Timetable for the 820 - St Bede's School - Redhill - Banstead - Sutton Bus Route

Timetable for 820 - St Bede's School - Redhill - Banstead - Sutton Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Metrobus (licensed as ).

Timetable Start Date: 18/12/2021

bus timetable 820 St Bede's School - Redhill - Banstead - Sutton

Map Showing the Routes of the 820 St Bede's School - Redhill - Banstead - Sutton Bus.

Bus Timetables for the St Bede's School - Redhill - Banstead - Sutton Service

Showing Timetable for a Weekday

Week Days - inbound

NotesSchooldays only
Sutton Bus Garage, ->E, ---06:53
Sutton Green, Stop B, ---06:54
High Street Marshalls Road, Stop C, SUTTON HIGH STREET06:55
Benhill Avenue, Stop E, THROWLEY WAY06:56
Manor Place, Stop I, ---06:57
Times Square, Stop J, ---06:58
Sutton Police Station, Stop K, THROWLEY WAY06:59
Sutton Station, Stop O, SUTTON HIGH STREET07:0207:44
Brighton Road Cavendish Road, Stop T, ---07:0207:44
Devonshire Avenue, Stop U, ---07:0307:45
Egmont Road, Stop V, BRIGHTON ROAD07:0407:46
Gatton Close, Stop W, ---07:0507:47
Sutton Hospital, Stop J, ---07:0507:47
Downs Road Belmont Station, Stop F, ---07:0707:49
Highdown Road, adj, Sutton Lane, Banstead07:0807:50
Banstead Downs, S-bound, Sutton Lane, Banstead07:0907:51
Grange Gardens, opp, Sutton Lane, Banstead07:1007:52
Croydon Lane, adj, Sutton Lane, Banstead07:1107:54
The Woolpack, adj, High Street, Banstead07:1207:55
Glenfield Road, opp, High Street, Banstead07:1307:56
Marks and Spencer, opp, High Street, Banstead07:1407:57
Garratts Lane, W-bound, Banstead07:1507:58
Lyme Regis Road, adj, Brighton Road, Banstead07:1707:59
Tattenham Way, opp, Brighton Road, Banstead07:1807:59
Reigate Road South, opp, Brighton Road, Burgh Heath07:1908:00
Shelvers Way, opp, Brighton Road, Burgh Heath07:2208:02
Tadworth Court Roundabout, S-bound, Brighton Road, Kingswood07:2308:03
Walton Oaks, o/s08:10
Mill Road, opp, Brighton Road, Kingswood07:25
Warren Lodge Drive, adj, Brighton Road, Kingswood07:27
Chipstead Lane, adj, Brighton Road, Kingswood07:28
Green Lane, adj, Brighton Road, Lower Kingswood07:30
The Fox, adj, Brighton Road, Lower Kingswood07:30
Babylon Lane, adj, Brighton Road, Lower Kingswood07:32
Gatton Bottom, E-bound, Reigate Hill07:36
Reigate Manor Hotel, opp, Reigate Hill, Reigate07:41
Brokes Road, opp, Reigate Hill, Reigate07:42
Priory Gate Mews, adj, Reigate Hill, Reigate07:43
Reigate Railway Station, Stop B, London Road, Reigate07:44
Bancroft Road, Stop I, Reigate07:47
The Old Bus Garage, Stop K, Lesbourne Road, Reigate07:48
West Road, E-bound, Reigate07:49
Crakell Road, opp, Blackborough Road, Reigate07:49
Ringley Park Road, adj, Blackborough Road, Reigate07:51
The Chase, E-bound, Blackborough Road, Reigate07:51
Shaws Corner, N-bound, Hatchlands Road07:53
Donyngs Leisure Centre, adj, Linkfield Corner, Redhill07:53
Colebrooke Road, opp, Green Lane, Redhill07:56
St Bede's School, o/s, St Bede's School Grounds, Redhill07:59
Carlton Road, E-bound, Redhill08:01
Linkfield Lane, opp, London Road, Redhill08:01
Redhill Bus Station, Stop 2, Redhill08:04

