Bus Routes in Scottish Borders

Bus Operators in Scottish Borders

Bus Operator Bus Number Route
Andersons of Langholm9595 Langholm - Hawick High School
Andersons of LangholmH04H04 Hawick - Howpasley
Border Buses235235 Berwick-upon-Tweed - St Abbs
Border Buses6767 Galashiels - Kelso
Border Buses6060 Duns - Tweedmouth
Border Buses253253 Haddington - Berwick-upon-Tweed
Borders BusesH2H2 Hawick - Burnfoot
Borders Buses6868 Jedburgh - Galashiels
Borders BusesX95X95 Edinburgh - Carlisle
Borders Buses6060 Tweedmouth - Galashiels
Borders Buses6161 Galashiels - Earlston or Oxton
Borders BusesH1H1 Hawick - Burnfoot
Borders Buses9393 Peebles - West Linton
Borders Buses314314 Galashiels - Earlston High School
Borders Buses9191 Peebles - Biggar
Borders BusesX62X62 Galashiels - Edinburgh
Borders Buses5454 Balmoral circular - Galashiels
Borders Buses6767 Berwick Upon Tweed - Galashiels
Borders Buses7474 Netherdale and Easter Langlee circular - Galashiels
Borders Buses90B90B Hay Lodge + Eliots Park circular - Peebles
Borders BusesH2H2 Hawick - Burnfoot
Borders Buses313313 Galashiels - Earlston High School
Borders Buses235235 Berwick-upon-Tweed - St Abbs
Borders BusesH1H1 Hawick - Burnfoot
Borders Buses7373 Galashiels - Selkirk
Borders Buses7070 Langlee circular - Galashiels
Borders Buses90A90A Kingsway + Edderston Rd circular - Peebles
Borders Buses362362 Innerleithen - Peebles High School
Hunter Cabs + MinibusesS02S02 Ettrick - Selkirk High School
Peter HoggK12K12 Kelso - Kirk Yetholm
Peter HoggH2H2 Hawick - Burnfoot
Peter Hogg8080 Kelso - High Croft and Pinnaclehill circular
Peter HoggH2H2 Hawick - Burnfoot
Peter HoggK08K08 Jedburgh - Morebattle
Peter Hogg2020 Hawick - Kelso
Peter Hogg81A81A Kelso - Morebattle and Kirk Yetholm circular
Peter HoggK01K01 Whitton - Kelso
Peter Hogg2020 Kelso - Jedburgh
Peter Hogg2121 Jedburgh - Howdenburn circular
Peter HoggH1H1 Hawick - Burnfoot
Peter Hogg131131 Kelso or Jedburgh - Newcastle upon Tyne
Peter HoggH1H1 Hawick - Burnfoot
Peter Hogg8181 Kelso - Kirk Yetholm and Morebattle circular
Scottish Borders Council983983 Kelso - Springwood or Sprouston
Scottish Borders Council911911 Ettrick - Hawick
Scottish Borders Council4747 Hawick and Crumhaugh circular - Weensland Pk
Scottish Borders Council8585 Kelso - Harpertoun
Scottish Borders Council910910 Hawick - Southdean Bridge
Scottish Borders Council964964 Newtown St Boswells - Galashiels
Scottish Borders Council2020 Kelso - Jedburgh
Scottish Borders Council4646 Orchard Terrace circular + Weensland Pk - Hawick
Scottish Borders Council4949 Burnfoot Silverbuthall + Stirches circular - Hawick
Scottish Borders Council8686 Newtown St Boswells - Kelso
Scottish Borders Council902902 Kelso - Smailholm and Hume circular
Scottish Borders Council912912 Ettrick - Galashiels
Scottish Borders Council4848 Stirches Silverbuthall + Burnfoot circular - Hawick
Scottish Borders Council2020 Hawick - Kelso
Telfords Coaches128128 Hawick - Newcastleton
Travelsure3232 Duns - Tweedmouth
Travelsure260260 Tweedmouth - Duns
Travelsure260260 Tweedmouth - Duns
Travelsure3232 Paxton and Swinton circular - Tweedmouth
Travelsure3434 Tweedmouth - Duns
Travelsure3434 Tweedmouth - Duns
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