Timetable for the 652 - Cuxton - St Marys Island - Strood Academy Bus Route

Timetable for 652 - Cuxton - St Marys Island - Strood Academy Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by ASD Coaches (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 04/01/2022 End Date: 22/07/2022

bus timetable 652 Cuxton - St Marys Island - Strood Academy

Map Showing the Routes of the 652 Cuxton - St Marys Island - Strood Academy Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Cuxton - St Marys Island - Strood Academy Service

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Week Days - outbound

NotesSchooldays only
Scout Hut, opp, Bush Road07:30
Sundridge Hill Bottom, NE-bound, Sundridge Hill07:30
Pilgrims Way, adj, Sundridge Hill07:31
Ranscombe Farm, adj, Sundridge Hill07:32
Ballard Business Park, opp, Cuxton Road07:35
Poplar Road, adj, Cuxton Road07:35
Hawthorn Road, adj, Cuxton Road07:37
Darnley Arch, N-bound, Cuxton Road07:37
High Street, Stop A07:40
Canal Road, Stop D, High Street07:40
Railway Station, adj, Canal Road07:41
Wingrove Drive, adj, Riverside07:41
Whitewall Road, adj, Commissioners Road07:42
Cliffe Construction, opp, Whitewall Road07:43
Whitewall Way, opp, Whitewall Road07:44
Neptune Business Park, N-bound, Anthonys Way07:44
Chaucer Close, adj, Anthonys Way07:44
Enterprise Close, adj, Anthonys Way07:45
Ship and Trades, adj, Maritime Way07:49
Haven Way, adj, Island Way East07:50
Ship and Trades, opp, Maritime Way07:52
Gill Avenue, adj, Wainscott Road08:03
Wainscott Walk, adj, Wainscott Road08:05
Higham Road, opp, Hollywood Lane08:05
Greenfields Close, opp, Hollywood Lane08:05
Jarrett Avenue, adj, Hollywood Lane08:05
Hollywood Lane Middle, SW-bound, Hollywood Lane08:06
Cooling Road, adj, Hollywood Lane08:06
Lower Rochester Road, opp, Brompton Farm Road08:06
Stonehorse Lane, opp, Brompton Farm Road08:07
Lynette Avenue, adj, Brompton Farm Road08:07
Hyperion Drive, adj, Brompton Farm Road08:07
Farm Hill Avenue, adj, Brompton Farm Road08:08
Harlech Close, opp, Brompton Farm Road08:08
Strood Fire Station, opp, Rede Court Road08:08
Burleigh Close, opp, Rede Court Road08:09
Linwood Avenue, adj, Rede Court Road08:09
Carnation Road, adj, Watling Street08:09
Strood Academy, o/s, Watling Street08:10

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.