Timetable for the 314 - Galashiels - Earlston High School Bus Route

Timetable for 314 - Galashiels - Earlston High School Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Borders Buses (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 18/08/2021 End Date: 17/12/2022

bus timetable 314 Galashiels - Earlston High School

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Galashiels -> Kingsknowes -> Tweedbank -> Darnick -> Melrose -> Newstead -> Leaderfoot -> Earlston

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Earlston -> Leaderfoot -> Newstead -> Melrose -> Tweedbank -> Kingsknowes -> Galashiels

Map Showing the Routes of the 314 Galashiels - Earlston High School Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Galashiels - Earlston High School Service

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Week Days - inbound

High School, At, Earlston High School, Earlston08:4713:2715:55
East End Church, Opp, Church Street, Earlston08:4713:2715:55
East Green nursery, Nr, EAST GREEN, Earlston08:4813:2815:56
High Street, Adj, Melrose Road, Earlston08:5013:3015:58
Drygrange Nursing Home, At, A68, Earlston08:5313:3316:01
Leaderfoot Bridge, S-Bound, A68, Leaderfoot08:5513:3516:03
Roundabout, W-bound, A6901, Leaderfoot08:5613:3616:04
By-pass, W-bound, A6091, Newstead08:5813:3816:06
Youth Hostel, Opp, High Road, Melrose09:0013:4016:08
Market Square, o/s, MARKET SQUARE, Melrose09:0113:4116:09
St Dunstan's Lane, Nr, High Street, Melrose09:0113:4116:09
Gibson Park, At, High Street, Melrose09:0113:4216:09
Weirhill Place, opp, HIGH CROSS AVENUE, Melrose09:0213:4316:10
Tweedbank Ind Est, Nr, TWEEDBANK DRIVE, Tweedbank09:0913:5116:17
Jura Drive, Adj, Tweedbank Drive, Tweedbank09:1013:5216:18
Shielswood Court, Opp, Tweedbank Drive, Tweedbank09:1113:5416:19
Shops, Opp, Tweedbank Drive, Tweedbank09:1113:5416:19
Tweedbank Loch, Opp, Tweedbank Drive, Tweedbank09:1213:5516:20
Galafoot Bridge, W-bound, A6091, Tweedbank09:1413:5716:22
Archies Walk, At, Abbotsford Road, Kingsknowes09:1714:0016:25
Fire Station, Opp, Abbotsford Road, Galashiels09:1814:0116:26
St Peter's School, o/s, ABBOTSFORD ROAD, Galashiels09:1914:0216:27
Burgh Chambers, At, Paton Street, Galashiels09:2014:0316:28
Bank Street Gardens, At, Bank Street, Galashiels09:2114:0416:29
Iceland, At, HIGH STREET, Galashiels09:2214:0516:30
Transport Interchange, Stance 7, STIRLING STREET, Galashiels09:2414:0716:32

Week Days - outbound

Transport Interchange, Stance 7, STIRLING STREET, Galashiels08:0012:4515:10
Market Street Fountain, Opp, MARKET STREET, Galashiels08:0012:4515:10
St Peter's School, opp, Abbotsford Road, Galashiels08:0212:4715:12
Fire Station, Adj, Abbotsford Road, Galashiels08:0412:4915:14
Archies Walk, near, Abbotsford Road, Kingsknowes08:0612:5115:16
Galafoot Bridge, E-bound, A6091, Tweedbank08:0912:5315:17
Tweedbank Loch, at, Tweedbank Drive, Tweedbank08:1212:5515:19
Cotgreen Road, Nr, Tweedbank Drive, Tweedbank08:1412:5615:20
Neidpath Court, Opp, Tweedbank Drive, Tweedbank08:1612:5815:21
Jura Drive, Opp, Tweedbank Drive, Tweedbank08:1712:5815:22
Tweedbank Ind Est, Opp, TWEEDBANK DRIVE, Tweedbank08:1812:5915:23
Waverley Castle, at, Waverley Road, Darnick08:2213:0215:27
Weirhill Place, at, Weirhill, Melrose08:2413:0415:29
Wright's Chiropractor, Opp, High Street, Melrose08:2513:0515:30
Abbey Car Park, At, Buccleuch Street, Melrose08:2613:0615:31
Priorswood Court, at, High Road, Melrose08:2613:0615:31
Youth Hostel, At, High Road, Melrose08:2613:0615:31
By-pass, E-bound, A6091, Newstead08:2813:0815:33
Roundabout, E-bound, A6901, Leaderfoot08:3013:1015:35
Leaderfoot Bridge, N-Bound, A68, Leaderfoot08:3113:1115:36
Drygrange Nursing Home, Opp, A68, Earlston08:3213:1215:37
High Street, Opp, Melrose Road, Earlston08:3613:1615:41
Post Office, o/s, High Street, Earlston08:3713:1715:42
East Green nursery, Opp, East Green, Earlston08:3713:1715:42
East End Church, Nr, Church Street, Earlston08:3813:1815:43
High School, At, Earlston High School, Earlston08:4013:2015:45

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