Bus Routes in Oxfordshire

Bus Operators in Oxfordshire

Bus Operator Bus Number Route
Arriva (in Beds and BuckX8|SapphireX8|Sapphire Aylesbury - Oxford
Arriva (in Beds and Buck280|Sapphire280|Sapphire Aylesbury - Haddenham - Thame - Wheatley - Oxford
Red Rose Travel275275 High Wycombe - Oxford
Redline120120 Aylesbury - Haddenham - Thame - Oxford
RedlineX20X20 Aylesbury - Oxford
Redline320320 Chinnor - Princes Risborough
Arriva (in Beds and Bucks)280280 Aylesbury - Thame - Wheatley - Oxford
Arriva (in Beds and Bucks)X8X8 Aylesbury - Thame - Oxford
Faringdon Community Bus6161 Faringdon Town Service
First & Last Mile CIC411411 Eynsham Church - Hanborough Station
First & Last Mile CIC418418 Standlake - Stanton Harcourt - Eynsham
Going Forward Buses134L134L Goring Station - Wallingford
Going Forward Buses145145 Pangbourne - Crays Pond
Going Forward Buses138A138A Wallingford - Shillingford - Dorchester -Burcot / Berinsfield
Going Forward BusesH1H1 Crays Pond - Stoke Row
Going Forward Buses134134 Goring Station - Wallingford
Going Forward BusesD1D1 Burcot - Clifton Hampden - Long Wittenham - Didcot
Going Forward Buses133L133L Goring - Wallingford via Moulsford & Lidl
Going Forward Buses147147 Goring - Crays Pond
Going Forward Buses138B138B Wallingford - Shillingford - Berinsfield
Going Forward BusesH2H2 Stoke Row - Henley-on-Thames (via Sonning Common)
Going Forward BusesD2D2 Wallingford - Didcot
Going Forward Buses133133 Goring - Wallingford (via Moulsford)
Going Forward Buses138C138C Wallingford - Shillingford -A4074 - Burcot / Berinsfield (anticlockwise)
Going Forward Buses137137 Wallingford - Ewelme - Watlington
Grayline CoachesE1E1 Elmsbrook Estate - Bicester Village Station
Grayline Coaches2121 Bicester - Highfield
Hallmark Buses250250 Bicester - Heyford - Oxford
Johnson's Excelbus76X76X Stratford-upon-Thames - Banbury via Ettington
Kidlington Assisted Transport CICB8B8 Bridge St (Banbury) - Sinclair Avenue
Kidlington Assisted Transport CICB1B1 Banbury - Easington
Kidlington Assisted Transport CICB7AB7A Banbury - Grimsbury
Kidlington Assisted Transport CICB7BB7B Bridge Street (Banbury) - Poets Corner
OurBus Bartons55 Middle Barton - Chipping Norton
OurBus Bartons33 Middle Barton - Oxford Parkway
OurBus Bartons88 Middle Barton - Bicester
OurBus Bartons77 Middle Barton - Deddington
OurBus Bartons4B4B Middle Barton - Deddington
OurBus Bartons22 Middle Barton - Steeple Aston
OurBus Bartons99 Middle Barton - Kidlington
OurBus Bartons4A4A Middle Barton - Deddington
OurBus Bartons9A9A Middle Barton - Kidlington
Oxford Bus Company2020 Lidl (Cowley) - Cowley Centre - Florence Park - Rose Hill Oval
Oxford Bus CompanyU1U1 Wheatley Campus - Headington Campus - Harcourt Hill Campus
Oxford Bus CompanyBV1BV1 Bicester Village Shuttle
Oxford Bus Company1313 JR Hospital - City Centre - Oxford Rail Station
Oxford Bus Company4B4B Oxford - Botley - Cumnor
Oxford Bus CompanyX3X3 Barton - JR Hospital - City Centre - Abingdon
Oxford Bus Company11X11X Cowley (BMW) - City Centre Shuttle
Oxford Bus Company44 Oxford - Botley - Cumnor - Abingdon
Oxford Bus CompanyLHRLHR Oxford - Heathrow Airport
Oxford Bus Company5A5A Oxford City Centre - Cowley - Littlemore - Minchery Farm
Oxford Bus CompanyX39X39 Oxford - Wallingford - Reading
Oxford Bus Company35A35A Matthew Arnold School - Kennington
Oxford Bus CompanyU5U5 New Marston - Headington - Cowley - City centre
