Timetable for the 925 - Bannockburn, Newmarket - Dunblane, Queen Victoria School Bus Route

Timetable for 925 - Bannockburn, Newmarket - Dunblane, Queen Victoria School Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Midland Bluebird (licensed as Midland Bluebird Ltd).

Timetable Start Date: 01/05/2022 End Date: 07/05/2022

bus timetable 925 Bannockburn, Newmarket - Dunblane, Queen Victoria School

Map Showing the Routes of the 925 Bannockburn, Newmarket - Dunblane, Queen Victoria School Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Bannockburn, Newmarket - Dunblane, Queen Victoria School Service

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Week Days - inbound

Kippendavie Road, opp and before, Perth Road18:0018:0018:0018:0018:00
Queen Victoria School, at, Perth Road18:0218:0218:0218:0218:02
Kippendavie Road, at, Perth Road18:0218:0218:0218:0218:02
Ramoyle, opp and before, Perth Road18:0318:0318:0318:0318:03
Bogside, opp, Perth Road18:0418:0418:0418:0418:04
Newton Loan, after, Perth Road18:0418:0418:0418:0418:04
Police Station, opp, Perth Road18:0618:0618:0618:0618:06
Bowling Green, at, Perth Road18:0618:0618:0618:0618:06
Keir Roundabout, before, Stirling Road18:0818:0818:0818:0818:08
Lecropt Kirk, opp, Henderson Street18:1018:1018:1018:1018:10
Railway Station, opp, Henderson Street18:1118:1118:1118:1118:11
Inverallan Road, opp, Henderson Street18:1218:1218:1218:1218:12
Royal Hotel, at, Henderson Street18:1318:1318:1318:1318:13
Police Station, opp and after, Henderson Street18:1318:1318:1318:1318:13
Graham Street, opp and after, Henderson Street18:1418:1418:1418:1418:14
Coneyhill Road, at, CONEYHILL ROAD18:1418:1418:1418:1418:14
Grahams Dairy, opp, Airthrey Road18:1518:1518:1518:1518:15
University Entrance, before, Airthrey Road18:1518:1518:1518:1518:15
Institute of Sport, at, Airthrey Road18:1618:1618:1618:1618:16
Wallace High School, opp and after, Airthrey Road18:1718:1718:1718:1718:17
Easter Cornton Road, opp and before, Causewayhead Road18:1818:1818:1818:1818:18
Cleuch Road, opp, Causewayhead Road18:1818:1818:1818:1818:18
Dumyat Road, opp and before, Causewayhead Road18:1918:1918:1918:1918:19
Buchanan Drive, opp and after, Causewayhead Road18:1918:1918:1918:1918:19
Cornton Road, opp and after, Causewayhead Road18:2018:2018:2018:2018:20
Orchard House Hospital, opp, Union Street18:2218:2218:2218:2218:22
The Cowane Centre, opp, COWANE STREET18:2218:2218:2218:2218:22
Wallace Street, before, COWANE STREET18:2318:2318:2318:2318:23
Sheriff Court, at, BARNTON STREET18:2418:2418:2418:2418:24
Stance F, at, MURRAY PLACE18:2518:2518:2518:2518:25
Bus Station, Stance 14, Goosecroft Road18:2718:2718:2718:2718:27
Wellgreen Road, Stance 1, WELLGREEN ROAD18:2818:2818:2818:2818:28
Viewforth Main Entrance, at, St Ninians Road18:2918:2918:2918:2918:29
The Woodlands, at, St Ninians Road18:3018:3018:3018:3018:30
Police Headquarters, opp, NEWHOUSE18:3118:3118:3118:3118:31
Beechwood Park, opp, Newhouse18:3118:3118:3118:3118:31
Post Office, at, BORESTONE CRESCENT18:3218:3218:3218:3218:32
Mayfield Street, before, BANNOCKBURN ROAD18:3418:3418:3418:3418:34
Cornhill Crescent, before, Bannockburn Road18:3418:3418:3418:3418:34
Hill Street, opp and after, BANNOCKBURN ROAD18:3418:3418:3418:3418:34
Braehead Road, opp and before, BANNOCKBURN ROAD18:3518:3518:3518:3518:35
Bannockburn High School, near, Bannockburn Road18:3518:3518:3518:3518:35
Park Drive, before, The Firs18:3618:3618:3618:3618:36
Firs Crescent, before, NEW ROAD18:3718:3718:3718:3718:37
Cross, before, New Road18:3818:3818:3818:3818:38
Roman Catholic Church, at, Quakerfield18:3818:3818:3818:3818:38
Bannockburn Primary School, opp, Newmarket18:3918:3918:3918:3918:39

