Timetable for the X56B - Edinburgh - Perth Bus Route

Timetable for X56B - Edinburgh - Perth Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stagecoach (licensed as Fife Scottish Omnibuses Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 01/11/2021

bus timetable X56B Edinburgh - Perth

Map Showing the Routes of the X56B Edinburgh - Perth Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Edinburgh - Perth Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

Bus Station, Stance 2, Leonard Street06:0508:05
South Street, Stop K06:0808:08
Scott Street, Stop X06:1008:10
Edinburgh Road, Stop ZM06:1008:10
Prison, at, Edinburgh Road06:1108:11
Tesco, at, Edinburgh Road06:1208:12
Breadalbane Terrace, at, Edinburgh Road06:1208:12
Craigclowan School, opp, Edinburgh Road06:1408:14
Side Street, at, Main Street06:2008:20
Church Street, opp, South Street06:3608:36
War Memorial, opp, South Street06:3608:36
Bridgefauld Road, opp, South Street06:3608:36
Auld Mart Road, at06:3708:37
Loch Leven Leisure Centre, opp, B99606:3808:38
Gallowhill Road, opp, The Muirs06:3908:39
The Muirs, at, B99606:4008:40
Green Hotel, opp, The Muirs06:4108:41
Kirklands Hotel, opp, High Street06:4108:41
Lomond Mews, at, Station Road06:4208:42
Primary School, at, Station Road06:4208:42
Station Road, at06:4308:43
Park and Ride, opp, Junction Road06:4508:45
Levenbridge Place, at, Junction Road06:4508:45
Clashburn Way, at, Clashburn Road06:4608:46
Bridgend, at, High Street06:4608:46
Hatchbank Road, opp, B99606:4908:49
Gairneybridge Farm, opp, B99606:5008:50
Greenacres, opp, B99606:5108:51
Lochran Farm, opp, B99606:5208:52
Blairfordel Farm, at, B99606:5408:54
Gowanbank Farm, opp, Black Road06:5508:55
Westcroft Way, opp, Main Street06:5508:55
Community Centre, adj, Main Street06:5608:56
Primary School, adj, Main Street06:5608:56
Main Street, adj 2306:5708:57
Kingsland Terrace, adj, Cocklaw Street06:5708:57
Blackhall Road, opp, Cocklaw Street06:5708:57
Park & Ride Arrival Bay, at, A9207:0509:05
Park & Ride, Stance 4, A9207:0909:08
Park & Ride, Stance 3, Hope Street07:1909:16
North Access, S-Bound, A9007:2009:17
Slip Road, S-bound, Forth Road Bridge07:2309:20
Barnton Junction, E-bound, Queensferry Road07:3209:26
Hillpark Steps, opp, Queensferry Road07:3509:27
Telford Road, after, Hillhouse Road07:3709:29
Craigleith Drive, before, Queensferry Road07:4209:33
Learmonth Terrace, o/s, Queensferry Road07:4809:38
Queensferry Street, Stop QC07:5309:42
Princes Street (west), Stop PD, Princes Street07:5709:45
Princes Street (Scott Mon.), Stop PH, Princes Street08:0009:47
Bus Station, at, Elder Street08:0809:53

Week Days - outbound

Bus Station, Gate C-Stance 418:15
Princes Street (Scott Mon.), Stop PR, Princes Street18:20
Princes Street (west), Stop PU, Princes Street18:22
Queensferry Street, Stop QE18:26
Learmonth Terrace, opp, QUEENSFERRY ROAD18:27
Craigleith Road, after, Queensferry Road18:31
Telford Road, before, Hillhouse Road18:33
Hillpark Steps, adj, Queensferry Road18:34
Barnton Junction, W-bound, Queensferry Road18:36
Slip Road, N-bound, Forth Road Bridge18:47
North Access, N-Bound, A9018:50
Park & Ride, Stance 2, Hope Street18:52
Park & Ride Arrival Bay, at, A9219:00
Park & Ride, Stance 1, A9207:1919:02
Blackhall Road, adj, Cocklaw Street07:2819:11
Kingsland Terrace, opp, Cocklaw Street07:2919:12
Primary School, opp, Main Street07:2919:12
Community Centre, opp, Main Street07:2919:12
Westcroft Way, adj, Main Street07:3019:13
Main Street, adj, Black Road07:3019:13
Gowanbank Farm, adj, Black Road07:3019:13
Blairfordel Farm, opp, B99607:3119:14
Lochran Farm, at, B99607:3319:16
Greenacres, at, B99607:3419:17
Gairneybridge Farm, at, B99607:3519:18
Hatchbank Road, at, B99607:3619:19
Bridgend, opp, High Street07:3919:22
Clashburn Way, opp, Clashburn Road07:3919:22
Levenbridge Place, opp, Junction Road07:4019:23
Park and Ride, at, Junction Road07:4219:25
Ochil View, at, Station Road07:4219:25
Primary School, opp, Station Road07:4319:26
Kirklands Hotel, at, High Street07:4419:27
Green Hotel, at, The Muirs07:4519:28
The Muirs, opp, B99607:4519:28
Gallowhill Road, at, The Muirs07:4719:30
Loch Leven Leisure Centre, at, B99607:4819:31
Auld Mart Road, opp, South Street07:4919:32
Bridgefauld Road, at, South Street07:5019:33
War Memorial, at, South Street07:5019:33
Church Street, at, South Street07:5119:34
Victoria Avenue, at, New Road07:51
Burleigh Road Junction, opp, Perth Road07:51
Arlary road end, opp, B99607:53
Mawcarse road end, opp, A9107:55
Cuthill Towers, opp, B99607:57
Duncrievie, at, B99608:00
Hilton View, at, B99608:00
Elm Cottage, opp, Main Street08:00
Ladeside, at, Main Street08:01
Greenbank Road, at, Main Street08:02
Hillwood, at, Main Street08:02
Fordel Road End, at, B99608:02
Bein Inn, opp, B99608:06
Balnagowan, opp, A91208:10
Side Street, opp, Main Street08:1519:50
Craigclowan School, at, Edinburgh Road08:2019:55
Breadalbane Terrace, opp, Edinburgh Road08:2119:56
Tesco, opp, Edinburgh Road08:2219:57
Prison, opp, Edinburgh Road08:2319:58
Edinburgh Road, Stop ZL08:2419:59
Canal Street, Stop ZP08:2520:00
Bus Station, Stances, Leonard Street08:2820:03

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