Route

Timetable for 920 - Inverness Raigmore Hospital - Fort William Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Scottish Citylink (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 27/09/2021 End Date: 17/12/2022

bus timetable 920 Inverness Raigmore Hospital - Fort William

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Inshes -> Inverness -> Ballifeary -> Dochgarroch -> Lochend -> Abriachan -> Drumnadrochit -> Lewiston -> Urquhart Castle -> Bunloit -> Alltsigh -> Invermoriston -> Port Claire -> Fort Augustus -> Aberchalder -> Invergarry -> Laggan -> Letterfinlay -> Glen Gloy -> Stronaba -> Spean Bridge -> Nevis Range -> Torlundy -> Lochybridge -> Fort William

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Fort William -> Lochybridge -> Torlundy -> Nevis Range -> Spean Bridge -> Stronaba -> Glen Gloy -> Letterfinlay -> Laggan -> Invergarry -> Fort Augustus -> Port Claire -> Invermoriston -> Alltsigh -> Bunloit -> Urquhart Castle -> Lewiston -> Drumnadrochit -> Abriachan -> Lochend -> Dochgarroch -> Ballifeary -> Inverness

Map Showing the Routes of the 920 Inverness Raigmore Hospital - Fort William Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Inverness Raigmore Hospital - Fort William Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - outbound

Raigmore Hospital, at, Hospital Car Park, Inshes20:00
Bus Station Stance 2, Stance, Farraline Park, Inverness20:15
King Street, opp, Tomnahurich Street, Inverness20:16
Planefield Road, opp, Tomnahurich Street, Inverness20:16
Council Buildings, o/s, Glenurquhart Road, Ballifeary20:16
Bishops Road, at, Glenurquhart Road, Ballifeary20:17
Glenurquhart Road, o/s, Ballifeary20:17
Maxwell Drive, opp, Glenurquhart Road, Ballifeary20:17
Cemetery Gates, opp, Glenurquhart Road, Ballifeary20:17
Tomnahurich Bridge, before, A82, Ballifeary20:18
Post Office, at, A82, Dochgarroch20:25
Village Road End, at, A82, Lochend20:28
Road End, at, A82, Abriachan20:31
Clansman Hotel, opp, A82, Abriachan20:34
Temple Pier, nr, A82, Drumnadrochit20:39
Post Office, opp, A82, Drumnadrochit20:42
Balmacaan Road End, opp, A82, Drumnadrochit20:42
Borlum Farm, opp, A82, Lewiston20:44
Car Park, at, A82, Urquhart Castle20:46
Achnahannet Farm, opp, A82, Bunloit20:48
Loch Ness Youth Hostel, at, A82, Alltsigh20:58
Public Hall, o/s, A82, Invermoriston21:05
Camp Site, o/s, A82, Port Claire21:09
Inchnacardoch Hotel, opp, A82, Fort Augustus21:15
Tourist Information, o/s, A82, Fort Augustus21:16
Abertarff Place, at, A82, Fort Augustus21:16
Swing Bridge House, opp, A82, Aberchalder21:23
Junction, SW-bound, A82, Invergarry21:28
Seven Heads Store, opp, A87, Invergarry21:29
Youth Hostel, opp, A82, Laggan21:31
Laggan Locks, opp, A82, Laggan21:33
Hotel, o/s, A82, Letterfinlay21:39
Road End, at, A82, Glen Gloy21:44
Road End, at, A87, Stronaba21:46
Spean Crescent, at, A82, Spean Bridge21:50
Road End, at, A82, Nevis Range21:55
Hotel, opp, A82, Torlundy21:58
Glenmhor Terrace, at, A82, Lochybridge22:00
Tail Race, before, A82, Lochybridge22:01
British Aluminium, at, North Road, Lochybridge22:01
Ben Nevis Industrial Estate, at, Fort William22:02
Belford Hospital, o/s, A82, Fort William22:04
Bus Station, MacFarlane Way, Fort William22:05

Week Days - inbound

Bus Station, MacFarlane Way, Fort William07:30
Leisure Centre, opp, Belford Road, Fort William07:31
Inverlochy Junction, at, North Road, Fort William07:32
Ben Nevis Industrial Estate, opp, Fort William07:33
Tail Race, after, A82, Lochybridge07:34
Glenmhor Terrace, opp, A82, Lochybridge07:34
Bus Shelter, opp, A82, Torlundy07:39
Road End, opp, A82, Nevis Range07:41
Spean Crescent, opp, A82, Spean Bridge07:48
Riverside Cottage, opp, A82, Spean Bridge07:48
Road End, opp, A87, Stronaba07:53
Road End, opp, A82, Glen Gloy07:56
Hotel, opp, A82, Letterfinlay08:02
Laggan Locks, at, A82, Laggan08:08
Youth Hostel, o/s, A82, Laggan08:10
Filling Station, nr, A82, Invergarry08:14
Camp Site, o/s, A82, Fort Augustus08:26
Medical Centre, at, A82, Fort Augustus08:27
Tourist Information, o/s, A82, Fort Augustus08:28
Inchnacardoch Hotel, o/s, A82, Fort Augustus08:29
Camp Site, opp, A82, Port Claire08:36
Public Hall, opp, A82, Invermoriston08:39
Loch Ness Youth Hostel, opp, A82, Alltsigh08:46
Achnahannet Farm, at, A82, Bunloit08:54
Car Park, at, A82, Urquhart Castle08:57
Borlum Bridge, after, A82, Lewiston09:00
Balmacaan Road End, at, A82, Drumnadrochit09:00
Post Office, o/s, A82, Drumnadrochit09:02
Clansman Hotel, o/s, A82, Abriachan09:10
Village Road End, opp, A82, Lochend09:18
Post Office, opp, A82, Dochgarroch09:21
School Road End, opp, A82, Dochgarroch09:21
Laganlean Shelter, at, A82, Dochgarroch09:24
Cemetery Gates, o/s, Glenurquhart Road, Ballifeary09:30
Maxwell Drive, at, Glenurquhart Road, Ballifeary09:31
Glenurquhart Road, o/s, Ballifeary09:31
Council Buildings, opp, Glenurquhart Road, Ballifeary09:32
King Street, at, Tomnahurich Street, Inverness09:33
Bus Station Stance 2, Stance, Farraline Park, Inverness09:35

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