Timetable for the 25B - Irvine - Beith Bus Route

Timetable for 25B - Irvine - Beith Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach (licensed as Western Buses Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 05/04/2021

bus timetable 25B Irvine - Beith

Map Showing the Routes of the 25B Irvine - Beith Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Irvine - Beith Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Chestnut Avenue, before, Meadowside, Beith06:3207:5008:5009:50
Myrtle Bank, After, Hawthorn Crescent, Beith06:3207:5008:5009:50
Mains Avenue, Before, Mains Road, Beith06:3307:5108:5109:51
Elms Place, Before, Mains Road, Beith06:3307:5108:5109:51
Reform Street, Opp, The Cross, Beith06:3407:5208:5209:52
Strand, After, Eglinton Street, Beith06:3507:5308:5309:53
Glebe Road, after, Dalry Road, Beith06:3507:5308:5309:53
Grahamfield Place, before, Dalry Road, Beith06:3507:5308:5309:53
Manuel Avenue, Opp, Dalry Road, Beith06:3607:5408:5409:54
Spiers Avenue, Opp, Beith Road, Beith06:3707:5508:5509:55
Willowburn Road, Opp, Beith Road, Beith06:3807:5608:5609:56
Longbar Avenue, Opp, Beith Road, Glengarnock06:4007:5808:5809:58
Garnock Campus, opp, Beith Road, Glengarnock06:4107:5908:5909:59
Railway station, near, Main Street, Glengarnock06:4208:0009:0010:00
Garnockside, Opp, Main Street, Glengarnock06:4208:0009:0010:00
Garnock View, Opp, Kirkland Road, Glengarnock06:4308:0109:0110:01
Valefield Football Ground, opp, Kirkland Road, Kilbirnie06:4408:0209:0210:02
Glenriddet Avenue, Opp, Kirkland Road, Kilbirnie06:4508:0309:0310:03
Barony Terrace, before, Fudstone Drive, Kilbirnie06:4608:0409:0410:04
Manuel Court, before, Mossend Avenue, Kilbirnie06:4608:0409:0410:04
Balgray Avenue, after, Mossend Avenue, Kilbirnie06:4708:0509:0510:05
Hagthorn Avenue, Opp, Newhouse Drive, Kilbirnie06:4708:0509:0510:05
Brownhill Drive, Opp, Newhouse Drive, Kilbirnie06:4808:0609:0610:06
Alexander Fleming Avenue, after, Newhouse Drive, Kilbirnie06:4808:0609:0610:06
Castle Drive, at, Place View, Kilbirnie06:4908:0709:0710:07
Bathville Road, before, Park View, Kilbirnie06:4908:0709:0710:07
Walker Street, before, Newton Street, Kilbirnie06:5108:0909:0910:09
Craighouse Square, before, Newton Street, Kilbirnie06:5108:0909:0910:09
Bank Street, after, Main Road, Kilbirnie06:5208:1009:1010:10
Tesco, at, Bridgend, Kilbirnie06:5308:1109:1110:11
Bridge Street, Opp, Townhead, Kilbirnie06:5308:1109:1110:11
Milton Quadrant, opp, Milton Road, Kilbirnie06:5408:1209:1210:12
Auchenhove Crescent, Opp, Stockbridge Crescent, Kilbirnie06:5508:1309:1310:13
Auchenhove Crescent, after, Stockbridge Crescent, Kilbirnie06:5508:1309:1310:13
Brockly View, after, Stockbridge Crescent, Kilbirnie06:5608:1409:1410:14
High Street, before, Stocksbridge Crescent, Kilbirnie06:5608:1409:1410:14
Milton Quadrant, Opp, High Street, Kilbirnie06:5708:1509:1510:15
Milton Quadrant, after, Milton Road, Kilbirnie06:5808:16
Milton Park, after, Townhead, Kilbirnie06:5808:16
School Wynd, opp, Bridge Street, Kilbirnie06:5908:17
Craighouse Square, opp, Newton Street, Kilbirnie07:0008:18
Walker Street, Opp, Newton Street, Kilbirnie07:0108:19
Dennyholme Wynd, Opp, Newton Street, Kilbirnie07:0108:19
Glenriddet Avenue, after, Holmhead, Kilbirnie07:0208:20
Western Crescent, after, Dalry Road, Kilbirnie07:0408:22
Loadingbank, before, Dalry Road, Kilbirnie07:0408:22
Picton, Opp, B780, Dalry07:0908:27
Rye Bridgend, opp, B780, Dalry07:1008:28
Ryeside Place, Opp, Braehead, Dalry07:1008:28
James Street, Opp, North Street, Dalry07:1108:29
North Street, before, Courthill Street, Dalry07:1108:29
The Cross, at, New Street, Dalry07:1208:30
Merksworth Avenue, before, Townend Street, Dalry07:1208:30
Putyan Bridge, At, Kilwinning Road, Dalry07:1308:31
Dalgarven Mill Bridge, At, A737, Dalgarven07:1708:35
Cartleburn Bridge, after, A737, Dalgarvern07:1808:36
Grotholm Way, opp, Dalry Road, Kilwinning07:1908:37
Park Lane, Opp, Dalry Road, Kilwinning07:2008:38
Old Woodwynd Road, after, Dalry Road, Kilwinning07:2008:38
Claremont Crescent, Opp, Dalry Road, Kilwinning07:2108:39
St Winnings Lane, Opp, Howgate, Kilwinning07:2108:39
Woodwynd, after, Lauchlan Way, Kilwinning07:2208:40
Fergushill Road, after, Pathfoot, Kilwinning07:2208:40
Smith Crescent, Opp, Irvine Road, Kilwinning07:2308:41
Bannoch Road, before, Irvine Road, Kilwinning07:2408:42
Watercut Road, Opp, Irvine Road, Kilwinning07:2508:43
Redburn Roundabout, before, Irvine Road, Kilwinning07:2608:44
Redburn Roundabout, after, Kilwinning Road, Irvine07:2708:45
Central Hospital, At, Kilwinning Road, Irvine07:2708:45
Redburn Bridge, Opp, Kilwinning Road, Irvine07:2708:45
Castlepark, after, Kilwinning Road, Irvine07:2808:46
Sandy Road, Opp, Kilwinning Road, Irvine07:2808:46
Fleming Terrace, before, Kilwinning Road, Irvine07:2908:47
James Crescent, before, Kilwinning Road, Irvine07:2908:47
Academy Gardens, opp, Kilwinning Road, Irvine07:3008:48
Quarry Road, After, Eglinton Street, Irvine07:3108:49
Crown Inn, at, High Street, Irvine07:3108:49
East Road, before, Bank Street, Irvine07:3208:50

