Timetable for the 386 - Bishops Stortford - Stevenage Bus Route

Timetable for 386 - Bishops Stortford - Stevenage Bus Route

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Timetable Start Date: 08/03/2021

bus timetable 386 Bishops Stortford - Stevenage

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Parsonage Estate -> Hockerill -> Bishop's Stortford -> Bishop's Park -> Cradle End -> Little Hadham -> Standon -> Puckeridge -> Westmill -> Buntingford -> Braughing -> Green End -> Hay Street -> Dassels -> Little Hormead -> Great Hormead -> Hare Street -> Throcking -> Cottered -> Cumberlow Green -> Baldock -> Letchworth -> Hitchin -> Corey's Mill -> Stevenage Old Town -> Stevenage

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Buntingford -> Westmill -> Puckeridge -> Standon -> Little Hadham -> Cradle End -> Bishop's Park -> Bishop's Stortford

Map Showing the Routes of the 386 Bishops Stortford - Stevenage Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Bishops Stortford - Stevenage Service

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Week Days - outbound

NotesHertfordshire Schooldays only
Birchwood High School, o/s, Parsonage Lane, Parsonage Estate, Bishop's Stortford15:20
The Nags Head PH, nr, Dunmow Road, Hockerill, Bishop's Stortford15:23
St Mary's Catholic School, nr, Private Road, Bishop's Stortford15:39
Riverside, Stop R, Bishop's Stortford09:2112:2115:4817:46
The Causeway, Stop N, Link road, Bishop's Stortford09:2312:2315:5015:5017:48
YMCA, o/s, Hadham Road, Bishop's Stortford09:2312:2315:5017:48
North Street, nr, Hadham Road, Bishop's Stortford09:2312:2315:5017:48
Thornfield Road, opp, Hadham Road, Bishop's Stortford09:2412:2415:5117:49
Maple Avenue, nr, Hadham Road, Bishop's Park, Bishop's Stortford09:2512:2515:5217:50
Fire Station, o/s, Hadham Road, Bishop's Park, Bishop's Stortford09:2612:2615:5317:51
Tesco, o/s, Lancaster Way, Bishop's Park, Bishop's Stortford09:2812:2815:5517:53
Hadham Park, opp, Stane Street, Cradle End09:3012:3016:0216:0117:57
Albury Road, opp, Stortford Road, Little Hadham09:3312:3316:1016:1018:03
Aston Road, nr, South Road, Standon09:4012:40
Heron Restaurant, nr, Station Road, Standon16:1616:1618:09
Recreation Ground, o/s, Station Road, Puckeridge16:1716:1718:10
Chapel Hall, opp, Station Road, Puckeridge16:1816:1818:11
The Crown & Falcon PH, opp, Station Road, Puckeridge09:4212:4216:2016:2018:13
White Hart PH, opp, High Street, Puckeridge09:4212:4216:2116:2118:13
Westmill Turn, nr, A10, Westmill09:4712:47
Kingfisher Park, nr, London Road, Buntingford09:4912:49
Aspenden Road, nr, Station Road, Buntingford09:4912:49
Station House, nr, Station Road, Braughing16:2216:2218:14
War Memorial, opp, Station Road, Braughing16:2316:2318:15
The Golden Fleece PH, opp, B1368, Green End, Braughing16:2516:2518:16
Hay Lane, adj, Dassels Hill, Hay Street16:2616:2618:16
Hobbs Lane, nr, B1368, Dassels16:2916:2918:18
Stonebury Farm, nr, B1368, Dassels16:3016:3018:19
Horseshoe Lane, NE-bound, Little Hormead16:3416:3418:22
Willow Close, opp, Great Hormead16:3716:3718:27
