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59 Bus Route: Maidstone - Boughton Monchelsea - Grafty Green with Stops and Timetable

This bus service is run by Arriva Kent and Surrey

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All outbound buses on this route travel from Stop J3, Chequers Bus Station, Pads Hill, Maidstone to opp, Kings Head, Headcorn Road, Grafty Green.


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Bus Timetable for the 59 - Maidstone - Boughton Monchelsea - Grafty Green Route

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Stop J3, Chequers Bus Station, Pads Hill, Maidstone16:12
Stop F, Lower Stone Street, Maidstone16:12
just before, Waterloo Street, Upper Stone Street, Maidstone16:14
opp, Sheal's Crescent, Loose Road, Maidstone16:16
opp, Armstrong Road, Loose Road, Maidstone16:16
adj, Plains Avenue, Loose Road, Shepway16:17
S-bound, The Wheatsheaf, Loose Road, Shepway16:19
adj, Fire Station, Loose Road, Maidstone16:19
adj, The Swan, Loose Road, Maidstone16:20
opp, Anglesey Avenue, Loose Road, Loose16:21
adj, Norrington Road, Loose Road, Loose16:21
adj, The Walnut Tree, Loose Road, Loose16:22
opp, Old Loose Hill, Linton Road, Loose16:23
adj, Nursing Home, Linton Road, Loose16:23
opp, Rosemount Close, Linton Road, Loose16:24
adj, Salt's Avenue, Linton Road, Linton16:25
E-bound, Linton Corner, Heath Road, Linton16:27
opp, Loddington Lane, Heath Road, Boughton Monchelsea16:29
adj, Village Hall, Church Street, Boughton Monchelsea16:30
opp, The Albion Inn, Green Lane, Boughton Monchelsea16:32
adj, Old Tree Lane, Green Lane, Boughton Monchelsea16:34
adj, The Cock Inn, Green Lane, Boughton Monchelsea16:35
opp, Marlpit Farm, Heath Road, Chart Sutton16:35
adj, Cobfield, Amber Lane, Chart Sutton16:37
adj, Chart Corner, Warmlake Road, Chart Sutton16:38
E-bound, Warmlake Crossroads, Warmlake Road, Warmlake Corner16:41
E-bound, Chartway Street, Sutton Valence16:43
opp, Charlton Lane, Chartway Street16:45
after, Gravelly Bottom Road, Broomfield Road, Kingswood16:47
opp, Chestnut Drive, Ashford Drive, Kingswood16:48
E-bound, Charlesford Avenue West, Charlesford Avenue, Kingswood16:48
E-bound, Charlesford Avenue East, Charlesford Avenue, Kingswood16:48
opp, The Waldens, Cayser Drive, Kingswood16:49
opp, Village Hall, Gravelly Bottom Road, Kingswood16:50
S-bound, Ulcombe Hill, Ulcombe16:51
opp, The Harrow, The Street, Ulcombe16:54
opp, School, The Street, Ulcombe16:55
E-bound, Pye Corner, Eastwood Road, Ulcombe16:56
adj, Who'd A Thought It, Headcorn Road, Broadstone17:00
opp, Kings Head, Headcorn Road, Grafty Green17:02