Timetable for the R1 - Mount Vernon Hospital - Maple Cross Bus Route
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Timetable for R1 - Mount Vernon Hospital - Maple Cross Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Red Eagle (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 05/09/2017

bus timetable R1 Mount Vernon Hospital - Maple Cross

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Northwood -> Batchworth Heath -> Harefield -> Woodcock Hill -> Rickmansworth -> The Grove -> Moneyhill -> Berry Lane Estate -> Maple Cross

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Maple Cross -> Rickmansworth -> Moneyhill -> The Grove -> Woodcock Hill -> Harefield -> Batchworth Heath -> Northwood

Map Showing the Routes of the R1 Mount Vernon Hospital - Maple Cross Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Mount Vernon Hospital - Maple Cross Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - outbound

Notesmon,wed,thurHertfordshire school holidays only
Mount Vernon Hospital, Stop A, ---, Northwood13:3516:25
Ye Olde Greene Manne PH, opp, Batchworth Heath Hill, Batchworth Heath13:3516:25
Mount Vernon Hospital, nr, White Hill, Batchworth Heath13:3716:27
Shrubs Road, ->W, NORTHWOOD ROAD, Harefield13:3816:28
Littlebourne Farm, ->W, NORTHWOOD ROAD, Harefield13:3916:29
Shepherds Hill House, ->W, NORTHWOOD ROAD, Harefield13:3916:29
The Harefield Academy, ->W, NORTHWOOD ROAD, Harefield13:4016:30
Wickham Close, ->W, NORTHWOOD ROAD, Harefield13:4116:31
The Green Harefield, ->W, BREAKSPEAR ROAD NORTH, Harefield13:4216:32
New Park Road Harefield, ->N, RICKMANSWORTH ROAD, Harefield13:4316:33
Harefield Hospital, ->E, HAREFIELD HOSPITAL, Harefield13:4416:34
Rose & Crown PH, o/s, Woodcock Hill13:4816:38
Hillside, opp, Harefield Road, Woodcock Hill13:4816:38
Woodcock Hill Cemetery, nr, Harefield Road, Rickmansworth13:4916:39
Stockers Farm Road, nr, Harefield Road, The Grove, Rickmansworth13:5016:40
Tesco, nr, Harefield Road, The Grove, Rickmansworth13:5114:5116:41
White Bear PH, o/s, Harefield Road, The Grove, Rickmansworth13:5114:5116:42
St Marys Church, o/s, Church Street, Rickmansworth13:5214:5216:44
High Street, W-bound, Rickmansworth13:5414:5416:46
Rickmansworth Railway Station, Stop B, Station Road, Rickmansworth13:5614:5616:48
The Halfway House PH, adj, Uxbridge Road, Moneyhill, Rickmansworth13:5814:5816:51
Parade, opp, Uxbridge Road, Moneyhill, Rickmansworth13:5914:5916:52
Church Lane, opp, Uxbridge Road, Moneyhill, Rickmansworth14:0015:0016:53
Springwell Avenue, adj, Church Lane, Rickmansworth14:0115:0116:54
Shepherd JMI School, nr, Shepherd's Lane, Rickmansworth14:0215:0216:56
Shepherds Lane, NE-bound, Chiltern Drive, Berry Lane Estate, Rickmansworth14:0415:0416:58
The Queens Drive, NE-bound, Berry Lane Estate, Rickmansworth14:0615:0617:00
Arnett Hills School, nr, Berry Lane, Berry Lane Estate, Rickmansworth14:0715:0717:01
The Bucklands, opp, Berry Lane, Berry Lane Estate, Rickmansworth14:0715:0717:01
Berry Lane, SW-bound, Tudor Way, Rickmansworth14:0815:0817:02
Windsor Way, nr, Tudor Way, Rickmansworth14:0915:0917:03
Shepherd JMI School, opp, Shepherd's Lane, Rickmansworth14:0915:0917:03
Springwell Avenue, opp, Church Lane, Rickmansworth14:1015:1017:04
Hall Close, opp, Springwell Avenue, Rickmansworth14:1115:1117:05
Long Lane, opp, Uxbridge Road, Rickmansworth14:1215:1217:07
Hertford Place, nr, Denham Way, Maple Cross14:1415:1417:08
The Cross, opp, Chalfont Road, Maple Cross14:1515:1517:10
Long Croft Road, opp, Hornhill Road, Maple Cross14:1615:1617:11
Pinchfield, adj, Long Croft Road, Maple Cross14:1615:1617:11
Downings Wood Terminus, S-bound, Downings Wood, Maple Cross14:1815:1817:13

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.