Week Days - outbound

NotesSchooldays onlyOperates during School HolidaysSchooldays only
St Bede's School, o/s, St Bede's School Grounds, Redhill15:10
Carlton Road, E-bound, Redhill15:13
Linkfield Lane, opp, London Road, Redhill15:14
Redhill Bus Station, Stop 1, Redhill15:2115:51
High Street, Stop B, Redhill15:2315:54
Station Road, Stop D, Redhill15:2415:55
Donyngs Leisure Centre, opp, Hatchlands Road, Redhill15:2615:57
Shaws Corner, opp, Hatchlands Road, Reigate15:2815:59
The Chase, W-bound, Blackborough Road, Reigate15:2916:00
Ringley Park Road, opp, Blackborough Road, Reigate15:3016:01
Crakell Road, adj, Blackborough Road, Reigate15:3216:03
West Road, W-bound, Reigate15:3416:05
The Old Bus Garage, Stop L, Lesbourne Road, Reigate15:3516:06
Lesbourne Road, Stop J, Bell Street, Reigate15:3516:06
Bell Street, Stop H, Reigate15:3716:07
Red Cross, Stop E, London Road, Reigate15:3716:09
Reigate Railway Station, Stop A, Reigate Hill, Reigate15:3916:10
Brokes Road, adj, Reigate Hill, Reigate15:4016:11
Reigate Manor Hotel, o/s, Reigate Hill, Reigate15:4116:12
Gatton Bottom, W-bound, Reigate Hill15:4316:15
Margery Lane, adj, Brighton Road, Margery15:4516:17
Babylon Lane, opp, Brighton Road, Lower Kingswood15:4716:19
The Fox, opp, Brighton Road, Lower Kingswood15:4816:19
Green Lane, opp, Brighton Road, Lower Kingswood15:4916:21
Chipstead Lane, opp, Brighton Road, Kingswood15:5016:22
Warren Lodge Drive, opp, Brighton Road, Kingswood15:5116:23
Mill Road, adj, Brighton Road, Kingswood15:5216:24
Tadworth Court, opp, Tadworth Street, Tadworth15:5416:26
Tadorne Road, opp, Tadworth Street, Tadworth15:5516:27
The Lye, opp, Tadworth Street, Tadworth15:5616:28
Mere Road, SW-bound, Tadworth15:5716:29
Mere Pond, opp, Walton Street, Walton On The Hill15:5816:30
Breech Lane, adj, Chequers Lane, Walton On The Hill15:5916:31
The Chequers, o/s, Chequers Lane, Walton On The Hill16:0016:32
Howard Close, at, Walton On The Hill16:0116:32
Walton Oaks, o/s12:4816:3916:39
Tadworth Court Roundabout, N-bound, Brighton Road, Kingswood12:5316:4716:46
Shelvers Way, adj, Brighton Road, Burgh Heath12:5416:4816:47
Reigate Road South, adj, Brighton Road, Burgh Heath12:5616:5016:49
Canons Lane, opp, Brighton Road, Burgh Heath12:5616:5016:49
Tattenham Way, adj, Brighton Road, Banstead12:5716:5216:51
Lyme Regis Road, opp, Brighton Road, Banstead12:5816:5216:51
Garratts Lane, E-bound, Banstead12:5816:5316:52
Marks and Spencer, adj, High Street, Banstead13:0016:5416:54
Glenfield Road, adj, High Street, Banstead13:0016:5516:54
The Woolpack, opp, High Street, Banstead13:0116:5616:55
Croydon Lane, opp, Sutton Lane, Banstead13:0216:5716:56
Grange Gardens, adj, Sutton Lane, Banstead13:0316:5816:57
Banstead Downs, N-bound, Sutton Lane, Banstead13:0416:5916:58
Highdown Road, opp, Sutton Lane, Banstead13:0517:0016:59
Downs Road Belmont Station, Stop E, ---13:0617:0017:00
Sutton Hospital, Stop G, ---13:0617:0217:01
Gatton Close, Stop A, ---13:0717:0217:01
Devonshire Avenue, Stop B, ---13:0817:0417:03
Brighton Road Cavendish Road, Stop C, ---13:0917:0517:04
Sutton Station, Stop P, ---13:1117:0617:06

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.