Chapel, opp, B1038, Hare Street16:3916:3918:30
Alswick Hall Lane, adj, Hare Street Road, Buntingford16:4216:4218:33
Bridgefoot, opp, Hare Street Road, Buntingford16:4416:4418:36
The Crown Inn, o/s, High Street, Buntingford07:3609:5012:5016:4516:4518:37
Greenways, opp, Baldock Road, Buntingford07:3809:5212:5216:4716:4718:40
Buttermilk Farm, o/s, Baldock Road, Throcking07:4009:5412:5416:4916:49
The Bull PH, opp, Baldock Road, Cottered07:4409:5812:5816:5316:53
Stocking Hill, opp, Baldock Road, Cottered07:4409:5812:5816:5316:53
Farm, N-bound, A507, Cumberlow Green07:4610:0113:0116:5616:56
Pembroke Road, opp, South Road, Baldock07:5310:0913:0917:0417:04
The Boot PH, opp, High Street, Baldock07:5310:0913:0917:0417:04
Market Place, Stop C, High Street, Baldock07:5410:1013:1017:0517:05
The Gardens, Stop F, Hitchin Street, Baldock07:5410:1013:1017:0517:05
Hopewell Road, opp, Letchworth Road, Baldock07:5610:1213:1217:0717:07
Jubilee Road, opp, Baldock Road, Letchworth07:5710:1313:1317:0817:08
Leisure Centre, nr, Baldock Road, Letchworth07:5910:1513:1517:1017:10
Jackman's Place, opp, Baldock Road, Letchworth08:0010:1613:1617:1117:11
St Pauls Church, o/s, Pixmore Way, Letchworth08:0110:1713:1717:1217:12
Shott Lane, opp, Pixmore Way, Letchworth08:0110:1713:1717:1217:12
Heritage Museum, opp, Norton Way South, Letchworth08:0210:1813:1817:1317:13
Howard Park, opp, Norton Way South, Letchworth08:0310:1913:1917:1417:14
Letchworth Railway Station East, Stop C, Station Road, Letchworth08:0410:2013:2017:1517:15
Broadway, Stop G, Letchworth08:0410:2013:2017:1517:15
Plinston Hall, opp, Broadway, Letchworth08:0510:2113:2117:1617:16
St Francis' College, opp, Broadway, Letchworth08:0710:2313:2317:1817:18
Hitchin Road, SW-bound, Broadway, Letchworth08:0810:2413:2417:1917:19
Highfield, opp, Hitchin Road, Letchworth08:0910:2513:2517:2017:20
Rosehill Hospital, o/s, Cambridge Road, Letchworth08:1010:2613:2617:2117:21
Queenswood Drive, nr, Cambridge Road, Hitchin08:1110:2713:2717:2217:22
Walsworth Cross Roads, SW-bound, Cambridge Road, Hitchin08:1210:2813:2817:2317:23
North Herts College, nr, Cambridge Road, Hitchin08:1310:2913:2917:2417:24
Hitchin Railway Station, Stop E, Station Approach, Hitchin08:1410:3013:3017:2517:25
Verulam Road, opp, Walsworth Road, Hitchin08:1610:3213:3217:2717:27
St Mary's Square, Stop M, Queen Street, Hitchin08:1810:3413:3417:2917:29
ASDA, opp, Queen Street, Hitchin08:18
The Maples, nr, Stevenage Road, Hitchin08:2010:3613:3617:3117:31
Blackhorse Lane, opp, Stevenage Road, Hitchin08:2110:3713:3717:3217:32
Kingshott School, o/s, Stevenage Road, Hitchin08:2110:3713:3717:3317:32
Lister Hospital, Stop B, Corey's Mill, Stevenage08:3010:4613:4617:4117:41
John Henry Newman School, opp, Hitchin Road, Corey's Mill, Stevenage08:3010:4613:4617:4117:41
The Archways Hotel, opp, Hitchin Road, Stevenage Old Town, Stevenage08:3210:4813:4817:4317:43
Stevenage Railway Station, Stop M, Lytton Way, Stevenage08:3710:5313:5317:4817:48
Bus Station, Stop D, Stevenage08:3810:5413:5417:4917:49

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