Timetable for the 15 - Royston - Haslingfield Bus Route
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Timetable for 15 - Royston - Haslingfield Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Andrew Cyril Myall

Timetable Starts 22 May 2018.

bus timetable 15 Royston - Haslingfield

Map Showing the Routes of the 15 Royston - Haslingfield Bus.

Bus Timetable for the Royston - Haslingfield Service

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.

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Bus Station - Post Office
Service operates from 12/06/2018 until 14/12/2018
Service operates Monday to Friday
Service does not run August Bank Holiday
Inbound, Monday to Friday
  15 1
Haslingfield, Post Office, o/s 09:15
Haslingfield, The Meadows, opp 09:15
Haslingfield, Fountain Lane, opp 09:15
Haslingfield, School, Stop os 09:16
Barrington (Cambs), Primary School, Stop os 09:18
Barrington (Cambs), Glebe Road, nr 09:19
Barrington (Cambs), Slid Lane, nr 09:19
Barrington (Cambs), Mill Lane, nr 09:19
Barrington (Cambs), Orwell Road, opp 09:20
Orwell, High Street, W-bound 09:24
Orwell, Lordship Close, opp 09:25
Orwell, Chequers Close, opp 09:25
Wimpole, Cambridge Road, o/s 35 09:28
Wimpole, Cambridge Road, o/s 106 09:30
Arrington, Whitehall Farm, nr 09:31
Arrington, Ermine Way, o/s 75 09:32
Arrington, Church Lane, W-bound 09:33
Arrington, Church Lane, E-bound 09:34
Arrington, Ermine Way, opp 75 09:35
Arrington, Whitehall Farm, opp 09:35
Whaddon (Cambs), Bridge Street, opp 09:40
Whaddon (Cambs), Chestnut Tree Farm, nr 09:43
Meldreth, West Way, opp 09:45
Kneesworth, Chestnut Lane, opp 09:48
Kneesworth, Orchard Close, opp 09:49
Kneesworth, Tower Close, opp 09:50
Bassingbourn, Elm Tree Drive, nr 09:52
Bassingbourn, The Limes, opp 09:52
Bassingbourn, South End, nr 09:54
Bassingbourn, Park View, opp 09:57
Bassingbourn, South End, opp 10:00
Bassingbourn, The Limes, nr 10:02
Bassingbourn, Elm Tree Drive, opp 10:02
Kneesworth, Orchard Close, nr 10:05
Kneesworth, Chestnut Lane, nr 10:07
Kneesworth, The Red Lion, nr 10:07
Royston (Herts), Tesco, o/s 10:12
Royston (Herts), Rock Road, opp 10:12
Royston (Herts), Royston Railway Station, Stop B 10:14
Royston (Herts), The Green, adj 10:15
Royston (Herts), Morrisons, o/s 10:17
Royston (Herts), Town Hall, o/s 10:18
Royston (Herts), Bus Station, adj 10:22
  • Journey operates Wednesday
  • Journey does not run Bank Holidays
Outbound, Monday to Friday
  15 1
Royston (Herts), Bus Station, Stop 1 12:30
Royston (Herts), Recreation Ground, o/s 12:32
Royston (Herts), Town Hall, opp 12:33
Royston (Herts), Morrisons, o/s 12:35
Royston (Herts), Town Hall, o/s 12:35
Royston (Herts), St Mary's RC School, nr 12:36
Royston (Herts), Melbourn Road, SW-bound 12:37
Royston (Herts), Royston Railway Station, Stop C 12:38
Royston (Herts), Orchard Road, nr 12:38
Royston (Herts), Rock Road, adj 12:39
Royston (Herts), Tesco, o/s 12:40
Kneesworth, The Red Lion, opp 12:44
Kneesworth, Chestnut Lane, opp 12:45
Kneesworth, Orchard Close, opp 12:45
Kneesworth, Tower Close, opp 12:46
Bassingbourn, Elm Tree Drive, nr 12:47
Bassingbourn, The Limes, opp 12:48
Bassingbourn, South End, nr 12:52
Bassingbourn, Park View, nr 12:55
Bassingbourn, South End, opp 12:57
Bassingbourn, The Limes, nr 12:59
Bassingbourn, Elm Tree Drive, opp 13:00
Kneesworth, Orchard Close, nr 13:03
Kneesworth, Chestnut Lane, nr 13:03
Meldreth, West Way, nr 13:07
Whaddon (Cambs), Chestnut Tree Farm, opp 13:09
Whaddon (Cambs), Bridge Street, nr 13:12
Arrington, Whitehall Farm, nr 13:16
Arrington, Ermine Way, o/s 75 13:17
Arrington, Church Lane, W-bound 13:19
Arrington, Church Lane, E-bound 13:19
Arrington, Ermine Way, opp 75 13:20
Arrington, Whitehall Farm, opp 13:21
Wimpole, Cambridge Road, opp 106 13:21
Wimpole, Cambridge Road, o/s 68 13:23
Wimpole, Cambridge Road, opp 35 13:24
Orwell, Chequers Close, nr 13:26
Orwell, Lordship Close, nr 13:27
Orwell, High Street, E-bound 13:27
Barrington (Cambs), Mill Lane, opp 13:32
Barrington (Cambs), Slid Lane, opp 13:32
Barrington (Cambs), Glebe Road, nr 13:33
Haslingfield, School, opp 13:35
Haslingfield, Fountain Lane, nr 13:36
Haslingfield, The Meadows, nr 13:36
Haslingfield, Post Office, opp 13:37
  • Journey operates Wednesday
  • Journey does not run Bank Holidays
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