Oxford Bus Company300300 Redbridge P&R - City Centre - Pear Tree P&R
Oxford Bus Company99 City Centre - Headington - Risinghurst
Oxford Bus Company4A4A Oxford - Botley (Elms Rise)
Oxford Bus CompanyNX40NX40 Oxford - Wallingford
Oxford Bus Company400400 Seacourt P&R - City Centre - Headington - Thornhill P&R
Oxford Bus CompanyNU1NU1 Wheatley - Gipsy Lane - Harcourt Hill
Oxford Bus Company66 Oxford - Wolvercote
Oxford Bus CompanyX40X40 Oxford - Wallingford - Woodcote - Reading
Oxford Bus Company3A3A Oxford City Centre - Littlemore - SciencePark / Kassam Stadium - Cowley
Oxford Bus Company55 Oxford Rail Station - Cowley - Blackbird Leys
Oxford Bus Company3535 Oxford - Kennington - Radley - Abingdon
Oxford Bus Company33 Oxford City Centre - Rose Hill
Oxford Bus CompanyOXFOXF Heathrow or Gatwick Airport - Oxford
Oxford Bus Company1515 Oxford City Centre - Wood Farm
Oxford Bus Company88 City Centre - Headington - Barton
Oxford Bus Company1111 Oxford - Cowley - Chalgrove - Watlington
Oxford Bus Company3B3B Rose Hill - City Centre - Matthew Arnold School
Oxford Bus CompanyLGWLGW Oxford - Heathrow & Gatwick Airports
Pulhams Coaches1515 Abingdon - Witney
Pulhams CoachesX9X9 Witney - Charlbury - Chipping Norton
Pulhams Coaches1919 Carterton - Witney
Red Rose Travel275275 High Wycombe - Stokenchurch - Wheatley - Oxford
Redline320320 Chinnor - Princes Risborough
Redline120120 Aylesbury - Haddenham - Thame - Oxford
Redline121121 Thame Town Service
RedlineX20X20 Aylesbury - Thame - Oxford
Richard Wellesley Memorial Community MinibusT01T01 Hinton Waldrist - Faringdon - Wantage / Witney
Stagecoach EastX5X5 Buckingham - Oxford
Stagecoach OxfordshireH5H5 Headington - Bicester
Stagecoach OxfordshireTUBETUBE Oxford - London
Stagecoach OxfordshireN8N8 Oxford - Barton
Stagecoach Oxfordshire2929 Headington - Bicester
Stagecoach Oxfordshire489489 Banbury - Chipping Norton
Stagecoach OxfordshireNS5NS5 Oxford - Bicester
Stagecoach Oxfordshire700700 Churchill Hospital - Kidlington
Stagecoach OxfordshireS1S1 Oxford - Carterton
Stagecoach Oxfordshire1414 Oxford - JR Hospital
Stagecoach Oxfordshire88 Oxford - Barton
Stagecoach OxfordshireS3S3 Oxford - Chipping Norton
Stagecoach OxfordshireH2H2 Oxford - Carterton
Stagecoach OxfordshireS9S9 Oxford - Wantage
Stagecoach OxfordshireN1N1 Oxford - Blackbird Leys
Stagecoach Oxfordshire233233 Woodstock - Burford
Stagecoach Oxfordshire22 Oxford - Kidlington
Stagecoach OxfordshireNS1NS1 Oxford - Carterton
Stagecoach Oxfordshire505505 Brackley - Bicester
Stagecoach OxfordshireNS9NS9 Oxford - Wantage
Stagecoach Oxfordshire14A14A Oxford - JR Hospital
Stagecoach OxfordshireB3B3 Hardwick Hill - Longford Park
Stagecoach OxfordshireS2XS2X Oxford - Carterton
Stagecoach OxfordshireB9B9 Banbury Gateway - Hardwick
Stagecoach OxfordshireS4S4 Oxford - Banbury
Stagecoach OxfordshireH4H4 Oxford - Banbury
Stagecoach Oxfordshire2626 Kingsmere - Bicester
Stagecoach Oxfordshire2A2A Oxford - Kidlington
Stagecoach OxfordshireN2N2 Oxford - Kidlington
Stagecoach Oxfordshire488488 Banbury - Chipping Norton
Stagecoach OxfordshireNS3NS3 Oxford - Chipping Norton
Stagecoach Oxfordshire1010 Oxford - JR Hospital
Stagecoach Oxfordshire77 Oxford - Chipping Norton
Stagecoach OxfordshireS2S2 Oxford - Carterton
Stagecoach Oxfordshire11 Oxford - Blackbird Leys
Stagecoach OxfordshireB5B5 Banbury - Bretch Hill
Stagecoach OxfordshireS5S5 Oxford - Bicester
Stagecoach WestS6S6 Faringdon - Oxford
