Timetable for the 692 - Lower Stoke - Hoo - Rochester Grammar School Bus Route

Timetable for 692 - Lower Stoke - Hoo - Rochester Grammar School Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Arriva Kent & Surrey (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 28/11/2021 End Date: 22/07/2022

bus timetable 692 Lower Stoke - Hoo - Rochester Grammar School

Map Showing the Routes of the 692 Lower Stoke - Hoo - Rochester Grammar School Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Lower Stoke - Hoo - Rochester Grammar School Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

NotesSchooldays only
Grammar Schools, opp, Maidstone Road15:28
Breton Road, opp, Maidstone Road15:28
Warden Road, opp, Maidstone Road15:29
St Margaret's Cemetery, opp, Maidstone Road15:31
Watts Avenue, adj, Maidstone Road15:32
East Row, Stop M15:33
Rochester Community Hub, Stop N, Corporation Street15:34
Railway Station, Stop E, Corporation Street15:35
Rochester Guildhall Museum, Stop P, Corporation Street15:36
Canal Road, Stop E, High Street15:38
Post Office, Stop B, North Street15:38
St Mary's Road, opp, North Street15:39
English Martyrs Church, o/s, Frindsbury Road15:40
Bingham Road, adj, Frindsbury Road15:41
The Sans Pareil, adj, Frindsbury Hill15:42
Chattenden Lane, adj, Main Road15:46
Main Road, opp, Main Road Hoo15:48
Broad Street, E-bound, Main Road15:48
Swimming Pool, opp, Main Road15:49
St Werburgh Crescent, opp, Main Road15:51
Main Road, o/s 9615:52
The Five Bells, adj, Main Road15:54
Kingsnorth Close, opp, Bell's Lane15:54
Bell's Lane, NW-bound15:55
Fourwents Road, adj, Bells Lane15:56
Ratcliffe Highway, NE-bound16:00
Christmas Lane, W-bound16:01
Half Moon Way, opp, Christmas Lane16:02
Hill Farm Close, adj, Christmas Lane16:03
Harrison Drive, adj, The Street16:04
Longfield Avenue, adj, The Street16:04
The Fenn Bell, opp, Fenn Street16:09
St Mary's Cottages, opp, Ratcliffe Highway16:10
Barn Street Cottages, NE-bound, Ratcliffe Highway16:11
Dagenham, E-bound, Ratcliffe Highway16:11
Holiday Village, adj, Avery Way16:15
Kingsmead Caravan Park, o/s, Avery Way16:16
Holiday Village, opp, Avery Way16:16
St David's Road, adj, Avery Way16:18
All Saints Church, adj, Stoke Road16:19
The Chimnies, adj, Stoke Road16:20
Button Drive, adj, Allhallows Road16:21
The Nags Head, E-bound, Grain Road16:22

Week Days - outbound

NotesSchooldays only
The Nags Head, NW-bound, Grain Road06:48
Button Drive, opp, Allhallows Road06:48
The Chimnies, opp, Stoke Road06:50
All Saints Church, opp, Stoke Road06:52
Holiday Village, adj, Avery Way06:54
Kingsmead Caravan Park, o/s, Avery Way06:55
Holiday Village, opp, Avery Way06:55
St David's Road, adj, Avery Way06:56
Dagenham, SW-bound, Ratcliffe Highway07:00
Barn Street Cottages, SW-bound, Ratcliffe Highway07:01
St Mary's Cottages, o/s, Ratcliffe Highway07:02
The Fenn Bell, adj, Fenn Street07:04
Longfield Avenue, opp, Britannia Road07:08
Harrison Drive, opp, The Street07:09
Hill Farm Close, opp, Christmas Lane07:09
Half Moon Way, adj, Christmas Lane07:10
Christmas Lane, SE-bound07:11
Ratcliffe Highway, SW-bound07:12
Fourwents Road, opp, Bell's Lane07:15
Bell's Lane, SE-bound07:16
Kingshill Drive, just before, Knights Road07:16
Wylie Road, after, St Johns Road07:17
Lower Bells Lane, E-bound, Knights Road07:17
Church Farm Close, opp, Vicarage Lane07:19
Marina, o/s, Vicarage Lane07:21
Church Farm Close, adj, Vicarage Lane07:22
The Five Bells, opp, Main Road07:24
Main Road, o/s 9307:25
St Werburgh Crescent, adj, Main Road07:26
The Hundred of Hoo Academy, opp, Main Road07:28
Broad Street, W-bound, Main Road07:30
Main Road, adj, Main Road Hoo07:31
Broadwood Road, adj, Main Road07:32
The Sans Pareil, opp, Frindsbury Hill07:38
Bingham Road, opp, Frindsbury Road07:40
English Martyrs Church, opp, Frindsbury Road07:41
Station Road, adj, Frindsbury Road07:42
St Mary's Road, Stop C, North Street07:44
Canal Road, Stop D, High Street07:46
Rochester Guildhall Museum, Stop A, Corporation Street07:48
Railway Station, Stop D, Corporation Street07:49
Rochester Community Hub, Stop C, Corporation Street07:51
East Row, Stop L07:52
Watts Avenue, opp, Maidstone Road07:54
Longley Road, adj, Maidstone Road07:55
St Margaret's Cemetery, adj, Maidstone Road07:57
Warden Road, adj, Maidstone Road07:59
Priestfields, opp, Maidstone Road07:59
Grammar Schools, o/s, Maidstone Road08:02

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.