Timetable for the 402W - Tonbridge Schools - Sevenoaks - Westerham Bus Route

Timetable for 402W - Tonbridge Schools - Sevenoaks - Westerham Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Arriva Kent & Surrey (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 17/04/2022 End Date: 22/07/2022

bus timetable 402W Tonbridge Schools - Sevenoaks - Westerham

Map Showing the Routes of the 402W Tonbridge Schools - Sevenoaks - Westerham Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Tonbridge Schools - Sevenoaks - Westerham Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - outbound

NotesSchooldays onlySchooldays only
Weald of Kent School, o/s, Tudeley Lane15:5515:55
Goldsmid Road, opp, Pembury Road15:5715:57
Lavender Hill, opp, Pembury Road16:0116:01
Quarry Hill Parade, Stop I, Quarry Hill Road16:0616:06
High Street, Stop G16:0816:08
Castle, Stop B, High Street16:1116:11
Dry Hill Road, opp, London Road16:1216:12
Dry Hill Park Road, opp, London Road16:1316:13
High Hilden Close, opp, London Road16:1416:14
Hilden Manor, adj, London Road16:1516:15
BP Garage, adj, Tonbridge Road16:1616:16
The Flying Dutchman, opp, Tonbridge Road16:1816:18
Coldharbour Lane, opp, Tonbridge Road16:1816:18
The Half Moon, opp, Tonbridge Road16:1916:19
Church, opp, London Road16:2016:20
Watt's Cross, NW-bound, London Road16:2216:22
The Cock Horse, adj, London Road16:2416:24
Oakridge Farm, opp, London Road16:2516:25
Bank Lane, opp, London Road16:2616:26
Morleys Roundabout, NW-bound, London Road16:2816:28
The White Hart, adj, A225 Tonbridge Road16:3416:34
Turners Nursery, N-bound, Tonbridge Road16:3516:35
Solefields Road, adj, Tonbridge Road16:3616:36
Sevenoaks School, opp, Tonbridge Road16:3716:37
The Chequers, adj, High Street16:3816:38
Bus Station, Stop A, Buckhurst Lane16:3916:39
Lower High Street, N-bound, High Street16:4016:40
St Botolph's Road, W-bound16:4116:41
Medical Centre, opp, St Botolph's Road16:4316:43
Sevenoaks Railway Station, adj, London Road16:4516:45
Braeside Avenue, adj, London Road16:4616:46
Village Hall, opp, Amherst Hill16:4816:48
Bullfinch Close, opp, Chipstead Lane16:5016:50
Chipstead Park, opp, Chipstead Lane16:5116:51
Chipstead Square, W-bound, High Street16:5316:53
Chipstead Corner, S-bound, Westerham Road16:5416:54
Dryhill Lane, adj, Westerham Road16:5516:55
Twenties Corner, W-bound, Main Road16:5716:57
The White Horse, adj, Main Road16:5916:59
Recreation Ground, opp, Main Road17:0017:00
New Road, adj, Main Road17:0017:00
The White Hart, adj, High Street17:0217:02
Chart Lane, adj, High Street17:0217:02
West End, adj, High Street17:0317:03
Brasted Lodge, adj, Westerham Road17:0417:04
Dunsdale Lodge, adj, Brasted Road17:0717:07
The Green, Stop B, Vicarage Hill17:0917:09
The Flyers Way, opp, London Road17:1017:10
Hartley Road, opp, London Road17:1117:11

Week Days - inbound

NotesSchooldays onlySchooldays only
Hartley Road, adj, London Road07:0207:02
The Flyers Way, adj, London Road07:0307:03
The Green, Stop A, Vicarage Hill07:0407:04
Dunsdale Lodge, opp, Brasted Road07:0607:06
Brasted Lodge, opp, Westerham Road07:0907:09
Church Road, adj, High Street07:1107:11
Chart Lane, opp, High Street07:1207:12
The White Hart, opp, High Street07:1307:13
New Road, opp, Main Road07:1407:14
Recreation Ground, adj, Main Road07:1407:14
The White Horse, opp, Main Road07:1507:15
Twenties Corner, E-bound, Main Road07:1707:17
Dryhill Lane, opp, Main Road07:1807:18
Chipstead Corner, N-bound, Westerham Road07:2007:20
Chipstead Square, E-bound, High Street07:2107:21
The Old Carriageway, opp, Chipstead Lane07:2207:22
Chipstead Park, adj, Chipstead Lane07:2307:23
Witches Lane, S-bound07:2507:25
Worships Hill, NE-bound, A25 Worships Hill07:2707:27
Village Hall, adj, Amherst Hill07:2807:28
Braeside Avenue, opp, London Road07:3007:30
Sevenoaks Railway Station, opp, London Road07:3407:34
Tubs Hill Shops, E-bound, Pembroke Road07:3807:38
Bus Station, Stop A, Buckhurst Lane07:4007:40
The Chequers, opp, High Street07:4007:40
Sevenoaks School, adj, Tonbridge Road07:4007:40
Solefields Road, opp, Tonbridge Road07:4107:41
Turners Nursery, S-bound, Tonbridge Road07:4107:41
The White Hart, opp, A225 Tonbridge Road07:4307:43
Julians Hill, adj, Tonbridge Road07:4407:44
Morleys Roundabout, SE-bound, London Road07:4607:46
Bank Lane, adj, London Road07:4707:47
Oakridge Farm, adj, London Road07:4807:48
The Cock Horse, opp, London Road07:4907:49
Watt's Cross, SE-bound, London Road07:5007:50
Church, adj, Tonbridge Road07:5207:52
The Half Moon, adj, Tonbridge Road07:5307:53
Coldharbour Lane, adj, Tonbridge Road07:5407:54
The Flying Dutchman, adj, Tonbridge Road07:5507:55
Hilden Avenue, adj, Tonbridge Road07:5807:58
Hilden Manor, opp, Tonbridge Road07:5807:58
High Hilden Close, adj, London Road08:0008:00
Dry Hill Park Road, adj, London Road08:0208:02
Tonbridge School, opp, High Street08:0408:04
Castle, Stop E, High Street08:0608:06
High Street, Stop F08:0808:08
Quarry Hill Parade, Stop J1, Quarry Hill Road08:1308:13
Lavender Hill, adj, Pembury Road08:1508:15
Goldsmid Road, adj, Pembury Road08:1508:15
Olive's Local Shop, adj, Hectorage Road08:1708:17
Hectorage Road, E-bound08:1908:19
Somerhill Road, adj, Lodge Oak Lane08:2008:20
Dowgate Close, adj, Lodge Oak Lane08:2108:21
Weald of Kent School, o/s, Tudeley Lane08:2308:23

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.