Week Days - outbound

Milton Quadrant, Opp, High Street, Kilbirnie07:2408:2409:24
Milton Quadrant, after, Milton Road, Kilbirnie07:2508:2509:25
Milton Park, after, Townhead, Kilbirnie07:2608:2609:26
School Wynd, opp, Bridge Street, Kilbirnie07:2608:2609:26
Tesco, at, Bridgend, Kilbirnie07:2808:2809:28
Craighouse Square, opp, Newton Street, Kilbirnie07:2908:2909:29
Walker Street, Opp, Newton Street, Kilbirnie07:2908:2909:29
Dennyholme Wynd, Opp, Newton Street, Kilbirnie07:3008:3009:30
Bathville Road, after, Park View, Kilbirnie07:3108:3109:31
Newhouse Drive, before, Place View, Kilbirnie07:3108:3109:31
Alexander Fleming Avenue, Opp, Newhouse Drive, Kilbirnie07:3208:3209:32
Brownhill Drive, before, Newhouse Drive, Kilbirnie07:3208:3209:32
Hagthorn Avenue, after, Newhouse Drive, Kilbirnie07:3308:3309:33
Balgray Avenue, opp, Mossend Avenue, Kilbirnie07:3308:3309:33
Manuel Court, Opp, Mossend Avenue, Kilbirnie07:3308:3309:33
Barony Terrace, Opp, Fudstone Drive, Kilbirnie07:3508:3509:35
Glenriddet Avenue, after, Kirkland Road, Kilbirnie07:3508:3509:35
Valefield Football Ground, At, Kirkland Road, Kilbirnie07:3608:3609:36
Garnock View, before, Kirkland Road, Glengarnock07:3708:3709:37
Garnockside, At, Main Street, Glengarnock07:3808:3809:38
Railway Station, opp, Main Street, Glengarnock07:3908:3909:39
Garnock Campus, at, Beith Road, Glengarnock07:3908:3909:39
Longbar Avenue, At, Beith Road, Glengarnock07:4008:4009:40
Willowburn Road, At, Beith Road, Beith07:4208:4209:42
Spiers Avenue, after, Beith Road, Beith07:4308:4309:43
Manuel Avenue, after, Dalry Road, Beith07:4408:4409:44
Grahamfield Place, opp, Dalry Road, Beith07:4408:4409:44
Glebe Road, Opp, Eglinton Street, Beith07:4508:4509:45
Strand, Opp, Eglinton Street, Beith07:4608:4609:46
Bellmans Close, Opp, The Cross, Beith07:4608:4609:46
Elms Place, Opp, Mains Road, Beith07:4708:4709:47
Cedar Avenue, Opp, Meadowside, Beith07:4808:4809:48
Chestnut Avenue, before, Meadowside, Beith07:4908:4909:49

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.