Timetable for the 658 - Warlingham - Caterham - Reigate Bus Route

Timetable for 658 - Warlingham - Caterham - Reigate Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Southdown PSV (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 24/07/2021 End Date: 22/07/2022

bus timetable 658 Warlingham - Caterham - Reigate

The Outbound Service visits the following places:

Warlingham -> Whyteleafe -> Caterham -> Chaldon -> Alderstead Heath -> Gatton Bottom -> Merstham -> Coles Meads -> Redhill -> Reigate -> Reigate Heath

The Inbound Service visits the following places:

Redhill -> Coles Meads -> Merstham -> Gatton Bottom -> Alderstead Heath -> Chaldon -> Caterham -> Whyteleafe -> Warlingham

Map Showing the Routes of the 658 Warlingham - Caterham - Reigate Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Warlingham - Caterham - Reigate Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

NotesSchooldays only
St Bede's School, o/s, St Bede's School Grounds, Redhill15:10
Gatton Point, Stop C5, Gatton Park Road, Coles Meads, Redhill15:15
Rocky Lane, adj, London Road South, Merstham15:16
The Grove, opp, London Road South, Merstham15:18
The Feathers, Stop A, High Street, Merstham15:20
Church Hill, adj, London Road North, Gatton Bottom15:21
Shepherd's Hill, opp, London Road North, Gatton Bottom15:21
Shepherd's Hill, E-bound, Alderstead Heath15:22
Ridge House, nr, Shepherd's Hill, Alderstead Heath15:23
Alderstead Lane, N-bound, Alderstead Heath15:24
Alderstead Heath, adj, Dean Lane15:25
Dean Lane, E-bound, Alderstead Heath15:25
Rook Lane, E-bound, Chaldon15:27
Hilltop Lane, opp, Rook Lane, Chaldon15:28
Doctors Lane, adj, Rook Lane, Chaldon15:28
Mount Avenue, opp, Rook Lane, Chaldon15:29
Chaldon Common Road, opp, Rook Lane, Chaldon15:29
Roffes Lane, opp, Rook Lane, Caterham15:30
Coulsdon Road, adj, Chaldon Road, Caterham15:31
Douglas Brunton Day Centre, opp, Chaldon Road, Caterham15:32
High Street, S-bound, Caterham15:33
Court Road, opp, High Street, Caterham15:33
Caterham Dene Hospital, adj, Church Road, Caterham15:34
Caterham Railway Station, o/s, Station Avenue, Caterham15:37
Caterham Valley, NW-bound, Croydon Road, Caterham15:37
Bourne Court, adj, Croydon Road, Caterham15:37
Farningham Road, opp, Croydon Road, Caterham15:38
Beechwood Gardens, opp, Croydon Road, Caterham15:39
Tillingdown Hill, opp, Croydon Road, Caterham15:40
Marden Lodge School, opp, Croydon Road, Caterham15:41
Court Bushes Road, opp, Godstone Road, Whyteleafe15:43
Whyteleafe South Railway Station, adj, Godstone Road, Whyteleafe15:45
Hillside Road, opp, Godstone Road, Whyteleafe15:46
St Luke's Road, Stop D, Godstone Road, Whyteleafe15:48
Upper Warlingham Railway Station, opp, Westhall Road, Whyteleafe15:49
Oakley Road, adj, Westhall Road, Warlingham15:49
Westview Road, opp, Westhall Road, Warlingham15:50
Paddock Walk, adj, Westhall Road, Warlingham15:51
Clovelly Avenue, adj, Westhall Road, Warlingham15:51
Homefield Road, opp, Westhall Road, Warlingham15:52
Hillbury Road, adj, Westhall Road, Warlingham15:52
The Green, opp, Limpsfield Road, Warlingham15:54
Marks Road, adj, Limpsfield Road, Warlingham15:55
Sainsbury's, o/s, Limpsfield Road, Warlingham15:56

Week Days - outbound

NotesSchooldays only
Sainsbury's, opp, Limpsfield Road, Warlingham07:20
Marks Road, opp, Limpsfield Road, Warlingham07:20
The Green, adj, Warlingham07:23
Hillbury Road, opp, Westhall Road, Warlingham07:23
Homefield Road, adj, Westhall Road, Warlingham07:24
Clovelly Avenue, opp, Westhall Road, Warlingham07:25
Paddock Walk, opp, Westhall Road, Warlingham07:25
Westview Road, adj, Westhall Road, Warlingham07:25
Oakley Road, opp, Westhall Road, Warlingham07:26
Upper Warlingham Railway Station, o/s, Westhall Road, Whyteleafe07:27
St Luke's Road, Stop C, Godstone Road, Whyteleafe07:27
Hillside Road, adj, Godstone Road, Whyteleafe07:29
Whyteleafe South Railway Station, Stop A, Godstone Road, Whyteleafe07:30
Court Bushes Road, adj, Godstone Road, Whyteleafe07:31
Marden Lodge School, adj, Croydon Road, Caterham07:33
Tillingdown Hill, adj, Croydon Road, Caterham07:33
Beechwood Gardens, adj, Croydon Road, Caterham07:34
Farningham Road, adj, Croydon Road, Caterham07:36
Bourne Court, opp, Croydon Road, Caterham07:36
Caterham Valley, SE-bound, Croydon Road, Caterham07:37
Caterham Railway Station, opp, Station Avenue, Caterham07:40
Caterham Dene Hospital, opp, Church Road, Caterham07:43
Court Road, adj, High Street, Caterham07:45
High Street, N-bound, Caterham07:47
Douglas Brunton Day Centre, adj, Chaldon Road, Caterham07:49
Coulsdon Road, opp, Chaldon Road, Caterham07:51
Roffes Lane, adj, Chaldon Road, Caterham07:51
Chaldon Common Road, adj, Rook Lane, Chaldon07:52
Mount Avenue, adj, Rook Lane, Chaldon07:53
Doctors Lane, opp, Rook Lane, Chaldon07:53
Hilltop Lane, adj, Rook Lane, Chaldon07:55
Rook Lane, W-bound, Chaldon07:56
Dean Lane, W-bound, Alderstead Heath07:59
Alderstead Heath, opp, Dean Lane08:00
Alderstead Lane, S-bound, Alderstead Heath08:01
Ridge House, opp, Shepherd's Hill, Alderstead Heath08:03
Shepherd's Hill, W-bound, Alderstead Heath08:04
Shepherd's Hill, adj, London Road North, Gatton Bottom08:06
Church Hill, opp, London Road North, Gatton Bottom08:08
The Feathers, Stop B, High Street, Merstham08:10
The Grove, adj, London Road South, Merstham08:11
Rocky Lane, opp, London Road South, Merstham08:13
Gatton Point, Stop C6, Gatton Park Road, Coles Meads, Redhill08:15
St Bede's School, o/s, St Bede's School Grounds, Redhill08:25
Wray Common, SW-bound, Croydon Road, Reigate08:29
Lorian Drive, adj, Croydon Road, Reigate Heath08:31
The Roe Deer, o/s, Croydon Road, Reigate Heath08:32
Reigate Sixth Form College, Stop D, Rushworth Road, Reigate08:35

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.