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91 Bus Route: Ovingdean - Woodingdean - Hollingdean - BHASVIC - Cardinal Newman School with Stops and Timetable

This bus service is run by Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company

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All inbound buses on this route travel from opp, St Dunstan's, Greenways, Ovingdean to Stop C, Cardinal Newman School, The Upper Drive, Hove.


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Bus Timetable for the 91 - Ovingdean - Woodingdean - Hollingdean - BHASVIC - Cardinal Newman School Route

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opp, St Dunstan's, Greenways, Ovingdean7:11
opp, Beacon Hill, Greenways, Ovingdean7:11
adj, Ovingdean Hall School, Ainsworth Avenue, Ovingdean7:12
adj, Ainsworth Close, Ainsworth Avenue, Ovingdean7:13
adj, Longhill Road, Ainsworth Avenue, Ovingdean7:13
opp, Longhill Close, Longhill Road, Ovingdean7:14
opp, Wanderdown Road South End, Longhill Road, Ovingdean7:14
opp, Ovingdean Stores, Longhill Road, Ovingdean7:15
opp, Wanderdown Road North End, Ovingdean Road, Ovingdean7:15
opp, The Vale, Ovingdean Road, Ovingdean7:17
adj, Ovingdean Road, Falmer Road, Ovingdean7:17
E-bound, Bottom of Cowley Drive, Cowley Drive, Woodingdean7:18
opp, Ravenswood Drive, Cowley Drive, Woodingdean7:19
opp, Cowley Drive Shops, Cowley Drive, Woodingdean7:20
opp, Stanstead Crescent, Cowley Drive, Woodingdean7:21
adj, Foxdown Road, Cowley Drive, Woodingdean7:22
N-bound, Top of Cowley Drive, Bexhill Road, Woodingdean7:22
adj, Heronsdale Road, Bexhill Road, Woodingdean7:23
adj, Balsdean Road, Bexhill Road, Woodingdean7:24
W-bound, Langley Crescent East End, Langley Crescent, Woodingdean7:25
opp, Sutton Close, Langley Crescent, Woodingdean7:26
N-bound, Langley Crescent West End, Langley Crescent, Woodingdean7:27
adj, Sea View Way, Bexhill Road, Woodingdean7:28
opp, Downs Hotel Falmer Road, Falmer Road, Woodingdean7:30
opp, Downs Hotel, Warren Road, Woodingdean7:32
o/s, Woodingdean Community Centre, Warren Road, Woodingdean7:32
adj, Nuffield Hospital, Warren Road, Woodingdean7:33
adj, Lawn Cemetery, Warren Road, Woodingdean7:33
opp, Downland Road, Warren Road, Woodingdean7:34
adj, Top of Wilson Avenue, Warren Road, Brighton7:36
opp, Fitzherbert Drive, Bevendean Road, Brighton7:39
adj, Eastbourne Road, Bevendean Road, Brighton7:39
NW-bound, Eastbourne Road, Brighton7:40
opp, Carlyle Avenue, Baden Road, Brighton7:40
SW-bound, Baden Road, Brighton7:41
opp, Coombe Road School, Coombe Road, Brighton7:43
W-bound, Bottom of Coombe Road, Coombe Road, Brighton7:44
adj, Lewes Road Bus Garage, Lewes Road, Brighton7:47
o/s, Sainsbury's, Lewes Road, Brighton7:49
NE-bound, Bottom of Davey Drive, Davey Drive, Brighton7:51
opp, Waverley Crescent, Davey Drive, Brighton7:51
opp, St Joseph's School, The Crestway, Brighton7:52
opp, Tavistock Down, The Crestway, Brighton7:53
adj, Mountfields, Stephens Road, Brighton7:53
opp, Lynchet Close, Brentwood Road, Brighton7:54
opp, Brentwood Crescent, Brentwood Road, Brighton7:55
opp, Burstead Close, Brentwood Road, Brighton7:56
adj, Quarry Bank Road, Stanmer Villas, Brighton7:57
just before, Hollingbury Crescent, Stanmer Villas, Brighton7:58
W-bound, Fiveways, Hollingbury Road, Brighton8:00
adj, Southdown Road, Preston Drove, Brighton8:00
adj, Chester Terrace, Preston Drove, Brighton8:01
opp, Surrenden Road South End, Preston Drove, Brighton8:02
adj, Preston Manor, Preston Drove, Brighton8:03
adj, Preston Drove, Preston Road, Brighton8:04
opp, Nestor Court, Preston Road, Brighton8:05
opp, Lover's Walk, Preston Road, Brighton8:06
NE-bound, Stanford Avenue, Brighton8:07
adj, Springfield Road, Beaconsfield Road, Brighton8:08
Stop E, Preston Circus, New England Road, Brighton8:11
NW-bound, BHASVIC, Dyke Road, Hove8:14
opp, Port Hall Road, Dyke Road, Hove8:15
opp, Booth Museum, Dyke Road, Hove8:16
Stop C, Cardinal Newman School, The Upper Drive, Hove8:18