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60 Bus Route: Aylesbury - Winslow - Buckingham with Stops and Timetable

This bus service is run by Redline

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All inbound buses on this route travel from Bay 6, Aylesbury Bus Stn, Great Western Street, Aylesbury to southbound, High Street, Buckingham.

All outbound buses on this route travel from southbound, High Street, Buckingham to Bay 6, Aylesbury Bus Stn, Great Western Street, Aylesbury.


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Bus Timetable for the 60 - Aylesbury - Winslow - Buckingham Route

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Days Service Runs

Bay 6, Aylesbury Bus Stn, Great Western Street, Aylesbury6:257:07
Stop E2, Exchange Street, Aylesbury6:257:07
Stop H1, High Street, Aylesbury6:267:08
Westbound, New Street, Aylesbury6:277:09
opp, The Britannia PH, Buckingham Road, Aylesbury6:277:09
adj, Whaddon Chase, Buckingham Road, Aylesbury6:297:11
adj, The Horse & Jockey PH, Buckingham Road, Aylesbury6:307:12
o/s, Weedon Hill Farm, A413, Weedon6:317:13
Opp, New Road Turn, A413, Weedon6:337:15
Outside, Rectory Farm, A413, Weedon6:337:15
adj, Manor Farm, A413, Hardwick6:347:16
opp, Lower Road, A413, Hardwick6:347:16
opp, The White Swan PH, A413, Whitchurch6:357:17
Opp, White Horse Lane, High Street, Whitchurch6:367:18
adj, Methodist Church, High Street, Whitchurch6:367:18
Westbound, Sheep Street, Winslow6:437:25
adj, The Bell Hotel, Sheep Street, Winslow6:437:25
adj, Avenue Road, High Street, Winslow6:447:26
Northbound, Station Road, Buckingham Road, Winslow6:447:26
George Pass Avenue, Buckingham Road, Winslow6:447:26
Opp, Redfield Farm, Buckingham Road, Winslow6:457:27
adj, Seven Gables, Buckingham Road, Winslow6:457:27
Opp, Hanover Farm, Buckingham Road, Addington6:467:28
adj, Addington Turn, Buckingham Road, Addington6:477:29
Northbound, Adstock Turn, Buckingham Road, Adstock6:487:30
Opp, The Folly Inn PH, Buckingham Road, Adstock6:497:31
adj, Springfields, Buckingham Road, Padbury6:507:32
Opp, The New Inn, Buckingham Road, Padbury6:517:33
adj, Lenborough Turn, Buckingham Road, Padbury6:527:34
Opp, Benthill Farm, London Road, Buckingham6:537:35
Stop B, Tesco, London Road, Buckingham6:547:36
Northbound, London Road, Buckingham6:547:36
o/s, Upper School, London Road, Buckingham6:557:37
adj, Chandos Road, London Road, Buckingham6:567:38
southbound, High Street, Buckingham6:587:40