Timetable for the 752 - Hinton Blewett - Chew Magna - Bath Centre Bus Route
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Timetable for 752 - Hinton Blewett - Chew Magna - Bath Centre Bus Route

Bus Service Operated by Bath & North East Somerset Council (licensed as Bath & North East Somerset Council).

Start Date: 10/06/2019

Inbound Bus Journeys

  • Bath Abbey - Hinton Blewett Church

Outbound Bus Journeys

  • Hinton Blewett Church - Bath Abbey
bus timetable 752 Hinton Blewett - Chew Magna - Bath Centre
Operator Information for Bath & North East Somerset Council
Fares Address
01225 394347 Transport Services, Riverside, Temple Street, Keynsham BS31 1LA

Map Showing the Routes of the 752 Hinton Blewett - Chew Magna - Bath Centre Bus.

Bus Timetables for the Hinton Blewett - Chew Magna - Bath Centre Service

Wednesday - inbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Bath Abbey,(Cf), Bath City Centre13:45
2Bus Station,(Bay 3), Bath City Centre13:50
3Green Park,(Ga), Bath City Centre13:51
4St James Cemetery,(NW-bound), Lower Bristol Road13:52
5Brougham Hayes,(W-bound), Lower Bristol Road13:53
6Bellotts Road,(W-bound), Lower Bristol Road13:54
7Burnham Road,(SW-bound), Lower Bristol Road13:54
8Twerton Bridge,(W-bound), Lower Bristol Road13:54
9Twerton Fork,(W-bound), Newton St. Loe13:58
10The Globe,(W-bound), Newton St. Loe14:00
11Bsuc Lodge,(W-bound), Corston (Somset)14:00
12Corston Church,(W-bound), Corston (Somset)14:02
13Stanton Prior Turn,(S-bound), Marksbury14:05
14Marksbury Church,(SW-bound), Marksbury14:06
15Hunstrete Turning,(NW-bound), Hunstrete14:07
16Old Post Office,(S-bound), Chelwood14:09
17Whitley Batts,(N-bound), Whitley Batts14:11
18Hillcrest,(N-bound), Pensford14:12
19Pensford Bridge,(W-bound), Pensford14:13
20Belluton Lane,(SW-bound), Belluton14:14
21Lower Belluton Farm,(SW-bound), Belluton14:14
22Round House,(W-bound), Stanton Drew14:17
23Norton Lane,(W-bound), Chew Magna14:19
24Post Office,(W-bound), Chew Magna14:20
25Sacred Heart,(W-bound), Chew Magna14:20
26Highfield House,(SW-bound), Chew Magna14:21
27Chew Valley School,(SW-bound), Chew Magna14:22
28Chew Medical Practice,(W-bound), Chew Stoke14:23
29Stoke Inn,(SW-bound), Chew Stoke14:24
30Bilbie Road,(E-bound), Chew Stoke14:25
31Chew Valley Lake Picnic Site,(SE-bound), Chew Stoke14:26
32Hollow Brook,(SW-bound), Hollow Brook14:28
33Bonhill Road,(S-bound), Bishop Sutton14:29
34Post Office,(SW-bound), Bishop Sutton14:29
35Rushgrove Gardens,(SW-bound), Bishop Sutton14:29
36Woodcroft,(N-bound), Bishop Sutton14:30
37Butchers Arms,(E-bound), Bishop Sutton14:30
38Rushgrove Gardens,(NE-bound), Bishop Sutton14:31
39Hinton Blewett Church,(NE-bound), Hinton Blewett14:40

Wednesday - outbound

No.Bus StopTime
1Hinton Blewett Church,(NE-bound), Hinton Blewett09:15
2Rushgrove Gardens,(SW-bound), Bishop Sutton09:22
3Woodcroft,(N-bound), Bishop Sutton09:23
4Butchers Arms,(E-bound), Bishop Sutton09:23
5Rushgrove Gardens,(NE-bound), Bishop Sutton09:24
6Post Office,(NE-bound), Bishop Sutton09:24
7Bonhill Road,(N-bound), Bishop Sutton09:24
8Hollow Brook,(NE-bound), Hollow Brook09:25
9Chew Valley Lake Picnic Site,(NW-bound), Chew Stoke09:28
10Bilbie Road,(W-bound), Chew Stoke09:30
11Stoke Inn,(NE-bound), Chew Stoke09:30
12Chew Medical Practice,(E-bound), Chew Stoke09:31
13Chew Valley School,(NE-bound), Chew Magna09:32
14Sacred Heart,(E-bound), Chew Magna09:34
15Post Office,(E-bound), Chew Magna09:35
16Norton Lane,(E-bound), Chew Magna09:35
17Round House,(E-bound), Stanton Drew09:39
18Belluton Lane,(S-bound), Belluton09:42
19Pensford Bridge,(SE-bound), Pensford09:44
20Hillcrest,(S-bound), Pensford09:44
21Whitley Batts,(S-bound), Whitley Batts09:46
22Old Post Office,(E-bound), Chelwood09:48
23Hunstrete Turning,(SE-bound), Hunstrete09:50
24Marksbury Church,(NE-bound), Marksbury09:53
25Stanton Prior Turn,(N-bound), Marksbury09:53
26Two Headed Man,(NE-bound), Compton Dando09:54
27Wheatsheaf Inn,(E-bound), Corston (Somset)09:55
28Ashton Hill,(E-bound), Corston (Somset)09:57
29Corston Church,(E-bound), Corston (Somset)09:58
30The Globe,(E-bound), Newton St. Loe09:59
31Carrswood View,(SE-bound), Lower Bristol Road10:03
32Twerton Mill,(E-bound), Lower Bristol Road10:05
33Twerton Bridge,(E-bound), Lower Bristol Road10:06
34Burnham Road,(E-bound), Lower Bristol Road10:06
35Bellotts Road,(E-bound), Lower Bristol Road10:07
36Dorset Close,(E-bound), Lower Bristol Road10:08
37Brougham Hayes,(SE-bound), Lower Bristol Road10:09
38Pines Way,(SE-bound), Oldfield Park10:09
39Green Park,(Gb), Bath City Centre10:10
40Corn Street,(Wt), Bath City Centre10:11
41Dorchester Street,(Bm), Bath City Centre10:12
42Bath Abbey,(Cf), Bath City Centre10:15

Uses data from the Traveline National Dataset - licensed under the Open Government License.