Week Days - outbound

Bannockburn Primary School, at, Newmarket06:5906:5906:5906:5906:59
Cross, after, New Road06:5906:5906:5906:5906:59
Firs Crescent, opp and after, NEW ROAD07:0007:0007:0007:0007:00
Park Drive, opp and before, The Firs07:0107:0107:0107:0107:01
Bannockburn High School, opp, Bannockburn Road07:0207:0207:0207:0207:02
Braehead Road, before, BANNOCKBURN ROAD07:0207:0207:0207:0207:02
Hill Street, before, Bannockburn Road07:0307:0307:0307:0307:03
Mayfield Street, opp and before, Bannockburn Road07:0407:0407:0407:0407:04
Thistle Park, at, Borestone Crescent07:0407:0407:0407:0407:04
Beechwood Park, at, Newhouse07:0607:0607:0607:0607:06
Police Headquarters, at, ST NINIANS ROAD07:0707:0707:0707:0707:07
Viewforth Main Entrance, opp, St Ninians Road07:0807:0807:0807:0807:08
Wellgreen Road, Stance 4, WELLGREEN ROAD07:0907:0907:0907:0907:09
Bus Station, Stance 7, Goosecroft Road07:1107:1107:1107:1107:11
Stance B, at, Goosecroft Road07:1307:1307:1307:1307:13
The Cowane Centre, at, COWANE STREET07:1407:1407:1407:1407:14
Orchard House Hospital, at, UNION STREET07:1507:1507:1507:1507:15
Buchanan Drive, before, Causewayhead Road07:1707:1707:1707:1707:17
Dumyat Road, after, Causewayhead Road07:1707:1707:1707:1707:17
Cleuch Road, before, Causewayhead Road07:1807:1807:1807:1807:18
Easter Cornton Road, before, Causewayhead Road07:1907:1907:1907:1907:19
Wallace High School, near, Airthrey Road07:1907:1907:1907:1907:19
Institute of Sport, opp, Airthrey Road07:2007:2007:2007:2007:20
University Entrance, after, Airthrey Road07:2107:2107:2107:2107:21
Coneyhill Road, opp and after, Henderson Street07:2307:2307:2307:2307:23
Police Station, at, Henderson Street07:2407:2407:2407:2407:24
Royal Hotel, opp, Henderson Street07:2507:2507:2507:2507:25
Westerton Arms, at, Henderson Street07:2507:2507:2507:2507:25
Inverallan Road, at, Henderson Street07:2507:2507:2507:2507:25
Railway Station, at, Henderson Street07:2607:2607:2607:2607:26
Lecropt Kirk, at, Henderson Street07:2607:2607:2607:2607:26
Keir Roundabout, after, Stirling Road07:2907:2907:2907:2907:29
Bowling Green, opp, Perth Road07:3107:3107:3107:3107:31
Police Station, at, Perth Road07:3207:3207:3207:3207:32
Newton Loan, opp, Perth Road07:3207:3207:3207:3207:32
Bogside, after, Perth Road07:3307:3307:3307:3307:33
Ramoyle, after, Perth Road07:3307:3307:3307:3307:33
Kippendavie Road, opp and before, Perth Road07:3407:3407:3407:3407:34
Queen Victoria School, at, Perth Road07:3607:3607:3607:3607:36

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.