Timetable for the 220 - Central Basildon - Fambridge - Burnham On Crouch Bus Route

Timetable for 220 - Central Basildon - Fambridge - Burnham On Crouch Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Stephensons of Essex (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 05/11/2012

bus timetable 220 Central Basildon - Fambridge - Burnham On Crouch

Map Showing the Routes of the 220 Central Basildon - Fambridge - Burnham On Crouch Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Central Basildon - Fambridge - Burnham On Crouch Service

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Week Days - inbound

NotesSchool Days OnlySchool Days Only
Clock Tower, o/s, High St, Burnham-on-Crouch09:26
Burnham Cinema, opp, Station Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch09:26
Burnham Library, o/s, Station Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch09:27
The Railway Hotel, opp, Station Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch09:27
Marsh Road, opp, Church Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch09:28
Eves Corner, N-bound, Southminster Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch09:30
Burnham Cemetery, opp, Southminster Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch09:30
Bullfinch Corner, N-bound, Old Heath Rd, Southminster09:32
The Rose, o/s, Burnham Rd, Southminster09:33
Kings Road Corner, adj, Burnham Rd, Southminster09:34
Vicarage Meadow, opp, Burnham Rd, Southminster09:35
High Street, W-bound, High St, Southminster09:36
Devonshire Road, opp, Queen St, Southminster09:36
Steeple Road Corner, opp, Queen St, Southminster09:36
Southfield Way, adj, Scotts Hill, Southminster09:37
Recreation Ground, o/s, Summerhill Burnham Rd, Althorne09:42
Highfield Rise, adj, Summerhill Burnham Rd, Althorne09:42
The Village Hall, o/s, Summerhill Burnham Rd, Althorne09:43
St Andrew Church, opp, Fambridge Rd, Althorne09:43
Riverview Park, adj, Fambridge Rd, Althorne09:45
Water Tower, adj, Lower Burnham Rd09:46
Kitts Hill Corner, W-bound, Lower Burnham Rd, North Fambridge09:50
Hamberts Road, opp, Ferrers Rd, South Woodham Ferrers09:58
Asda Store, o/s, Merchant St, South Woodham Ferrers10:0010:00
The Turnpike west, W-bound, Runwell Rd, Rettendon10:0710:07
The Chase, opp, Runwell Rd, Wickford10:0910:09
Lynfords Drive, opp, Runwell Rd, Wickford10:0910:09
Church, o/s, Runwell Rd, Wickford10:0910:09
Memorial Park, adj, Runwell Rd, Wickford10:1010:10
The Swans, opp, Runwell Rd, Wickford10:1110:11
Tye Corner, SW-bound, Nevendon Rd, Wickford10:1710:17
Bromfords Farm, opp, Nevendon Rd, Wickford10:1910:19
Sainsbury Store, o/s, East Mayne, Basildon10:2210:22
Paycocke Road, opp, East Mayne, Basildon10:2310:23
Cranes Farm Road, opp, East Mayne, Basildon10:2310:23
The Watermill, adj, East Mayne, Basildon10:2410:24
Barstable School, o/s, Broadmayne, Basildon10:2610:26
The Fremnells, opp, Broadmayne, Basildon10:2610:26
Church Road Foot Bridge, W-bound, Broadmayne, Basildon10:2710:27
Long Riding, adj, Southernhay, Basildon Town10:2810:28
Asda Eastgate, opp, Southernhay, Basildon Town10:2910:29
Bus Station, Stand T, Southernhay, Basildon Town10:3010:30

Week Days - outbound

NotesSchool Days OnlySchool Days Only
Bus Station, Stand T, Southernhay, Basildon Town13:1013:45
Asda Eastgate, o/s, Southernhay, Basildon Town13:1013:45
Falkstead, o/s, Broadmayne, Basildon13:1213:47
Church Road Foot Bridge, E-bound, Broadmayne, Basildon13:1313:48
The Fremnells, adj, Broadmayne, Basildon13:1413:49
Barstable School, opp, Broadmayne, Basildon13:1513:50
The Watermill, opp, East Mayne, Basildon13:1813:53
Cranes Farm Road, adj, East Mayne, Basildon13:2013:55
Sainsbury Store, opp, East Mayne, Basildon13:2113:56
Bromfords Farm, adj, Nevendon Rd, Wickford13:2514:00
Tye Corner, NE-bound, Nevendon Rd, Wickford13:2614:01
The Swans, o/s, The Broadway, Wickford13:3514:10
Memorial Park, opp, Runwell Rd, Wickford13:3514:10
Church, opp, Runwell Rd, Wickford13:3614:11
Lynfords Drive, adj, Runwell Rd, Wickford13:3714:12
The Chase, adj, Runwell Rd, Wickford13:3714:12
Asda Store, o/s, Merchant St, South Woodham Ferrers13:5014:25
Hamberts Road, adj, Ferrers Rd, South Woodham Ferrers14:26
Kitts Hill Corner, E-bound, Lower Burnham Rd, North Fambridge14:35
Water Tower, opp, Lower Burnham Rd14:38
Riverview Park, opp, Fambridge Rd, Althorne14:40
St Andrew Church, adj, Fambridge Rd, Althorne14:41
The Village Hall, opp, Summerhill Burnham Rd, Althorne14:42
Highfield Rise, opp, Summerhill Burnham Rd, Althorne14:42
Recreation Ground, opp, Summerhill Burnham Rd, Althorne14:42
Southfield Way, opp, Scotts Hill, Southminster14:48
Steeple Road Corner, adj, Queen St, Southminster14:48
Devonshire Road, adj, Queen St, Southminster14:49
High Street, E-bound, High St, Southminster14:50
Vicarage Meadow, adj, Burnham Rd, Southminster14:50
Kings Road Corner, opp, Burnham Rd, Southminster14:51
The Rose, opp, Burnham Rd, Southminster14:52
Bullfinch Corner, S-bound, Burnham Rd, Southminster14:53
Burnham Cemetery, o/s, Southminster Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch14:55
Eves Corner, S-bound, Southminster Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch14:55
Marsh Road, adj, Church Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch14:57
The Railway Hotel, o/s, Station Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch14:58
Burnham Library, opp, Station Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch14:58
Burnham Cinema, o/s, Station Rd, Burnham-on-Crouch14:59
Clock Tower, opp, High St, Burnham-on-Crouch15:00

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