Stagecoach West853853 Witney - Oxford
Stagecoach WestS6S6 Swindon - Faringdon
Stagecoach WestC6C6 Faringdon - Cirencester College
TK Travel153153 The Henley Hopper Green Route (Abrahams Estate)
TK Travel151151 The Henley Hopper Blue Route (Highlands Park)
TK Travel152152 The Henley Hopper Red Route (Watermans Road)
Thames TravelX38X38 Wallingford - Nettlebed - Henley on Thames
Thames Travel9494 Diidcot - Blewbury - Harwell Campus
Thames Travel3434 Abingdon - Harwell Campus
Thames Travel9090 Didcot Town Service (Orchard Centre - Aldi - Tesco)
Thames TravelST1ST1 Oxford - Harwell Campus
Thames TravelBB2BB2 Clifton Hampden - Berinsfield - Wallingford - Didcot Schools
Thames Travel4646 Wheatley - Cowley Centre
Thames TravelNX2NX2 Oxford - Abingdon - Didcot
Thames Travel6363 Oxford - Cumnor - Southmoor
Thames Travel99A99A Milton Park Shuttle (Anticlockwise)
Thames Travel94S94S Blewbury - Didcot Schools
Thames Travel9191 Didcot Town Service (Ladygrove)
Thames TravelX32X32 JR Hospital - Oxford City Centre - Didcot - Harwell - Wantage
Thames TravelST2ST2 JR Hospital - City Centre - Wytham
Thames TravelBB4BB4 Wantage - Didcot Schools
Thames TravelBB1ABB1A Rose Hill - Iffley - Kennington - Abingdon - Didcot Schools
Thames TravelX1X1 NOC (Headington) - City Centre - Abingdon - Marcham - Wantage
Thames Travel63S63S Oxford - Cumnor - Southmoor
Thames Travel99C99C Milton Park Shuttle (Clockwise)
Thames Travel9898 Didcot - Great Western Park - Harwell Campus
Thames Travel136136 Cholsey - Wallingford - RAF Benson
Thames TravelX36X36 Didcot - Steventon - East Hanney - Wantage
Thames Travel9292 Didcot Town Service (Northbourne)
Thames Travel3333 Abingdon - Milton Park - Didcot - Wallingford
Thames TravelBB5BB5 Chilton - Harwell - Didcot Schools
Thames TravelBB1BB1 Abingdon - Didcot Schools
Thames Travel4545 Abingdon - Culham Science Centre - Berinsfield
Thames TravelX2X2 Oxford - Abingdon - Didcot
Thames TravelNX1NX1 Oxford - Abingdon - Wantage
Thames Travel6767 Wantage - Faringdon
Thames Travel4141 Abingdon Town Service (Caldecott, Fairacres)
Thames Travel9999 Milton Park Shuttle
Villager Community Bus (Oxon)V2V2 Stow - Longborough - Bledington - Oddingtons - Chipping Norton
Villager Community Bus (Oxon)V9V9 Fifield - Bledington - Kingham - Churchill - Chipping Norton
Villager Community Bus (Oxon)V26V26 The Oddingtons - Moreton-in-Marsh - Chipping Norton - Combe - Leafield - Witney
Villager Community Bus (Oxon)V20V20 Kingham - Shipton under Wychwood - Witney
Villager Community Bus (Oxon)V3V3 Health Centre Town Circular
Villager Community Bus (Oxon)V23V23 Evenlode - Shipton under Wychwood - Leafield - Witney - South Leigh
Villager Community Bus (Oxon)V19V19 Icomb - Westcotes - Fifield - Wychwoods - Chipping Norton
Villager Community Bus (Oxon)V8V8 Oddingtons - Salford - Chipping Norton
Villager Community Bus (Oxon)V25V25 Kingham - Bledington - Churchill - Burford - Carterton - Witney
West Oxfordshire Community Transport355355 Carterton South Circular
West Oxfordshire Community Transport214214 Witney Town Service ( Cogges & Madley Park)
West Oxfordshire Community Transport345345 Carterton North Circular
West Oxfordshire Community Transport215215 Witney Town Service (Smiths Estate)
West Oxfordshire Community Transport210210 The Wychwoods - Witney
West Oxfordshire Community Transport213213 Witney Town Service (Madley Park - Cogges)
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