Timetable for the 40 - Livingston St John's Hospital - Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Bus Route

Timetable for 40 - Livingston St John's Hospital - Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by E + M Horsburgh (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 10/04/2016 End Date: 11/01/2023

bus timetable 40 Livingston St John's Hospital - Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

Map Showing the Routes of the 40 Livingston St John's Hospital - Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Livingston St John's Hospital - Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Service

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Week Days - inbound

Royal Infirmary, Stop IN08:5512:1014:1020:25
Little France Road, before, Old Dalkeith Road08:5712:1114:1120:26
Fernieside Drive, opp, Old Dalkeith Road08:5812:1314:1320:28
Fernieside Grove, opp, Old Dalkeith Road08:5912:1314:1320:28
Ferniehill Road, opp, Ferniehill Drive08:5912:1314:1320:28
Ferniehill Place, opp, Ferniehill Drive09:0012:1514:1520:30
Ferniehill Avenue, opp, Ferniehill Drive09:0112:1514:1520:30
Drum Street, SE-bound09:0212:1614:1620:31
Drum Cottages, opp, Drum Street09:0312:1714:1720:32
Gilmerton Station Road, opp, Gilmerton Road09:0312:1714:1720:32
Gilmerton Station Road, before, Gilmerton Road09:0412:1814:1820:33
Hermiston Park & Ride, SW-bound, Riccarton Mains Road09:2512:3314:3320:48
Gogar Station Road, NW-bound09:2512:3314:3320:48
Trefoil Centre, near, Gogarbank Road09:2812:3514:3520:50
SASA, opp, Gogarbank Road09:2912:3614:3620:51
Dalmahoy Road, N-bound09:3312:3914:3920:54
North Street, opp, Main Street09:3312:3914:3920:54
Craigpark Avenue, opp, Main Street09:3412:4014:4020:55
Wilkieston Road, W-bound09:3412:4014:4020:55
Bonnington, S-bound, Bonnington Road09:3612:4214:4220:57
Post Office, opp, A7109:3712:4314:4320:58
Overton Crescent, Opp, Langton Road09:4212:4614:4621:02
Langton View, at, Langton Road09:4212:4614:4621:02
Langton Gardens, after, LANGTON ROAD09:4312:4714:4721:03
Oakbank Road, after, LANGTON ROAD09:4312:4714:4721:03
Bowling Green, opp, Langton Road09:4412:4814:4821:03
Torphichen Inn, at, BANK STREET09:4512:4914:4921:04
Cunnigar House, at, Market Street09:4512:4914:4921:04
Ochiltree Crescent, opp, Calder Park Road09:4712:5014:5021:05
Caroline Park, opp, CALDER PARK ROAD09:4712:5014:5021:05
Lizzie Bryces Roundabout, after, BANKTON ROAD09:4912:5114:5121:06
Ambrose Rise, after, Dedridge East09:5012:5314:5321:08
Primary School, opp, DEDRIDGE EAST ROAD09:5212:5514:5521:10
Herald Rise, opp and after, Dedridge East09:5412:5614:5621:11
Bank of Scotland, at, Almondvale South09:5512:5714:5721:12
Bus Terminal, Stance C, Almondvale Avenue09:5712:5914:5921:14
Lime Kiln, at, ALMONDVALE BOULEVARD09:5813:0015:0021:15
Travelodge, opp, Almondvale Way09:5813:0015:0021:15
Campus Roundabout, after, ALDERSTONE ROAD10:0013:0215:0221:17
Almondvale Stadium, at, ALDERSTONE ROAD10:0013:0215:0221:17
Quarrywood Court, at, ALDERSTONE ROAD10:0113:0315:0321:18
Braehead Junction, after, ALDERSTONE ROAD10:0213:0415:0421:19
St Johns Hospital, before, Hospital Grounds10:0313:0515:0521:20
St Johns Hospital, at, Hospital Grounds10:0513:0715:0721:22

Week Days - outbound

St Johns Hospital, at, Hospital Grounds07:4010:1012:1017:10
Braehead Junction, before, ALDERSTONE ROAD07:4110:1112:1117:11
Quarrywood Court, opp, Alderstone Road07:4210:1212:1217:12
Almondvale Stadium, opp, ALDERSTONE ROAD07:4310:1312:1317:13
Campus Roundabout, before, Alderstone Road07:4410:1412:1417:14
Lime Kiln, opp, ALMONDVALE BOULEVARD07:4610:1612:1617:16
Bus Terminal, Stance F, ALMONDVALE AVENUE07:4810:1812:1817:18
Bank of Scotland, opp, Almondvale South07:4910:1912:1917:19
Herald Rise, before, HERALD RISE07:4910:1912:1917:19
Primary School, after, DEDRIDGE EAST ROAD07:5110:2112:2117:21
Ambrose Rise, opp, DEDRIDGE EAST ROAD07:5210:2212:2217:22
Lizzie Bryces Roundabout, before, BANKTON ROAD07:5410:2412:2417:24
Caroline Park, after, Calder Park Road07:5510:2412:2417:25
Ochiltree Crescent, at, CALDER PARK ROAD07:5510:2512:2517:25
Cunnigar House, opp, B701507:5710:2612:2617:27
Police Station, opp, Market Street07:5810:2712:2717:28
Torphichen Inn, opp and before, BANK STREET07:5810:2712:2717:28
Bowling Green, at, Langton Road08:0010:2912:2917:30
Oakbank Road, opp, Langton Road08:0110:2912:2917:31
Langton Gardens, opp, Langton Road08:0210:3012:3017:32
Langton View, opp, Langton Road08:0210:3012:3017:32
Overton Crescent, before, Langton Road08:0210:3012:3017:32
Post Office, at, Main Street08:0810:3412:3417:38
Bonnington, N-bound, Bonnington Road08:0810:3412:3417:38
Wilkieston Road, E-bound08:1010:3612:3617:40
Craigpark Avenue, after, Main Street08:1010:3612:3617:40
North Street, before, Main Street08:1110:3712:3717:41
Dalmahoy Road, S-bound08:1110:3712:3717:41
Ransfield Cottages, at, Dalmahoy Road08:1210:3712:3717:42
SASA, near, Gogarbank Road08:1510:4012:4017:45
Trefoil Centre, opp, Ransfield Road08:1610:4012:4017:46
Gogar Station Road, SE-bound08:1810:4312:4317:48
Hermiston Park & Ride, NE-bound, Riccarton Mains Road08:2010:4412:4417:50
Gilmerton Station Road, opp, Gilmerton Road08:4010:5812:5818:10
Gilmerton Station Road, before, Gilmerton Road08:4110:5912:5918:11
Drum Cottages, at08:4110:5912:5918:11
Drum Street, NW-bound08:4211:0013:0018:12
Ferniehill Avenue, before, Ferniehill Drive08:4311:0013:0018:13
Ferniehill Place, o/s, Ferniehill Drive08:4311:0113:0118:13
Ferniehill Road, after08:4511:0213:0218:15
Fernieside Grove, near, Old Dalkeith Road08:4511:0313:0318:15
Fernieside Drive, at, OLD DALKEITH ROAD08:4611:0313:0318:16
Little France Road, after, Old Dalkeith Road08:4711:0413:0418:17
Royal Infirmary, Stop IN08:5011:0713:0718:20

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